League Of Legend
You know what's fun.
When you join a room. 
And got a slow pc (Not slow slow, but slow becuz the others loaded faster then you.)
And you saw some1 called top. 
You just say TOP and instalock!

Becuz of my ranked status.
People will say ingame. (Wtf? how XXX joined  this game with bronze/silver.)
Just ignore them don't say anything just focus on your game. Save it till later. XD
And w/o a second the person who called top calls you NOOB.

But I was the one who helped them winning the game.

And after the match I said my team was bad and they was bronze or wood division.
They won't reply or say something else. XD
Most of them just click finish or continue

Differents in power!!!!!! XD

PS: Yea I know, sometimes there are retards who does this too.
But I win the game.

And most of them lose the game. And gets reported. XD