Finally received the SimGirls Black Collection DVD
First of all,I want to thank SimMan for this DVD.

I already had almost 90% unpublished artworks of Simgirls,so I was most excited about the Mini Games.

I remember discovering Ami's Mini game is version 4.1 and having played it so many times.

The first thing I said to SimMan after he came back (that was also the first time I chatted with him) was to finish Ami's mini game and model manager mini game,but he said he dont have the time to finish them.

 Then I discovered Tomoko's mini game in version 5.0 and was shocked again.I didnt ask him anything about the mini-game but I always wondered why he wasn't able to finish it.

Last year I saw some fans discovered Tomoko's mini game and asked him about it.He said he dont have the time to finish it.

 I signed on in this network to get the passcode for 5.5.Then I come to know about the rewards.I always knes this in my mind that for me the biggest reward from SimMan could only be the completion of the mini games.

 I am very happy to see them complete.
Although i couldnt find some of the things which I expected in the DVD.I will ask him to add them.

P.S. Receiving the DVD made me nostalgic.There are so many memories associated with the contents of the DVD.