Suicide is self expression (Suicide awareness)
One of my more darker pictures fresh from the back of my mind. You know, the part where I shouldn't look. Made to "Are You Afraid" by Type O Negative.


What? It's a sensitive picture? Please explain to me why the world has
this rule of suicide being taboo? Suicide is something that
should be talked about openly without cringing, it should even be joked
about. It should also have more awareness than it does.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts about it know that it is normal. If you or someone else is showing signs of severe depression AND having open thoughts about it then contact your local suicide prevention center or just try talking to them. Just remember, nothing can prevent someone from committing suicide if they really want to, and if they do... it was self expression.
  • ℟angßøømeՐ On a side note.. what do you think when people talk about an "escape from reality"?

    Perhaps it has to be linked with "temporary suicide" in the back of their minds..eventually taking form to be the real deal...but probably something that doesn't even EXIST in the first place for a "temporary solution" for their "temporary problem".

    I think I need a drink. ^.^
    • Fear57 You can never fully "escape" reality, but it's different per person. Some read, some meditate, some play video games. I usually go through 7 - 10 magazines worth at the range for 30 minutes, enjoy a smoke, or walk some park trails.
  • Keiryu Suicide is the cowards way. Say what you want i don't believe that killing yourself is a way to solve anything. I don't care much if anyone dies since as mentioned before people to me are talking meatbags at best. BuuuuTT! I just don't believe anything can be resolved by killing yourself.

    Don't get me wrong i am not saying life is precious and you should cherish it. Or some shit like that. I just think that the moment you try to kill yourself you become boring...People are the most interessting when they are alive not when they are dead.

    And hey if you really really REAAAAAAAAALLLLLLY want to die. I glady make you swallow your own intestines. At least it's a better way to go then cutting your wrists...Which is just the pussy way to try and kill yourself. Not even kidding here. The odds of someone dying by cutting their own wrists is fairly small. Since most just either cut it wrong or lack the willpower to go through with the pain.

    To take this image for example. It takes an extrem amount of force to cut to the bone. Especially with a razor. Since they are just shitty to hold then blood gets on them. Unless you are cutting horizontally down your vein precisly. I would not bother using this method to commit suicide. You are more likely to succed by cutting of your own balls. Which is pretty much a sure fire way for you to kill yourself.

    Personaly i would recommend either the Kurt Cobain way. As you mentioned before. Which is shoot yourself in the head. Shotgun is the most sure fire way to do it.


    You can always put your head in front of an oncoming train which should have about a 90% certainty of decapitating you. This of course assuming you don't pull back. Plus it can always be considered an accident if you do it right.
    • Fear57 There is no proper way for one to kill ones self. I look at suicide as a form of art, get creative. If you're going to use the ultimate form of self expression, let your mind do the work. Start building up your ideas on how you want to be remembered, give the world something to laugh about. I often say I would rig up a battle axe to a door way via trip wire to impale me after I activated it, then a rifle rigged to the top of the door to also fire at the top of my head after the axe contacts.

      I have a family friend member who did put a shotgun in his mouth, all he succeeded in doing was breaking his jaw, removing an eye and his nose along with almost all of his teeth and about 80% of his face. Accidents are boring, why be cowardly about being cowardly? Suicide is never talked about, and society says if you do talk about it you must be depressed.

      Never fit into society, use your rights and express yourself however you wish. "It's better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not." - André Gide, Autumn Leaves.
      • Keiryu Actually there are lot of proper ways to commit suicide. Anyone who fails to kill himself on the first try is just an attention seaking pussy in my eyes. If you say you wanna kill yourself you either to it right from the start or don't do it at all.

        BUUUTT! My personal opinion aside. I agree you should get creative if you want to kill yourself. Maybe strap some explosive to your forehead. Which i can tell you right now is one of the proper ways to ensure you die. ^_^

        On another note i should say putting a shotgun in your mouth and not dying is unlucky. I still say he did not do it properly however otherwise he would have been dead.

        I don't quite know where you live. But where i am from talking about suicide is actually a thing people do a lot. Heck. The local church has a real hard on for suicide support. So yeah...I am not sure what everyone means with it's a tabboo topic...

        Anyway don't get me wrong. I don't really care if anyone lives or dies. I just think living is so much more fun. Not in a "The world is great" type of way but more in the before mentioned "People are interessting while alive." Kind of way.
        • Fear57 The power of the recoil alone moved the barrel after firing. If you followed the conversation below, Peter Steele attempted it in 1988. Ever since he always said when asked about it "Now I'm a failure at both life and death."

          Where I'm at talking about it will get you waking up to a knock on your door. "Sir, these nice people are going to take you away now." I'm sure you remember my revealed blogs. They were removed since my mother found them and called a psychiatrist saying I was suffering from severe depression and talking about suicide openly.

          Went to the meeting, armed no less. The experience changed me, I'm no longer a doormat and I'm living as the real me. I've been unleashed on the world. NRA hat daily, Type O Negative blaring, I talk about what ever subjects I want and if it upsets you too fucking bad. I now just need to find a cross to wear that's as big, loud and obnoxious as I am.
          • Keiryu It's fair enough. Your opinion is yours and no one should tell you what to feel. However personaly i don't take Pete as a good example for anything really. Not that i don't enjoy his music. I just don't agree with his personal views in some cases.

            For example. He considered himself and atheist for years only to suddenly start saying he reflected on his religious views and now hopes there is a god. I am not saying you can't start believing in god. Just don't go saying for years that you don't believe only to change it when you finally realise you can actually fuck up and die. That is just a weak willed person in my eyes.

            Another thing i disagree with him is a statment made by him after he appeared in Playgirl. Where he regretted it soon after just because dudes where buying the magazine. That just seems close minded if you ask me. That would be like saying girls should not buy playboy just because it is a magazine originally intended for man.

            He just seems like a person who could not decide what he himself wanted to do. Which while it is interessting from a character type view. It's also just shows that he was a very weak willed and dare i say pathetic person...

            Now before anyone tries to tear me a new one let me say. He is an interessting human being. I just don't agree with his statments. Which can be blamed on his bipolar personality. But that is still no excuse for not being able to make up your mind about your own death.

            As i said and Robin kindly mentioned it again. If you want to die. You will die. If you survive then it is because you are either an attention seeker or just weak from a personality point of view.

            Nothing is stopping you or anyone from killing yourself. Except you. Plain and simple.
        • Robin There are a lot of support groups where I live too, but it's still kind of taboo to talk about it in the open (not in a support group).

          Also, I agree. If you fail at committing suicide you don't really want to do it (or you're retarded).
  • Robin I agree. If suicide wasn't such a taboo topic I also think there would be less suicides
  • ℟angßøømeՐ I'm not sure why but sometimes out of Dark Humor. I'll say.. 'feel like jumping off a cliff'.. cuz I find it 'humorous'..maybe *out of context* knowing it'll end alright without expecting death (maybe cuz of my belief as the "Earth being my Element" kinda thing would be no pain)....well.. this sure is Dark and also somehow I find this interesting to talk about ..but in all reality.. suicide is PRO self expression..your decision...out of depression or a heroic act.

    Oo is that a spider on the wall?? ^.^
    • Fear57 Thoughts of violence and self harm are more than normal. Peter Steele (Type O Negative lead singer) admitted that he often fantasized about killing his girlfriend and then himself, saying Kurt Cobain was his hero because he had the balls to shoot himself. Peter took a blade to his wrists in 1988 after finding his girlfriend cheating on him. His attempt was unsuccessful, but you can hear his anger in his lyrics from T.O.N.s first album.

      He was a hardcore dude, he signed his RoadRunner contract in a mixture of his blood and semen. He disowned his sisters after they turned him into rehab for drug abuse. He passed in his sleep in 2010 at the age of 48, you'll probably never hear a person more real than he was.
      • ℟angßøømeՐ Thanks, I enjoyed the read on him (I knew almost nothing about), watched the full interview, and even started watching one of his dvds 'Symphony for the Devil'. Right now, I'm at the part when he's sitting on his 'throne room'... Oh nothing, just something I can relate too. ^.^

        Now back to Peter Steele. I personally think he's a great person to the way how he interpret his music/band on his hair, and like what many of his fans said before..' It was sad to see him go off alone with no help' not even his family help just judge him.. I mean he literally destroyed himself with drugs cuz out of his depression from the past. He even admits he 'fu*ked it up with her' at one time. So I guess the cheating started off from there.

        As for that last part.. I have no definition what is a real_person. All 7.4b look the same to me. Or at least are eating and sh*tting the same way they always did since birth... What I'm trying to say.. there is suffering going all over..

        Sure.. even I suffered a bit of both physical and mental abuse from the "elders" at some point. in my life..perhaps not "hardcore like family abuse" but still the same abuse if you ask me.

        I'll named one from my experiences... an idiot decides to pick me up and hold me out of a 3 story window...just to "play a prank" on 'sweet little kid like myself'..funny thing it was at a stairway hallway where nobody was around to see anything at the side of the building....oh and this one time with the b*tch of a babysitter who left me in darkness for hours..............I truly thank my 'belief' for not going mindless....dealing that Insanity...most defiantly avoiding suicide. ^.^
        • Fear57 When I mean by real, he wasn't afraid to be himself, something that I have recently started doing. I've gained more enemies from it, but I don't care, I'm free to be myself.

          There's a lot more than just the internet on him, a couple years ago a book came out "Soul on Fire - The Life and Music of Peter Steele." I haven't read it but I should grab a copy. He lived a legacy of music, forming three bands. His album from Fallout can be found on YouTube along with both Carnivore albums. He had a lot of anger and sadness in his life, as he said on Jerry Springer.
          Springer: "Are you happy to be here?"
          Steele: "I'm less miserable."

          He probably never really was truly happy, and many T.O.N. songs show that. Some of the album art showed it as well, on the back of the sixth album "Life is Killing Me" there is a quote:
          "If God were suddenly condemned to live the life which he has inflicted on men, he would kill himself. - Alexander Dumas (1802-1870)"

          I discovered T.O.N. February 2015 and I now have all 7 albums and "The Least Worst Of." Peter's music is what I can connect with the strongest. I'd been a listener for about three months before I found out he passed, I wept the longest I have in a long time when I found that out he'd been gone for (at the time) 5 years.

          While he had no way to tell he was going to die, he just knew. Ironic that the last album should be called "Dead Again" and the last track on the album (Hail and Farewell to Britain) rings tones as a final goodbye (the song even ends with him going down after a plane battle) and I still weep at many of his lyrics, knowing that he's gone.

          • ℟angßøømeՐ He's music has a lot of meaning to what he's been through and something even I can relate to. Black N°1 ... and Hail And Farewell To Britain.. I also feel it to the soul...thanks for sharing T.O.N and Steel's life with me.