Black Sabbath inspiration. "Snowblind"

  • Mike Are we not gonna talk about the fact that he has a needle in his arm, a bunch of cocaine on his dining room table, and what looks to be blood coming from his nose?.
    • Fear57 Coke, Cocaine, Coca, Devil's Dandruff, Peruvian Marching Powder, what ever you want to call it, there's many ways to enjoy it. If crushed into a powder it can be snorted or ate. It can also be smoked and injected. It needs to be cut several times before delivery as pure uncut cocaine will cause instant death. Your average street cocaine powder is less than 10% cocaine, at 15-20% you can get a high that could send you into a violent rage, at 25-30% you can black out or die from heart troubles. The average high experience for cocaine can last as little as 5 minutes or as long as 2 hours.

      The user experiences a frozen like effect. Time slows down giving the user a high with adrenaline. If enough is taken at one time the user can juggernaut, where the heart beats faster than blood loss. You turn into a bear and can be bleeding from every hole but as long as your heart is in juggernaut it will continue to pump blood faster than you are loosing it.

      Let's not forget the wonderful things that are used to separate it during manufacturing such as battery acid and kerosene. Once it gets to the streets it is cut with the usual suspects such as laundry detergent, salt, and sometimes good ol' fiber glass. Powder is the most common for a fast buzz, but injecting it is a true experience like no other.

      Side effects of cocaine use are paranoia and severe impotence. During the storm the user can also see flurries (like looking into a light too fast) making for a true wonderful winter time.

      "Let the winter sun shine on
      Let me feel the frost of dawn"