Black-Spears-Oh...Natsu Dragneel
another day another Blackspears Card this time around we have Natsu Dragneel the great Number 2 of Blackspears

Natsu i hope you like what i did now don´t get me wrong you are one of the few people i can consider a friend and i love all your stuff(that sounds sooo wrong) but you are to focused on beating Anna for the Number 1 Position you just need to relax and enjoy the little things more....especialy since if you get number 1 i have to change Anna´s Card Title ^_^

.....well that is pretty much all i have to say this time around so except maybe let the great KEIRYU(what you guys tought i would not do it)  know how you liked it or if it sucked....which it did not obviously ^_^

and like always like and follow for more people...and maybe give a comment or two......

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(yeah this is my new catch frase) ^_^
  • Natsu Dragneel Oh, i am at first place in Hot, great :D Thank you very much (to all of you) that you like my posts, that's really great message for me :)
  • Eros I like to see you make me one, see where that takes me
    • Keiryu i don´t mind making you one and i tell you the same i tell everyone else that asks me you can either decide how you like it by chosing your "Element" Your "Name/Titel" and your "Description/Effect" or you can let me go wild and create it however i want but be warned that if i do not know you i will mostly go and do it in my own way and i can not tell you when i will post it since i don´t want to ruin the fun ^_^
  • Natsu Dragneel Thanks Keiryu :D That's really nice card. I gave up first place because of a lot of work and school, but i am glad, that i am first, who reached 10 000 points border. And yeah, i still can like all my posts, but it's my Dragon Slayer Secret Art :D
  • ℟angßøømeՐ you know, i'm pretty amazed how such a long name-title can fit up there..looks like you just got it 'right', senpai. *one more letter wouldn't probably fit?*..
    • Keiryu trust me it worried me a lot to make such a long title one of th reasons why Anna has Nr.1 instead of Number 1 on here title same for Robin and his Mod instead or Moderator but it can fit a lot up there but i try to avoid that since it ends up looking a bit weird ^_^
  • Logan Beauty VS Dragon Slayer! Who will win?
  • Keiryu 5 down a lot more to go i realy tought of finaly giving SimMan the Honor but i just could not bring myself to do it i just feel like i should wait for a special occasion....Like Christmas or maybe dia de los Muertos..............don´t know why i just think it would be so much more special because you know it´s SimMan and all(i feel like i have one this before) ^_^

    anyway tell me how you liked it people and let me know if you want one for yourself and etc...etc............................................................................................................................NOW LIKE IT KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY COMMANDS YOU MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!......pretty please with sugar on top ^_^
  • Robin We share the same element. Yay, fire buddies! :)
    • Keiryu i admit i took your element from our little conversation where we talked about which element was best for us i said Wind and you said fire remember and well Natsu got his element for obvious reasons actualy every card got their elements for some special reason mine is darkness because well i am insane and stuff ^_^
      • Robin Yeah, I remember.
        You really put some thought in all of this. I'm impressed :)
        • Keiryu one of the good things about beeing a Insane Psychotic Maniac i don´t forget stuff that easy.....except Names ^_^

          and i thank you for supporting this like always ^_^
        • Keiryu i am Insane not stupid i feel kind of hurt that you would think i start something without thinking things trough ^_^

          but kidding aside...and thrown down the staris you know me i don´t like to follow the crowd i could have just posted a bunch of hot girls and people would still like my stuff but this is so much more just think about all the insane things i can do to people *laughs like a Maniac while thunder crashes in the background*
          • Robin Yeah, but deciding my element on a conversation we had like a month ago is more than just thinking things through.
            So... You deserve my praise :)
  • Antoniosan Still quite a few more you need to make. But not bad so far. I do have a suggestion: try making a few spell or trap cards Blackspears themed.
    • Keiryu i am planing on making some spell and trap cards i also plan on making some other cards involving something dear to all of us but first of all i am gonna start with all of us the members because let´s face it without each and everyone of us this site would only be half as much fun ^_^
    • Robin That's a nice idea :)
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