The hall of madness
Been too long since I've made anything in Garry's Mod. One of the rare times where I didn't use music to inspire my work.
  • Keiryu I have to admit i have no clue why you added a skeleton...All that comes to my mind is that one Spooky Scary Skeletons song and then i just laugh.

    Still a nice image though. However i am curious. The f**k is that white thing in the back with the four arms or at least i think it's four and does it have 6 boobs on his "chest"? Or am i just seeing things?
    • Fear57 Skeleton is from Nazi Zombie Army, it has changeable eyes and organs. Thought the flaming eyes were nice. In the back is an Envy Demon from Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you click on the picture it should link you to a bigger version.

      • Keiryu Oh yeah i did not notice it could get bigger. Kind of dissapointed now. A 6 boobed Demon would be so much more fun.