CAN YOU SMEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL WHAT KEIRYU IS COOKING *EPIC music starts blasting in the background*(I love Wrestling references)


and he has brought with him the next card in his Series this time we have Dave this person my fellow friends is the first person i posted that is not in the Top 10.....myself not included since i am KEIRYU MASTER OF yeah ehh.....shut up will you -_-

Anyway like i said this is the "first person" i post that is not a member of the Top 10 and i have a good reason for this and my reason is that......I......DID.....NOT......want to ^_^

but no i´m kidding the real reason is that i simply had to show how amazing this person is you want to know why well that is easy look at the amount of Posts he made i have seen people with 200 even 300 posts but this person had an amazing 763 O.O i am not kidding that is amazing and he is not even in the top 10 people he has some amazing posts even tough i myself would not touch them he still deserves respect for beeing able to post so many things so check it out ^_^

and well yeah that is all for now you know the drill people LOVE me LIKE me WORSHIP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Nw wait that´s not it.......ohh yeah now i remember Like me Follow me and throw me a Comment for more stuff it always makes me happy to read what you people think of my work ^_^


  • Ultrapoto These were soooo good, any chance that you will do some more?
    • Keiryu Honestly back then i started this just to waste some time while shamelessly using other people to get famous.

      After a while i just started doing more and more stuff and this became less relevant not to mention i lost a big part of the ones i had already made which included amongst other a big one of SimMan which lead me to just call it quits for a while and like i said this just feel on the backpile...

      However i might get back to it sooner or later. I have a couple of ideas just have to ge around to actualy make them...
  • ℟angßøømeՐ Well I don't know what kind words I would give to his tombstone.. *since I wasn't around aug 13 and before to know him more..* but he seems to love women and half naked women so I guess we have kind..of a common interest :)
    • Keiryu of course you do but seriously.....who does not like Boobs? Man love boobs Woman love boobs(Usualy their own but still) heck even as a Baby you learn to love the amazing creation that is boobs ^_^

      LONG LIVE BOOBS be it A or Double Z(that would be one big boob)

      PS:funny fact the largest boobs in the world are 102 ZZZ(NOW THAT`S BIG) ^_^
  • SimMan [43433,Dave] thanks for your healthy supply of hot chicks. I miss you.
  • Robin Nice, I visited his profile just because I read this post. So I guess you're actually making publicity for yourself and everyone else too :)

    Maybe a good idea, you could add a link to the profile of the member so others can easily visit it if they want to. Just thought of this because I typed in "Dave" in the search box and there are so many Dave's here :D
    You can easily find him by visiting the "Members"-section because you'll immediately recognize his profile pic there but still... you know how lazy people are :p
    • Keiryu actualy now that you say it it´s a nice idea maybe i start doing that from now on i at first had no reason since everyone i used was well known but now that i am posting more unknown people i think it is time to make a section like that

      thanks for the idea my friend ^_^
  • Keiryu and another one is done it was fun making this card since i could try some new stuff and i at frst had my next story this time it was about me [25669,Robin] and [78649,℟angßøømeՐ] where i would be lazy while my "beloved" Kohai would be the one making all the cards for me and Robin would find out that i was lying the whole time ^_^

    but then i decided to scratch that idea since i still have a major headache so yeah maybe next time ^_^
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