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  • posted Do Scottish people wear kilts at weddings?

    At a wedding, it is almost customary to wear your clan tartan. ... Therefore, the Tartan Kilts For Weddings are treated with distinction and generally only worn at formal affairs. Without a doubt, clan tartans have become one of the most important symbols of Scottish heritage. Wearing your Kilt to a Formal Wedding, For traditional, formal wedding occasions, your kilt should fit with the traditional evening wear attire.
  • posted Why do people wear Leather Kilt, and how?

    Leather Utility kilt is a modification of our classic leather kilt and the best choice for a person who wants to stand out in a crowd to show off the modern style and Celtic tradition at the same time. Men's Cowhide Leather Kilt is made from the best quality cowhide leather, its stylish side pockets are specially designed with flap pockets and 3 smaller pockets over it for easy access to belongings and safety.

    Finally, try to avoid plastic and use a cotton bag to store your kilt, as this will protect it and stop the leather’s colors from rubbing or causing other damaging issues. And if you want to buy or get any detail about kilt so you can visit Fashion Kilt.
    Do any of you want to add a new style?

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  • posted ______Modern Premium 8 Yard Tartan Kilt | Custom Made______

    * What is Tartan Kilt?

    Tartan is a patterned cloth consisting of criss-crossed, horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Stylish kilts and almost always have tartan patterns. Tartan is made with alternating bands of colored threads woven as both warp and weft at right angles to each other. The weft is woven in a simple twill, two over—two under the warp, advancing one thread at each pass. This forms visible diagonal lines where different colors cross, which give the appearance of new colors blended from the original ones. The resulting blocks of color repeat vertically and horizontally in a distinctive pattern of squares and lines known as a sett. Tartan is often called "plaid" ,but in Scotland, a plaid is a large piece of tartan cloth, worn as a type of kilt or large shawl. The term plaid is also used in Scotland for an ordinary blanket such as one would have on a bed.


    * The Premium 8 Yard Tartan Kilt

    Mens Kilt Fashion are designed and tailored keeping in view the 21st-century trends, styles, and fashion. Premium 8 yard Tartan kiltProfessional and stylish eye-catching kilt that can be worn in either day or nighttime settings with formal clothing. This hand-made 8-yard kilt is ably hand-sewed by our kiltmaker, who uses hand-cut lengths of 100% fleece plaid texture that has been exceptionally treated to make it stain safe, to make these staggering pieces of clothing.


    * Looking For Buy!

    Our kilt shop is constantly bringing in new kilts for you to go peruse, giving you the chance to find new and exciting kilts to wear to your next big event., providing high-quality Kilt fashion at exceptional values. If you want to buy these Stylish kilts for men and women, choosing from Fashion Kilt means a trend, style, or outlook of a particular area.

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  • posted The Most Stylish Utility Kilt to Aspire
    In a world where leggings prevail in women's fashion and heavy utility pants reign supreme in the world of men's style, other style options are sometimes left by the wayside and forgotten about altogether. Even though utility jeans seem to have faded out of existence for most people, utility is still there and ready to provide you with a fresh new twist on the fabric in the form of utility kilts.
    Utility kilts have a number of benefits for wearing them. For starters, they are kilts first and foremost. That automatically makes them a more comfortable option for wear during warm summer months when the thought of wearing pants makes you sweat on its own. Utility kilts are breezier and to many, far more stylish than plain old denim jeans. They offer a stylish twist on classic style kilts and give you a more casual, modern way to wear them.

    At Fashion Kilt, we know the importance of feeling stylish and confident in your attire, and it is for that reason that we have a nice men's utility kilt collection for you to choose from. Whether you are a dark utility, light utility or somewhere in between kind of person, you can find the color and style that best suits you right here at Fashion Kilt.
    Our Ultimate Utility Kilt is an excellent choice for those who are going out and about in casual clothing during the day. Because utility offers such a casual look, it can be worn with any sort of t-shirt or other top that you would normally wear with your denim jeans. Since they are utility kilts, you can store any necessary items inside of the many pockets available, making them not only great for wearing around town but also for working in as well. They offer a better range of motion than pants and are a far more breathable option.

    The other men’s utility kilts we offer come in the form of Ultimate Utility Kilt. Whether you're going for a black utility kilt or are looking for something a little lighter, you can find it here. Out utility kilts are unique in the way that they add some color to the otherwise flat appearance of the kilts. On the pleats, you can have your choice of tartan fabric added in, giving your attire a pop of color and really enhancing your overall look.

    No matter what utility kilt you may have your heart set on, you can find them all here at Fashion Kilt. Each one of our utility kilts is entirely made to measure. Send in your waist size and your desired kilt length after choosing your tartan pattern to complete your customized kilt, and we will take care of the rest. The result of this will be an ultra-comfortable and stylish kilt of your dreams that will fit you perfectly straight out of the box. Shop our selection of utility kilts today to find your own.
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  • posted Buy Decent Black Tartan Kilt | Top Quality - Custom Made

    The Black Tartan Clan Biography:

    The Black Tartan Clan began in 2008. We are a kilted, 6-man Celtic underground rock band from Belgium. We consolidate melodic underground rock with conventional instruments (high country bagpipes, walking catch, banjo) and this gives us our own sound. Tantamount groups are Dropkick Murphys and Real McKenzies. We have delivered 3 CD's up until now and we play 35 shows every year, in Belgium, yet in addition in Scotland, France, Italy and Czech Republic.

    The Decent Black Tartan kilt

    When you are wearing a tartan kilt, you can choose to have fun with it. Traditional kilt tartans have their place, but in the modern world of style, playing with color is a must. Buy Decent Black Tartan Kilt is a gorgeous, striking kilt with a deep green and black background. Red and subtle blues intersect throughout the kilt and are accompanied by bold yellow lines running between them.


    The Decent Black Tartan Kilt features buckles that are rust resistant and ready to hang your sporran or other accessories from. This kilt also has a pleat down the entire side of it for style and roominess. Made from durable, acrylic wool, this kilt can keep you warm when it counts the most. Decent Black Tartan fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. Tartan fabrics are usually made of wool. Our wide range of fabrics consists of over 200 authentic tartans available. We Offered a Tartan Fabrics at Best Price.


    Things to Consider When Choosing Kilts

    Top Kilt is the symbol of trust, spreading the love and custom made design. So feel free to contact us, because we are always looking to help our customers to make their life events more valuable and memorable. Therefore, you can ask for any kind of custom made products. We Offer Tartan products at Best Price.
  • posted Say Goodbye To Your Old Style Kilts

    Fashion evolves over time. That can be said about any subgroup of style, and that can certainly be said about kilts. Kilts first began as garments that were exclusive to the Scottish Highlands, and they were all made out of tartan. Tartan kilts typically represented the family name or clan to which the kilt wearer belonged, and that was about as diverse as they got. As time passes and kilts become a more common manner of dress among people of all ages, so has the styles of kilts that are available.
    Here at Fashion Kilt, we know the importance of the time-honored tradition of kilt-wearing, but we also know that having more options for kilt styles is important to the modern-day kilt wearer. We offer a huge variety of kilts for sale to fit anyone's needs, no matter how you are hoping to change your selection of kilts or what styles you are interested in.

    Not only do we have men’s Scottish kilts for sale, but we also offer women the chance to enjoy what it means to be a kilt wearer. Alongside that, we offer kilts for kids, so that you can get them started young on appreciating the unique styles of their ancestors and spark a love in them that will carry on as they age. No matter who you are or why you enjoy wearing kilts, you are sure to find the perfect one for you by shopping at Fashion Kilt.

    At Fashion Kilt, you can find a variety of different kilts to suit your needs. If you still possess a love of classic tartan kilts and want to expand your collection, we are here to help and visit Fashion Kilt. We also offer utility kilts that make it easier for working men and busybodies to carry and store their important belongings in the available pockets. Hybrid kilts, which are a mix of tartan and utility kilts, are also offered here, meaning that there truly is a style for every person who has an interest.

    Not only do we offer a huge selection of kilts for sale, but we also ensure that each one will fit, thanks to our custom design process. When you select your kilt, you can send in your measurements with your order, and we will make each kilt as requested. By using our site, you'll never again have to buy mass-manufactured kilts that all look the same and that pose a gamble as to whether or not they will fit how they are supposed to when they arrive.

    At Fashion Kilt, we take pride in the kilts that we hand make just for you. We want you to feel confident and comfortable in the kilts you wear, and we strive to provide you with only the best of the best. Shop our selection today and start revamping your old kilt collection into something versatile, diverse, and uniquely yours - a closet full of perfectly fitting, Stonewash Fashion Utility Kilt that you are proud to own.
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  • posted How to Care for Your Kilt | Cleaning Your Kilt
    In an ideal situation, if you spill something on your kilt, you should try to clean it right away. Baby wipes are a surprisingly excellent choice for cleaning stains on a kilt, but in a pinch, you can use a cloth with warm water and dab at the stain. Do not rub or you will make it worse. Once you get home, you can use a spot cleaner if the stain is still present, but it is recommended that you test it out on the inside of the kilt to ensure it does not leave a mark.

    Storing Your Kilt
    One of the best ways to make sure the kilt keeps its shape is to hang it up. One of the best choices for hanging a kilt is a clamp hanger. It will let you clamp firmly onto the kilt in order to prevent the sagging that often occurs when it is hung using the cotton loops on the side instead. Once the kilt has been placed onto the hanger, it is recommended that you hang it in a plastic garment bag. This will go a long way toward protecting the kilt against dust and moths. Using cedarwood moth repellent adds an extra layer of protection.
    Packing Your Kilt
    Packing your kilt without a garment hanger can be tricky, but one way to combat this is to roll the kilt instead of folding it. Not only does rolling help lower the number of wrinkles in the kilt, but it may also help save space in your luggage. Once the kilt is flattened out, roll it toward the fringe side. If packing 2 or more kilts, they can be laid flat on top of each other and rolled up together.

    Traveling With Your Kilt
    A quick tip for traveling while wearing the kilt is to smooth out the pleats when you sit. This will help you to avoid creasing. Another good idea is to move the sporran over to the side of your legs while you sit to stop the sporran from creasing the front of it. When you stand back up, you can make quick work of adjusting the sporran back to the front of your kilt and go on with your day.
    Taking proper care of your kilt is the only way to ensure that it sees its longest possible lifespan and looks good while doing it. Daily maintenance is often not required, so take the time when it counts to take care of your kilt when the need arises.

    Just like any important item, a Fashion Kilt is an investment and it deserves to be taken care of. Not only do you want your kilt to look its best so that you, in turn, do too, but ideally, a kilt should last long enough to be passed down to the next generation of kilt-wearers in your family. Our article will outline a few ways to ensure that your kilt for example Carpenter's Pro Utility Tool Kilt is always in its best possible condition and always looks pristine.
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  • posted Buy Cameron Tartan Kilt | Top Quality - Custom Made

    Where does the Cameron clan come from?

    Quite possibly the most antiquated factions of Scotland, Clan Cameron starts from Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands. The Chief of the group is generally alluded to as basically "Lochiel. Group Cameron's proverb is "Aonaibh Ri Chéile," deciphered methods ''Unite" or "Let Us Unite." There are four essential plaids by the Clan Cameron, every one of which is commonly accessible in "Present day - splendid and vivacious tones", "Old - Authentic Colors'' and "Endured - Softer tints" assortments. Red, white and dark are the essential tones in the Cameron Tartan Kilt.

    Cameron Tartan Pattern

    The Cameron tartan is red, bottle green and yellow. The modern is the main Cameron Clan tartan, we also sell the ancient version of this pattern. Samples and larger pieces of cloth in all three different fabric weights can be ordered on this page.

    Cameron Tartan Kilt

    Get the look of your favourite tartan wherever you go with the Cameron Tartan Kilt . This kilt is ideal for any formal or informal occasion and will enable you to do it for years to come thanks to its durable and high-quality materials. Red, white and black are the primary colours in the Cameron kilt.


    On one or the other side of the kilt is equipment explicitly positioned for you to append a sporran. Regardless of what size you will be, you are sure to find a way into any of the kilts you request, because of the capacity to alter each and every piece of the kilt, you can get the correct fell estimation, hip size, midsection size and kilt length as well.There are so numerous plaid styles accessible that you could incline toward which permits you to make the ideal kilt and considerably more. These Tartan textures are made by specialists with the best acrylic fleece to give you a delicate and alluring look.



    The pleats are sewn 2.5 inches deep which makes it swing fully. However, the pleats can be sewn as per the requirement of customers. So pleats are fully customizable.

    Buckles and Leather Straps

    Cameron Ancient Kilt with Two Buckles on one side of the kilt. One kilt buckle & Leather strap in each side for easy adjustment. It is made up of traditional Cameron Ancient Tartan which makes it look really amazing. So If you want than rust-free buckle and leather straps can be used on both sides of the kilts.


    Things to Consider When Choosing Kilts

    Top Kilt is the symbol of trust, spreading the love and custom made design. So feel free to contact us, because we are always looking to help our customers to make their life events more valuable and memorable. Therefore, you can ask for any kind of custom made products. We Offer Tartan products at Best Price.

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  • posted Johnston Scottish Kilt Tartan Kilt | Top Kilt

    Bring to life the same energy of a sunny spring day every time you wear this Johnston Tartan Kilt. Grass green and sky blue are the main colors of the Johnston 8 Yard Tartan Kilt, while bright yellow streaks through the kilt to give it a sunnier, uplifting feel. The kilt comes completely made to measure and can be fitted to your unique size and shape.
  • posted Mens Utility Kilt is a high-level type of that conventional Kilt that comprises various styles and materials. You can see Utility Kilts in Cotton, Leather, Denim, and numerous different textures. These are simply advanced textures and don't convey any set of experiences with them.
    In order to do this, Fashion Kilt offers the chance for you to include your hip and waist sizes in your order as well as your preferred Kilt length and feel measurement.
  • posted For any adventurous woman, Top kilt is offering you Camo Skirt. Its design is perfect for hunting and other adventures. It has cargo pockets and buckles for important belongings. Moreover, these Camo kilt skirt are perfect to create a unique look at any event with its distinguished camo pattern. With all these aspects, Camouflage kilts has very soft and long-lasting stuff to keeps you hidden during any campaign. So, it is very easy to handle. All of these kilts are entirely made to measure with free home delivery. Shop your favourite camo print skirt from Top Kilt and Fulfill your Desire of Looking unique at any adventure.

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  • posted Hybrid Kilts | Top kilt
    If you’re passionate about adventure and love to face rough and tough situations. Or want to work hard without being disturbed, must try our attractive Hybrid Kilts. These are a kind of utility kilt with a tartan pattern. That is sewn down box pleats and provides freedom of movement at the workplace. It also has a dashing look due to its beautiful designs. Top Kilt has a wide range of custom hybrid kilts of every category. Specified for different occasions at very Low Prices. We ensure you provide supreme quality. With custom fit at high standards to show your passion for adventure.
  • posted What is traditional Scottish clothing?
    Traditional Scottish kilts have become the main icon of Scotland and Scottish Culture. It has a lot of categories and each one represents a certain clan. From lowland to highland it has its own historical importance and legacies.

    It’s a chance to connect with Scottish heritage by the impulsive color pattern of tartan. It has always been our top priority to make warm stuff at least prices that won’t break any bank. So, kilts are of soft fabric, as well as very easy to maintain and long-lasting stuff. These traditional kilts are ideal for casual events so that you can wear them at sporting events and at any workplace. We are providing you Scottish tartan kilts with the facility of customized fitting and home delivery.

    On national tartan day, the Scottish uses traditional kilts. National Tartan Day was created to celebrate Scottish history and the achievements of people of Scottish descent around the world on 6th April. The same Day takes place on 1 July, in Australia. It is a chance to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions made by Scottish Americans to the United States.
  • posted Leather skirts for sale | Top kilt

    As Kilts are the symbol of highlander culture so, it is not only for men but for women too. Kilts for women can easily meet the lady’s demand for a new fashion sense. And it connects you with heritage in a more elegant way. Top Kilt has a wide of women’s utility kilt, specifically designed for working ladies to have more space for belonging with high comfortability. Womens wear a kilt at the workplace to get a more classy look. Camo Skirts for Women has a camouflage touch for any adventurous event and Denim Skirts provide you perfect stuff for rough and tough situations with a unique style. These women’s tartan skirts & kilts are available at Top Kilt at very reasonable prices.

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  • posted What is the purpose of a man's kilt?
    Kilts for men are designed with a modern fashion sense by keeping in touch with highland tradition. Scottish men in kilts always have a distinctive look at every event. You can choose from a variety of kilts such as, Utility kilts which have side cargo pockets and brass studs. Tartan kilts are perfect to connect yourself with Scottish heritage with its beautiful patterns. There are various styles of Leather Kilts that have panels, pleats, and Buckle straps for an impressive look.

    I am posting this arranged rundown of mens kilts for sale which you can use to pick one for yourself. You can really get one best thought for yourself and pick which one suits and you ought to select to wear. You may check out this Best Kilts available to be purchased article which I have curated for you folks.
  • posted Jackets are the most fashionable and regal jackets that can be worn with a kilt as they show off your kilt’s style and pattern in a way that cannot be accomplished by any other style of jacket. Prince Charlie kilt Jacket comes with a vest or waistcoat. They typically come in black, but there are a number of ways that these jackets can be made. A lot of kilt wearers tend to complement their kilts with these jackets by giving their lapels colorful details to match their kilt color or tartan. They can come in other colors, too, such as a full-bodied royal blue.

    Prince Charlie Tartan Kilt Jackets
    Even though deep blue and black Prince charlie jackets are the most common, you can get a prince charlie jacket for sale in the same tartan as your kilt or in any other color you like.
  • posted Reminiscent of a beautiful spring day, the Cornish Tartan Kilt is full of earthy, sunny colors that are sure to brighten up any gray afternoon. Each colour in the National Tartan has a special meaning, White on Black for St. Piran’s Banner (The Patron Saint of Tinners), Black and Gold were the colours of the ancient Cornish kings, Red is for the beak and legs of the Chough, the Cornish National bird, Blue is for the sea surrounding Cornwall.
  • posted Kilt outfits are about as diverse as kilts themselves. There are many different ways to accessorize your kilt outfit, and there are just as many different Kilt Jacket that you can pair with those kilts as well. There are two ways you can break down the different styles when you are deciding which jacket you want to pair with which kilt, and that is by deciding whether you intend to wear the kilt outfit casually during the day or during dinners and other formal events as evening wear. A lot of these Jackets can be worn for both occasions, so it is wise to start by considering which design you are most fond of.
  • posted Tartan Trousers | Tartan Trews

    In case you're hoping to commend your Scottish legacy at your next occasion, Tartan Trews and Tartan Trousers are an extraordinary other option. Our Tartan Trews and Tartan Trousers are very flexible and can be effectively spruced up or dressed down to fit the event.
    When one thinks of Scottish Dress and tradition, it is likely that the very first thing that will come to mind will be the kilt, as it is perhaps the most famous garment to come out of Scotland. Without a doubt, the kilt is a vital piece of Scottish custom and culture, pants or trews are each piece significant, particularly plaid trews. Tartan Trews first came to be around in the 1530s, it allows Scottish men to express their Scottish heritage and pride without having to only wear kilts and were quite popular.
  • posted Blue Prince Charlie Jacket – Which Kilt Jacket is in style?
    Blue prince charlie jacket is maybe the most well-known of all of the different sorts of Kilt Jacket available. It tends to be the one that most people go for when they are looking for a kilt jacket to wear as evening wear or formal wear.

    Kilt Jackets
    The main thing about this jacket is that it is tailored to look perfect on its wearer, and it features silver-toned buttons on the arms of the kilt jacket, the tails, and the front.