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  • posted I cover TEN things in this subject-based guide to Love(no)more, divided into: PRELUDE, GAMEPLAY, and LOSING. I suggest you read the entire guide before trying it out. It may help you, it may not. By the end, you may realize you spent $28 to find out that your Soulmate doesn't love you, and that you can't feel love, ever again. For anyone.

    1) The only important thing that happens before you reach Shambala is your choice of the four cards. They are Chariot (Fire), Fool (Earth), Emperor (Air), and Priestess (Water). Whichever card you choose is YOUR elemental skill. When you start playing, you need to recruit those who do not have your skill or Sao's. Since you can have only five fighters on your team, you do not want two Waters, or three Airs.

    2) On Day 2, leave the Hotel and go directly to the Airport. SAVE the game in Slot 1. SAVE every morning and evening, before you spend any AP. This gives you a restore point, if you messed up your Stats or wasted AP. Also get into the habit of working every morning, so you have the $300 a day you need to stay at the Hotel. ALWAYS stay at the Hotel to get the maximum amount of AP.

    3) Now start building your Intelligence or Image. When you have one of them to OKAY, (i got there on 11 June), you can start Talking to girls. Look Around until you find the three missing Elements you want on your team. Once you find the three missing Elements, return to the Airport and LOAD from Slot 1. This gives you full AP, and now you know where they are! Now Talk them up to Friend.

    4) When you have all three missing Elements up to Friend (i got there on 13 June), SAVE in Slot 1 and use Slot 2 from now on. This gives you a Restore Point to LOAD from. If the girls waste 20 AP telling you which gifts they want (or do NOT want!) LOAD from Slot 2 and try again. When you have one of them up to Close Friend (166 Relationship Points), you can start Dating.

    5) I suggest that you start Dating as soon as possible, since Dating doubles the amount you get from working and building Stats. Higher Stats gives you more Relationship Points per Talk, which gives you more SE, which makes your team better fighters. Do not worry about their Mood yet. Their Mood never drops below Bored until after Christmas Eve.

    6) On 25 June, the game skips you to 18 November. When the Police Station opens the next day, go to the Spirit Temple and Mediate to fill your SE. If you get hit by a hammer, go back to the airport, LOAD from Slot 2, and try again. You can now fight Criminals. Fighting Criminals will pay the bills from now on, so you don't have to work anymore. Do NOT fight anyone with more SE than you!

    7) The Police Station is often wrong, so you may have to find Criminals yourself. Just repeat the technique I used to find the girls (SAVE, Look Around, Locate, LOAD). Spend the rest of November fighting Criminals to gain Honor. You gain Honor by playing the post-battle mini-game. Just click on as many falling stars as you can. More Honor = more Skill Points from the SMA Academy.

    8) Everyone on your team should have their Element maxed by 26 November. Then you can Talk with your team to increase their SE for the big battle on 30 November, even if you already have one (or more) up to 999 Relationship. You can also double up on Skills. For example, you can be Fire *and* Water. Sao can be Air *and* Earth. This comes in handy if someone on your team gets knocked out.

    9) When you have one girl up to 999 Relationship, she will tell you that you can't become Dating Partners until after the SSCC Gala Dinner. On 22 December, SAVE the game in Slot 2. Use Slot 3 from now on. This is your second Restore point, so you can LOAD from Slot 2, roll the Calendar back to 22 December, and try again if you mess up.

    10) When you get your Soul Mate's SE to 9999, everyone's SE goes up to 9999. Then you can coast for the rest of the game. Just talk with them to keep their mood up until the Last Battle on 28 Feb. Then you find that you can't win the Last Battle, your Soulmate can't feel love ever again, and you are stuck watching her out of your life, forever.
    • Kentaro 28$? Huh, That's okay. I won't mind paying 2,800 for being loveless - it hurts, it sucks, and ... I don't even know man
  • posted How to get the hidden secret of Lovemore college RPG? I can't find it.
  • posted Anyone else who pre-ordered the deluxe version of Lovemore having issues, specifically with not having a Citizenship card available in your inventory, and requiring you to pay again?
    • Binary_Fairy Make sure when your logging in, your using the preorder log in. On the first page when you open the game, there are two different ways to launch it, one has a username/password, and one is just an email for preorders, at least that's what happened to me.
    • Robin Your best bet in case of problems is sending a pm to [24830,SimMan]
  • posted Some said they want the PC version instead. It is now on Steam, launch discount: 40% off

    More polished and more contents than the old free version. Worth the dollar! Please help to save Rosebery.
  • posted How do you play the game in fullscreen? My screen resolution is 2560x1440, but there's no option to maximize the resolution of the game.
    • SimMan Hi, the game Lovemore has fixed resolution and cannot use fullscreen mode, due to some limitations of Adobe AIR.
  • posted So I've messaged Sim Man two or three times and had a post about him just about every day for a week and no reply on this Lovemore code. Am I ever going to get it or do i dispute it with paypal
  • posted
  • posted The old version was not safe for work enough. Now it's up again, deep discount only a dollar this week!
  • posted The game is being suspended by Google Play Store for having a few sexy pictures.

    Those who had downloaded the game enjoy! When I put the game up again it has to be a family friendly version.
    • Soham Banerjee I played the game with cheats, but no enemies appear in the north gate & at the gate before the final battle with the 2.

      I talked to the stranger but he didnt tell me how to find the enemy @ thumbnail
      [24830,SimMan] Help.
    • uwumi Frick I missed it ;~; simgirls was my childhood man, decided to play it again after over 10 years (this time with a better understand hehe) and I can't believe you're still around !! I'm so glad there's more
    • Rasheed Jackasses!
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  • posted Basic controls for the mobile game Lovemore College RPG !

    New contents, more secrets and lots more polished than the old PC version. It is also kind of fun to play on mobile.

    LAST CHANCE to pm me and get the FREE GAME promo code !
    Will extend to end of this month, to make sure most loyal Freedom people get the deal!

    Use the promo code when you download the game in google play store:
    • thomas shea is it to late to download and play this?
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    • SimMan You found the place to input the passcode right? the code is, just the most common combinations for lazy people, a few try should get you in.
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  • posted FREE MOBILE GAME !!! Just want to say thank you to all supporters.

    New contents, more secrets and lots more polished than the old PC version. It is also kind of fun to play on mobile.

    LAST CHANCE to pm me and get the promo code !

    Use the promo code when you download the game in google play store:
  • posted Lovemore College RPG Mobile is completed with more contents and more polishing.

    Check it out:

    FreedomWall Special:
    If you pm me here I can offer the game to you for free! Promo ends after this weekend.
  • posted Lovemore College RPG Mobile is completed with more contents and more polishing.

    Check it out:
    • Rasheed I will buy that in seconds! You are killing it, SimBro!
    • Robin $3.99 is a very good price if it's anything like the games you"ve made before. I would definitely pay that :)
    • SimMan If you would like to try the mobile game please pm me your google play email ID. After the final release it will be about $3.99 I think.
  • posted Regarding buying the citizenship card, what does it appear as? Sorta have a shared bank acc. and wanted to know what it would show up as on it.
  • posted Lovemore College RPG Mobile is completed with more contents and more polishing.

    Check it out:
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  • posted Anyone else have any issues with buying currency? I went to buy the pass for the game, got my account credited but nothing was added to my account... I've also had the browser page open for over 24 hours now... with the red head girl that says "PLEASE WAIT! DO NOT CLOSE BROWSER!" but still got nothing...