Here it is folks the second Blackspears Card i was thinking who i should Post Next and the only one that deserved to be my choice was Robin my oldest friend here on Blackspears

Robin tell me what you think did i get everything right or did this suck let me know what you think ^_^

so like always Like and Follow me for more stuff(Self advertisment) ^_^

and if you want someone Special or yourself as a card just say so and i will make it happen
  • Sexy Sarah Why I follow this MONSTER?
  • Keiryu Man i am realy glad that people are liking this so much at first i was a bit worried that no one would care/like it but now i actualy feel like making more Thank you all for allowing me to continue ^_^
  • Anna I want one! :P
    • Keiryu sure thing do you have anything special you would like to add like a "Title" or a "Description" if yes just send me a privat message with what you would like me to add if not be warned that i will basterdize the blue hell out of it and make it my own sick and twisted creation(kind of what i did with Robin´s) ^_^
  • Robin Haha, finally a monster that's a match for the Chuck Norris- and Bruce Lee-cards :p
  • SimMan lol what a beast
  • Keiryu oh yeah before i forget if you want me to make a card from someone i do not know just give me the infos you would like to have


    Name:Keiryu Titel:Master of Insanity
    Description/Effect:Will Destroy anything in his way with Insanity....and bad puns(or something like that)
    Atk/Def:Will be chosen by me depending on your Comments and Likes or if it is someone Special it will be based on what i feel is right

    So Send me infos so that i can make more it KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY ORDERS YOU TO DO IT!!!.......please ^_^