Or... What ever will be used.
  • Khazmo Well, being a straight guy I can say that although I won't play the 'Girls' track of the game, I do think it is refreshing that there is at least the option. I'll sure there are plenty of girl gamers out there who are sick of all the Dating Sims without that option. Bravo!
  • Nanna I'm bi so simgirls IS catered to my sexuality either way, but I'm glad there will be some dudes in here this time! It makes the selection all the sweeter..
  • Freak NearLandLight@ I can't seem to reply the normal way... Anyway, both. I love yaoi, and honestly, after going through his site, I was getting sick of tits. 'Almost turned me off when I got the seventy points. XD
    • NearLandLight Alright glad that's what it is. I'm bi-sexual myself so I like both genders and lean towards guys a little more so when I saw it I was very happy. Also yaoi all the way :)
  • NearLandLight So what is exactly being said here. I see the sim guys and the highlight on (or even lovers) then the shut up and take my money. Does that mean you love that option or just want the game right now. I may be over analyzing it not sure.
    • slayer18 lol, i was thinking about the second variant while pressing "like" button. The gay love in video games is just too mainstream for me.
      • Freak ...Where's gay "love" in video games?
        Well... Fable, and Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect... And one other game has it implies on, but that's a big, BIG part of that game, so I won't mention it...
        There's a lot of gay people in video games, and sometimes, they're just so... Fucking campy... Ghirahim*HACKWHEEZE*
        ...I forgot what I was talking about. XD