"How did you treat the body?"
Replaying a game I haven't played in years. Viscera Cleanup Detail is a cleaning simulator. I discovered a paperwork feature which lets you do more after cleaning. It lets you describe your work, how many bodies, what you think happened, etc. Each corpse has a PDA to upload and you have to fill out how they died and how you treated them. When I saw the very last box I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life.
  • Mike Is this a VR game?
    • Fear57 Nope. It came to Steam's Early Access years ago and was released 2015. Developers are still working on it to this day, new level was released last month. Maps range from small to huge. The smaller maps take about an hour to fully clean, a couple of maps have a par time of 3 hours. It may seem boring, but it's really relaxing and fun.