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  • posted Buy Cameron Tartan Kilt | Top Quality - Custom Made

    Where does the Cameron clan come from?

    Quite possibly the most antiquated factions of Scotland, Clan Cameron starts from Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands. The Chief of the group is generally alluded to as basically "Lochiel. Group Cameron's proverb is "Aonaibh Ri Chéile," deciphered methods ''Unite" or "Let Us Unite." There are four essential plaids by the Clan Cameron, every one of which is commonly accessible in "Present day - splendid and vivacious tones", "Old - Authentic Colors'' and "Endured - Softer tints" assortments. Red, white and dark are the essential tones in the Cameron Tartan Kilt.

    Cameron Tartan Pattern

    The Cameron tartan is red, bottle green and yellow. The modern is the main Cameron Clan tartan, we also sell the ancient version of this pattern. Samples and larger pieces of cloth in all three different fabric weights can be ordered on this page.


    Cameron Tartan Kilt

    Get the look of your favourite tartan wherever you go with the Cameron Tartan Kilt . This kilt is ideal for any formal or informal occasion and will enable you to do it for years to come thanks to its durable and high-quality materials. Red, white and black are the primary colours in the Cameron kilt.


    On one or the other side of the kilt is equipment explicitly positioned for you to append a sporran. Regardless of what size you will be, you are sure to find a way into any of the kilts you request, because of the capacity to alter each and every piece of the kilt, you can get the correct fell estimation, hip size, midsection size and kilt length as well.There are so numerous plaid styles accessible that you could incline toward which permits you to make the ideal kilt and considerably more. These Tartan textures are made by specialists with the best acrylic fleece to give you a delicate and alluring look.



    The pleats are sewn 2.5 inches deep which makes it swing fully. However, the pleats can be sewn as per the requirement of customers. So pleats are fully customizable.

    Buckles and Leather Straps

    Cameron Ancient Kilt with Two Buckles on one side of the kilt. One kilt buckle & Leather strap in each side for easy adjustment. It is made up of traditional Cameron Ancient Tartan which makes it look really amazing. So If you want than rust-free buckle and leather straps can be used on both sides of the kilts.


    Things to Consider When Choosing Kilts

    Top Kilt is the symbol of trust, spreading the love and custom made design. So feel free to contact us, because we are always looking to help our customers to make their life events more valuable and memorable. Therefore, you can ask for any kind of custom made products. We Offer Tartan products at Best Price.

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  • posted Johnston Scottish Kilt Tartan Kilt | Top Kilt

    Bring to life the same energy of a sunny spring day every time you wear this Johnston Tartan Kilt. Grass green and sky blue are the main colors of the Johnston 8 Yard Tartan Kilt, while bright yellow streaks through the kilt to give it a sunnier, uplifting feel. The kilt comes completely made to measure and can be fitted to your unique size and shape.
  • posted For any adventurous woman, Top kilt is offering you Camo Skirt. Its design is perfect for hunting and other adventures. It has cargo pockets and buckles for important belongings. Moreover, these Camo kilt skirt are perfect to create a unique look at any event with its distinguished camo pattern. With all these aspects, Camouflage kilts has very soft and long-lasting stuff to keeps you hidden during any campaign. So, it is very easy to handle. All of these kilts are entirely made to measure with free home delivery. Shop your favourite camo print skirt from Top Kilt and Fulfill your Desire of Looking unique at any adventure.

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  • posted Leather skirts for sale | Top kilt

    As Kilts are the symbol of highlander culture so, it is not only for men but for women too. Kilts for women can easily meet the lady’s demand for a new fashion sense. And it connects you with heritage in a more elegant way. Top Kilt has a wide of women’s utility kilt, specifically designed for working ladies to have more space for belonging with high comfortability. Womens wear a kilt at the workplace to get a more classy look. Camo Skirts for Women has a camouflage touch for any adventurous event and Denim Skirts provide you perfect stuff for rough and tough situations with a unique style. These women’s tartan skirts & kilts are available at Top Kilt at very reasonable prices.

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  • posted Reminiscent of a beautiful spring day, the Cornish Tartan Kilt is full of earthy, sunny colors that are sure to brighten up any gray afternoon. Each colour in the National Tartan has a special meaning, White on Black for St. Piran’s Banner (The Patron Saint of Tinners), Black and Gold were the colours of the ancient Cornish kings, Red is for the beak and legs of the Chough, the Cornish National bird, Blue is for the sea surrounding Cornwall.
  • posted Utility kilts are manufactured from heavy cotton and are designed to be wearable and durable.
    These kilts can be worn on formal occasions, but are also ideal for outdoor activities, such as festivals and concerts.

    Scottish kilt shop specialized in custom made utility kilts, we design customized utility kilts for men and women. There are a huge range of top quality custom made utility kilts.

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