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  • posted Have you seen this man?
  • posted Chief Augusto turned to his men.
    "We will meet the prisoner in the clearing, near the observation area of Blue Mountain. I want only a skeleton crew of three. Nobody gets within five meters of her without my signal. Everyone on Blue Mountain needs their own oxygen. You will wear gloves and eye protection at all time."
    "But Chief, what about Jaakuna and Kaito?"
    "If they're not dead by the end of today, they may be immune."
    Chief motioned for his assistant to bring his gloves.
    No matter how you are inclined, only Jaakuna and Kaito will touch the prisoner. Any attempts to do otherwise, without my consent, will be dealt with."

    The craft Amy was being transported on had no wheels. It reminded her more of a life raft, if a life raft could hover a meter above roadways. Soon, she recognized where she going. The world around her may have changed, but the Blue Mountain was still the Blue Mountain.
    She looked back at this new version of Fukoma as they went up the mountain road. She saw fewer lights than she remembered.
    "It's very dark outside. Where are the lights in the city?"
    "We don't need as many anymore," Jaakuna replied. "Dead men don't need streetlights."
    "I don't understand."
    "Japanese cities used to be quite crowded before the plagues began."
    "Plagues? What do you mean by plagues?"
    Kaito turned and looked at her.
    "The ones you started."

    Cesar Augusto was going to let the Green Goddess finish her weekly service to him. Her talents on the microphone were well known to one and all; some of the other talents she had with her mouth and tongue were only known to a select few. And Cesar would hate to interrupt a true professional.
    Still, the old man must have something important to say.
    Cesar hit the remote, and started the teleconference. He had no idea if the Green Goddess was out of the camera eye; at the moment, he did not care.
    "Greetings, my friend. How are things where you are?"
    "Serious enough that the green bimbo needs to go."
    "Fine. One minute."

    "It's only me, Number one."
    "Fair enough Cesar. Now I need you to be honest with me."
    "As best I can."
    "Are you funding the work of Dr. Goolagong?"
    Cesar's smirk went away.
    "What do you know about it?"
    "A teenage girl in Japan just blew up her garage trying to copy him."
    "There's a reason we do this in the outback," Cesar replied. "The capsule uses biofuel. Literally, grease that people used to fry potatoes and spring rolls. Throw in some enzymes to make the fuel burn hotter. Then the whole thing implodes, then explodes. BANG!"
    "That's, um, very complex way to kill somebody."
    "We live in a world of DNA, worldwide maps, and databases, my friend, If you truly want to make somebody disappear, this is the way."
    "So, you're not sending them to the future?"
    Cesar got his smirk back. "It's the perfect scam. How can I prove he didn't send somebody a hundred years in the future? Personally, I hope not. We just sent this other group's best contract killers to the great beyond in that. Turns out, he thought he caught AIDS from some trans lady in Gangnam, so next thing you know, he's trying to kill half of Seoul. So we get him out of Korea, fly him to Alice Springs, and then took him to the middle of fricking nowhere. I did my 'No, Mr. Bond, I want you to die,' speech, and then we blew him to kingdom come."
    "Any chance he survived it?"
    "Oh, Goolagong says we sent him to the year 2104. Between you and me, if the heat didn't kill him, the blast would have. I'll sleep better at night knowing that guy isn't around."
  • posted Simman listened to Sana. The young girl was intelligent and articulate. But judging from her descriptions of her friend Ami, the time machine, and the apparent explosion, he could not tell if he was hearing a description of a scientific experiment, or just an elaborate suicide.
    "Did she document her, experiment?"
    "There was this stack of paper."
    She handed Simman the stack of pages Amy had titled, "The Wells Project - A Study in Time Travel".
    "Anything else?"
    "She does a lot of blogging."
    Sana started typing on her smartphone. "Let me check."
    He motioned her to come by the console. "If you're looking online for her documents, I have a better idea."

    A silhouette appeared on his screen.
    "My friend, Sana, has come to me with some data. I'm forwarding it to you now."
    He nodded to Sana, who placed the document in a scanner.The mechanical sounds of the scanner seemed out of place in the futuristic setting's of Simman's lab.
    After the last page finished, there was an awkward pause, as Sana tried to look over his shoulder.
    He did not turn.
    "Sana, there's an unrelated matter I need to speak to my colleague about. Could you, step out a minute?"

    After the door closed, Simman engaged the secure site. The image of Mr. Wu appeared on the screen.
    "So, what do you think?"
    The voice on the other side was tinged with sadness.
    "This is the work of an 18 year old teenaged girl?"
    "That's what I've been told, why?"
    "It all adds up. The particular use of New Guinea impatiens alarmed me, and that's when I checked the dark web.
    It's the Goolagong experiment. Almost word for word."
    Mr. Wu cleared his throat.
    "The Australian scientist Dieter Goolagong in the late 1990s did this experiment in the outback. He must have blown out a few garages as well. He was convinced that the vehicles disappearance was because it was sent ahead in the future, and not that it was obliterated by the force of the detonation. But because he could not prove that, his donors dried up, save one."
    "The New Guinea mafia."
    "Yes. And their interest was far from altruistic. In fact, they were so convinced of the experiment's failure, they continued to support his research just to make their enemies disappear."
    "I need to call Cesar."
    "Do it now."
  • posted Jaakuna looked out from the tenement window to see the fire.
    "Kaito! You idiot. Is this your doing?"
    The thug on the floor shrugged.
    "Get your gun. Somebody just set fire to the old garage."
    She grabbed her gun. "Come with me."

    Kaito was the first to approach the building, and the first to see Amy.
    The girl looked att the approaching figure through the light of the flames.
    "Can, can you help me sir? I need something to wear."
    Kaito flashed a hungry smile. He squinted slightly, and his eyes did a slow walk over Amy's body. The girl scrambled to use her fingers and arms to cover her modesty, but his eyes seemed to find every private part. Her nipples, hardening in the cold, were his first target. As she tried to block them from his gaze with her arms, she uncovered her lower half. She nervously squeezed her legs together, knowing her pubes were far above where her legs crossed.
    "GIrl, we all got needs. You need clothes. Let me show you what I need."
    He took his coat off and held it up. With the other hand, he unzipped his fly.
    "Come on, girl. It ain't going to suck itself."
    The cold begin to bite harder at Amy's skin. Her dreams of the future faded, as she pondered her next move. She felt herself drop to her knees. Kaito took that as a sign and stepped towards her.

    At that moment, Jaakuna approached. She looked first at the girl then at Kaito. She frowned, and then smacked the back of her hand on his crotch. He yelped as the hand he was using to unzip his fly was now crushing into his manhood.
    "Now is that anyway to treat a lady? She smirked. "You don't know if she even likes men."
    She looked back at Amy.
    "Tell me, girl. What did you eat last? Hairpie? Or meatballs and sausage? Me, I'll take a good fish dinner over anything a man would try to serve me."
    She made a move to pull up the hem of her skirt.
    Kaito tried to laugh, though his dick still hurt.
    The naked girl looked horrified.
    An amorphous glow began to appear in front of Jaakuna's eyes. The glow began to form into the shape of a person, perhaps 15 cm in height.
    "Hold it. We got a call coming in..."
    She looked over at Amy.
    "Do you mind, um, turning around?"

    Sana took the box of papers to the only man she knew could read them.
    She shifted her hands to knock on the door.
    "Come in."
    She took her free hand, and opened the door handle.
    The figure in the room turned to the door.
    "What is it, Sana?"
    "Simman," She replied. "You are not going to believe this..."
  • posted Inside the capsule, it was hot. Not a warmth, but a stifling, angry heat.
    Amy looked out the window, and discovered, to her horror, that she was surrounded in fire.
    Frantically, she disengaged her seatbelt and opened the door.
    The heat of the fire hit her immediately. She reached back in the capsule to get her clothes. Alarmingly, the box they were in did not open.
    Behind her, she heard something heavy fall. She could make out a door in the distance and she ran for it.

    The cold night air was an immediate relief. But just as quickly, it chilled her. Amy curled her body the best she could, trying to warm herself the best she could.
    Father will be so angry, she thought, as she tried not to look at the burning building. She stood up and looked across the yard, straining to see the windows of the main house to see if she had woken her family. It was in that moment she realized the house was gone.

    The large building that had replaced her family home was imposing - nearly ten stories. Its glass exterior reflected the light of the burning garage, and highlighted the nude figure standing next to it.

    My God, she thought. Where am I?

    Sana waited a few moments after she threw the switch. A blast of light had gone through the window, then there was only silence.
    She opened the door and went back inside. The electrical cable that had been attached to the capsule lay alone on the floor, near the table where she and Amy had made love. Nearby was a shelf, with boxes of handkerchiefs. A trash can with flowers and empty coffee cans.
    She gathered the rest of their clothes from the floor. It was then she noticed a stack of paper with writing sat in a box nearby. She sat down and pulled out the first page.

    "The Wells Project - A Study in Time Travel
  • posted Amy stood in her garage and looked at the time machine. She had carefully crafted each nut and bolt, each shield and controller, to be just in the right place. Primero had been there, for every moment. Until today.

    Maybe it was because she talked about leaving. Maybe Korri was a better catch, with her long legs. Maybe Primero just had a thing for girls who would get naked with him on the gym floor. All the words of love from Primero's lips had left Amy by her tears, as she stood helplessly watching the man she loved pressed himself deeply into the writhing legs of the young gymnast. She thought about slamming the gym door, with a loud, "BAAAAAANG!!!" but thought better of it.

    Maybe it just WAS time to leave.

    She saw Sana leaving her shop. Her friend smiled at her at first. But when the light hit Amy's swollen eyes, she knew something was wrong.
    Sana opened the door back up.
    "Let me bring you some liquid courage."
    Sana found a bottle of sake and some paper cups. She poured a measure for both of them.
    "Bottoms up!"
    "What's that mean?"
    "It just means you chug it."
    Amy did chug it. By the third cup, the sake was having its effect.

    Two drunk girls staggered back to the restaurant. As Amy turned the lights back on, she could still smell the spices and sauces from the evening courses.
    "I...I should clean up first."
    "No need for that."
    Sana found a whipped cream can and put a dollop on her fingers. She approached Amy and fed her a lick.
    "Do I get more?" Amy asked warmly.
    Sana drew a line down from Amy's neck to her chest. She reached over and licked a bit off of Amy's chin. She put another dollop on her fingers.
    "I can either put this down your shirt or on your body."
    "It would stain my shirt."
    Amy. Ever practical.
    "Follow me."

    Amy walked her friend to the garage.
    She reached down and removed her shirt and bra in one motion.
    Sana drew a heart on Amy's chest, then dotted her nipples like they were punctuation marks. She held Amy by the waist as she sucked the cream from her nipple.
    "What about your shirt?"
    "Oh, right."
    Sana stepped back, and stripped. Completely. Even in the dim light, she could see her body. Sana's skin picked up the small bit of radiance in the room and made her glow. Her breasts, sloping down into a single shadow, that cleaved her navel.

    Sana stepped forward again, with one more dollop of cream.
    "Where's that going?" Amy cooed.
    She had her answer. Sana knelt and tugged Amy's pants to her knees. The coolness of the cream hit Amy's privates quickly, and melted just as fast; Sana's tongue had the more lingering effect. Amy backed into a prep table. She hoisted herself up, and kicked at her pants until they fell away. Sana used her new position to deeper her tongue's thrust into Amy's nethers, who cried her delight for all the world to hear.

    Sana watched her lover spring up.
    "What exactly are you looking at?"
    "It's my time machine."
    "Your, what?"
    Amy looked down at Sana.
    "I've spent the last few months here, making this machine. And now, I..."
    Sana had propped herself on her elbows as she listened. Amy tried not to glance at Sana's pink little crevice as she continued. She failed.
    Amy sighed. The glow of Sana's skin was in part from Amy, allowing her tongue and lips to journey from Sana's chin, along and over her breasts, to the salty, pungent depths below.
    She looked away.
    "Now, I, I, need you to do me a favor."
    She approached the craft and opened the door. Sana brought herself to her feet as Amy started to strap herself in.
    Amy handed Sana the list she had prepared for Primero.
    "Wait a minute, where are you going?"
    "With any luck, the year 2100."
    Sana looked at the scribble on the wrinkled piece of paper. She wrapped her coat around her naked body as she read the words.
    Amy reached to close the door. Sana stopped her.
    "So this is goodbye?"
    "I'm afraid so."
    Sana reached in and kissed her.
    "Don't you need clothes there?"
    "They're in the hold. I didn't want to fuse with them."
    Sana kissed her one more.
    "Until we meet again..."
  • posted You know what would be cool? A horror short story. With a Lovemore or Rosebery theme, perhaps. Or just bikinis and machetes. We've got nineteen days to Halloween. Anybody up for it?
  • posted You know, MEGA means...1000000 times the stated unit. So here's a thought. Why is our beloved protagonist (Junta/ Primero/ Ryuuji) wasting so much time on...six women? Not just the illustrious Lady of the Loo; I mean moving his ass to every flower in town, like a hyperactive bumblebee. Maybe gaining a point or two in charm or charisma, while running the risk of getting caught? I'm sure there is a LOT of non-playing characters who would love a chance to drift into this universe and play with our hero!
  • posted I proposed Korri assemble a team of gymnasts. What if, instead, she was recruiting for the "junior" Freedomball team? She could even explain why the junior team could have 18 year old seniors. The success of her recruiting would depend on the player's charisma and willingness to help by doing tasks.
  • posted Brainstorming: I've already proposed Korri assemble a team of gymnasts.
    Second idea: I propose Ren "taking over" the photo/gravure story, as you and her pursue models and gain followers.
    Finally, I propose the player team with Tassy on a two part history project. The first half would be a paper due on day 50. The second half, a presentation. Their subject? The Honno-ji incident. This is something SimMan himself came up with.

    As the player digs deeper into the history of Oda Nobunaga, various flashbacks give the game a historical perspective. A 16th century SimGirls, if you will. The dateable characters need to step up, as Ami and Karin took a lot of side story with them.
  • posted How I Got Roped into Cosplay with Ren:
    Chapter 3: Clothes Make the Man

    For the first time, I noticed what was printed on the door.
    "Fashion Akage," I said out loud.
    "That will be my brand when I make it big," said the red haired woman. "That's my goal. For the world to know Akage".
    She motioned me inside. She picked up a robe as she walked, and showed it to him.
    "Your girlfriend is probably going as Yuri Sakazaki."
    "She's not my girlfriend."
    "You went to a women's clothing store with her. There are husbands that don't do that."
    "Still, I..."
    "No need to explain."
    She turned to me and slipped her dress off.
    "I can be Yuri Sakazaki for you tonight."
    She picked up sunglasses.
    "Lara Croft, maybe?"
    She saw me look at a Batman mask. She reached for a baseball bat, then playfully put the Batman mask over my head. She put the bat behind her head, the way Harley Quinn does.
    "Hey Batman, do you know what the Joker would do if he caught you messing with me?"
    I laughed. She put the bat down, knelt, and lowered my pants.
    As she reached for my member, she looked up at me.
    "Say it. Say it for me."
    I tried to talk in my lowest voice, as I felt myself enter her mouth.
    "I'm, I'm, I'M BATMAN!"

    I tried to look surprised when Ren entered our room.
    "What do you think? It's my entry for the contest tonight."
    "It's great. What are you supposed to be?"
    "It's Yuri Sakazaki, silly. It's from an old game I found online."
    "It looks good to me."
    "Good, but not great."
    She looked a little sad.
    "Let me see if I have any black lipstick. I'll be right back."
    She grabbed a leather jacket from her brother's closet and ran into the bathroom.
    A few minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom. She was topless under the open jacket, and wore only her thong panties. There were marks on various parts of her body in black lipstick. She had even marked her breasts where the "plates" would come together.
    I had seen glances of her body before. But never all at once. I could feel myself stirring below.
    "Whoa. What is this?"
    "Motoko. Ghost in the Shell. What do you think?"
    I thought, she'd get arrested.
    "Um, Yuri Sakazaki is fine."
    "So, what are you going as?
    "I was thinking...Batman?"

    I made a point of clapping and yelling as they introduced her.
    "Number one, Ren Hoshino as Yuri Sakazaki."
    She probably would have gotten more votes as Motoko. But we did make it home safe,
  • posted How I Got Roped into Cosplay with Ren:
    Chapter 2: Deja Vu Dream

    Weird dream. I was walking through the ruins of the town I lived in for high school. A woman clad in blue with blue hair was shooting at everybody. Whenever a shot landed, the victim changed into something else. Like a version of themselves, but pale. Sad. Shabby. Staggering around the town. A girl came up from behind me.
    I can fix this, she said. I just have to go to the future and stop her from coming back.
    She stripped naked in front of me and kissed me.
    Are you coming? She asked.
    I just stood there.
    She shook her head and walked into a big metal cylinder. She closed the door.
    A moment later, the cylinder vanished. The blue gun-woman disappeared. All the staggering people went back to normal.
    And Ren's voice came from above me.
    "Hey, don't you have class this morning?"

    So now I'm in college. Each class is in a different building. Posters are everywhere. Everybody's talking like they've already been here. Mostly, I grab a seat in the back.
    When I do that in World History, I find that I'm walking towards Ren.
    She motions me over.
    "What are you doing in a first year class?"
    "I switched majors, so now I have to take all the classes I missed last year."
    "What was your major last year?"
    "Nuclear physics."
    "Wait, what?"
    "Yeah, things were going fine until I found out only those with the highest grades get what I wanted to get into."
    "Which was?"
    "The space program. So lessons learned. Get really good grades in anything you like taking."
    There was an empty seat on the other side of me. I looked up to see a beautiful woman go to take it. I tried not to be obvious as I watched her yoga pants clad legs slide in next door. She was short, and in really good shape.
    "I'm Primero, and you are..."
    "And I'm Ren."
    I noticed Korri had all the textbooks for the class already.
    "Have you joined a study group yet?"
    "Is that a thing?"
    "Yeah, they have projects in this class."
    Korri smiled. "Hope they don't start tonight. I have practice."
    Ren tapped me on the shoulder.
    "Speaking of tonight. I need you to do me a favor."
    "Sure, what?"
    She held up a poster.
    "They do a Cosplay show downtown this Sunday. There's this really good tailor I used for my outfit that I want to go see. But it's in a rough section of town, away from the train, and I don't think my ex- will take me.
    "Yeah, OK. After dinner."

    The walk to the tailor was almost exactly the same path that I took. I knew the neighborhood immediately. We entered a small shop and were greeted by a woman with red hair.
    Ren did the talking as I wandered the store, pretending to shop. I saw Ren enter a changing room, then walked over to the saleslady.
    "We were here last night."
    "Yes, we were. So?"
    Over her shoulder, I saw the mattress I had bent her over last night.
    "But you're a..."
    "Service provider. I sell clothes. I sell services. I sell..."
    "Did you buy it?"
    "Were you happy with it?"
    "Of course."
    "Then it will be the same price next time you come."
    She handed me a business card.
    "My number's on it. There's also a website where I put my online pics."
    I took her card.
    "Come back in an hour."
    She smiled towards the changing room.
    "Bring her, if you like..."
  • posted How I Got Roped into Cosplay with Ren:
    Chapter 1: So This is Home

    Tomorrow my first day of college at Rosebery, and I'm already overtired. I thought today would be the whole moving in/ getting to know your roommate experience. But the new guy vanished almost immediately. So after I got my stuff where I wanted it, I wandered the town.
    I'm always looking for the unusual things about places. No place is truly "new" - there's always old stories to be found. Success. Heartbreak. Pain. Pleasure. So after I passed the college bars and the convenience stores, I started to wander into the angrier side of town. No more hipster tea and kale restaurants. No staring at smartphones.
    I found the first bar that wasn't pushing a sports team. Just dark wood and whisky. The bartender set me up.
    "Don't get a lot of college boys in these parts. You local?"
    "Well, let's see what you do with a shot."
    He poured, and looked to see if I'd react when I downed it. I don't normally cough, but the crap he served was like diesel fuel.
    "That wasn't whisky."
    "So you're not so dumb. Let me get you something you'll like."
    He turned to the bottles behind him. I suddenly realized I wasn't alone.
    "We usually don't get the schoolboys until winter."
    I turned. The first thing I saw was red hair. A lot of it.
    "The winter?"
    "It's about the time they realize their fall quarter girlfriends won't go farther than handjobs."
    She leaned over in such a way that she made sure I saw her cleavage.
    I smiled. It was nice to hear something other than, "Hey baby. Want a date?"
    "So, you're..."
    "Providing you the service you came here for. Where you want it. For as long as you need it."
    She leaned in.
    "If you'd rather do this somewhere other than the men's room, I've got a place next door."

    So, got the drinking and sex part of college done already. In and out sex and dizzy feeling in the head. But, hey, I got laid, and that always makes me feel a bit better. So what if I paid for it? Not a bad way to start.
    So then I get back to the dorm and there's my roommate. Well, roommates. He's sitting on his bed, already deep into whatever is on his smartphone. He's short, kind of nerdy looking with glasses. Like Harry Potter but without the charm. I'm not even sure what his name is. But she's...
    "Ren. Call me Ren."
    She's...different. Wearing overalls like a farmgirl. She must have bought the wrong size, because both her butt and her tits are straining the material. Her hair is the color of poured concrete.
    She sits down on my bed. Not on top of me, but close.
    "I'm his big sister. You may see me a lot at first, because this one won't eat sometimes unless you remind him. Just make sure he washes occasionally and cleans up after himself. And I'll keep the cat at my place tonight."
    Wait a minute. Cat?
    "I'll be by tomorrow morning to make sure he doesn't skip his first class. I can get you up too, if you like."
    She leaves before I can answer. I should have said something instead of trying to look at her ass.
    So I stare at the ceiling. It's old and needs paint. It's seen a lot, I'm sure. Future politicians. Future thieves. Future politicians who are thieves. But it's the first time it's seen me. In fact, nobody here has the slightest idea what I did the last eighteen years. I can start over. I can be whoever I want to be.
    Starting tomorrow.
  • posted More SG8/Rosebery Brainstorming
    6) Akage (the charm girl) needs to "do" something. Be part of the plot, maybe a surprise adversary.. At least, change to other positions. There's a whole Kama Sutra out there and she's been dong doggy forever.
    7) Get bold! Lover status might include a handy in the theatre, skinny dipping or a blow on the school rooftop.
    8) Put in some consequence if one "dateable" character catches Player with another
    9) There needs to be a time conflict between the social media, school accomplishments, work/ making money, and dating aspects, otherwise the game is too easy.
    10) Bad endings- favoring one lover over the others could lead to consequences. Favoring the modeling over school could end badly too. And there's that whole gang aspect.
  • posted Brainstorming: My thoughts on how to distinguish SG8/ Rosebery from SG versions 1-7

    1) Make Rosebery the college that follows Fukoma High. Advantages: SimMan's already produced some great NPCs (Bel, Karsten, Rufus) to help guide the action (Ren, Tassy, Korri, Sana) and a new venue couldn't hurt.
    2) The Freedomwall (and Wu) enters the picture as the platform that Ren (new girl) encourages the Player to put her pictures on. First pic - what she's wearing to the Cosplay competition.
    3) As the player befriends Korri, Tassy, and Sana, they build a social media presence that functions the way the modeling agency did in previous games. The player even starts getting unsolicited selfies from NPCs that want in on the action! Maybe even line up Bel or Wawababi as their rivals....
    4) Explain away both Ami and Karin by "dreaming" Ami went to the future and prevented Karin from coming to the present. You can have the player customize their characteristics by other means (like picking from a menu).
    5) Without Ami, the player will need something to accomplish to take the place of the time machine and the drama club. I propose two 50-day semesters, separated by a holiday break. Have the player accomplish a team project with dateable and/or NPCs each semester in addition to the semester exams.

    Finally, throw up a trial balloon. Make a month-long or 25-day start into that world. See what people think.
  • posted SG8 (or Rosebery?) Idea:
    I propose that there be four dateable characters: Tassy, Korri, Sana, and Ren.
    Then, when the user selects among the four personality types, the intro changes:
    *Scholar: You dream of a blonde girl (Sana), dressed in almost transparent robes, chanting something you can't understand. Suddenly she stares at you, causing you to wake up.
    *Playboy: You wake up and decide to take a walk around your college grounds. You disturb a beautiful woman at a fountain (Tassy). She runs from you.
    * Criminal: Ren wakes you up by shaking her bra-covered tits in your face. She's not your girlfriend here, tho- she's the twin sister of your college roommate. She jokes that it was a dare, then tells you that there's breakfast on the table.
    * Joe: You enter.a gym in the early morning. A beautiful girl (Korri) performs a rhythmic gymnastics routine. She stops suddenly and appears to start crying. A second girl is mocking her (Mako?). You go to say something, but she has disappeared.
    In all four cases, your next destination is a restaurant (or bar). A barman or (bluehaired? redhaired?) bargirl hands you a menu- it's actually the interface that allows you to add points to each trait.
    This could start either Rosebery or Simgirls

    • kotomifan Ok, how about,...
      You depart from Rosebery Airport after midnight. You are coming back from the funeral a venerable, very ild relative. There were tears, dug up memories, awkward silences, and plenty if alcohol. You're tired, a bit sad, yet happy to be out of there.
      You wait in the queue for the shuttle to take you to your remote parking lot. There are three young women in line behind you- a thin girl with a ponytail and a gym bag, a friendly girl with a backpack, and a blonde girl, possibly, a tourist, whose black suitcase matches her outfit.
      When the bus arrives, a fourth girl comes to the front of the line. When the door opens she steps in front of you and gets on first. You go to say something, but she looks back at you with the prettiest smile, and you let her on.
      The bus exits the terminal and enters a tunnel. As it emerges from the darkness, you see the city of Fukoma before you.
      And it's on fire....
    • SimMan I actually have a crazy idea. Probably better for the VN system. 1 am. You wake up on a midnight bus. After a night shift. There are a few people on the bus, including the four riders of course. I mean I really want to do a short horror story.
    • SimMan Cool. The four horsemen are: the prom queen, the virgin, the witch, and the buddy.
  • posted The last fanfic series was my idea for what a Kotomi game might consist of. You play as Kotomi, an 18 year old senior who finds herself as the sole participant in her rhythmic gymnastics team due to a tragic event. She recruits and builds a team of familiar characters. There are enemies to overcome, but the reward is to restore the glory and honor of the team (end of part I).

    Until...our friend the Omega Playboy returns,to wreak havoc on the hometown of the Mega Playboy. Can Kotomi and her team recruit an army of warriors and defend their city?
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