Help me find this. "Girls Secret Society"
I've been moving this pic from one pc to another sense 1998. I tried using all search engines, but apparently to them "secret society girls" is the exact same phrase. (so is "girls, secret society").
Please help, my mom was an english teacher and I can't dummy down that far.
  • Keiryu i don´t quite understand what you want from this(i am already to dumb to understand comlcated stuff ^_^) but as far as i know there is a book called Secret society girls don´t know if that is what you are looking for however i got pretty much lost once i read the first letter GSS all i could think about was something evil o.o
    • TonyDahlstrom Lol, looking for Girls Secret Society only. But the search engines and I disagree on what the term exact phrase means. So far they're not even close.