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    • Robin -Do you regret anything?

      I used to be way too academically inclined when I was younger, which made me miss out on a lot of things. I actually like learning (weird I know) so I didn't really mind it back then, but with time I learned to keep a better balance between work/study and hobbies. Sadly, I sometimes feel I already missed out on a lot but I'm trying to make up for it :)

      -If you could be granted anything, what would it be?

      This might sound strange since I'm only 25, but eternal youth. I already think sometimes: "Damn, I only have about 50 good years ahead of me and there is still so much I want to do"

      -Would you want to go back to a certain time in the past?

      Not really. Every period in my life had its ups and downs, but in general I've been pretty content.
    • SimMan I do wish I could have done something differently, but like you said you can't undo the past, so logically you can only figure out what you did wrong, learn the lesson and move forward. It's not easy, but try to find your passion first. Spend a lot of time doing it. Your life will be moved into a new stage.
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    • Keiryu Shambala Black Market only takes US currency. So you are shit out of luck if you are an illegal imigrant from somewhere non-MERICAN. ^_^
    • Rester Any Update when the Black Market will be live? I upgraded to the 3.1 version, and would like to contribute more donations for your work.
    • SimMan Yes when the public release comes, everyone will be able to install the game and open up a new account. However as tourists they can only stay the first two weeks in Shambala and they will need to get this fake ID...
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