Keiryu's Black-Spears-Oh Corner(Blackspears Community as Yu-Gi-Oh Cards)

  • Black-Spears-Oh...Dave
    CAN YOU SMEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL WHAT KEIRYU IS COOKING *EPIC music starts blasting in the background*(I love Wrestling references)


    and he has brought with him the next card in his Series this time we have Dave this person my fellow friends is the first person i posted that is not in the Top 10.....myself not included since i am KEIRYU MASTER OF yeah ehh.....shut up will you -_-

    Anyway like i said this is the "first person" i post that is not a member of the Top 10 and i have a good reason for this and my reason is that......I......DID.....NOT......want to ^_^

    but no i´m kidding the real reason is that i simply had to show how amazing this person is you want to know why well that is easy look at the amount of Posts he made i have seen people with 200 even 300 posts but this person had an amazing 763 O.O i am not kidding that is amazing and he is not even in the top 10 people he has some amazing posts even tough i myself would not touch them he still deserves respect for beeing able to post so many things so check it out ^_^

    and well yeah that is all for now you know the drill people LOVE me LIKE me WORSHIP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Nw wait that´s not it.......ohh yeah now i remember Like me Follow me and throw me a Comment for more stuff it always makes me happy to read what you people think of my work ^_^


  • Black-Spears-Oh...T.L.Asteras
    Good Morning Evening and Night depending on what time it is when you see this Post of mine KEIRYU here with the next Card in my little series today we have T.L.Asteras many of you probably know this person for beeing the great number 8 on Blackspears and some others might know him for his beautifull Woman he posts and amazing Game Pictures he posts

    But what i know him for is that he has probably followed the most people out of everyone here on this site and i am not talking about following 100 or 200 no no no he has followed an amazing  528 people this is by far the largest number i have seen on followers so far(i might be mistaken tell me if i am) and that is just amazing for me ^_^

    T.L.Asteras tell me what you think did you like it or is it back to the drawing board for me?

    that is pretty much all except you know the rest FOLLOW me LIKE this and of course give me some comments and i will keep n making them...........*Grabs a Puppy and Holds it at gun point* "DO IT OR THE PUPPY GET`S IT" *Looks with an evil glare at everyone*........"Please i don´t want to hurt him...BUT I WILL MUHAHAHAHAHA....unless you do what i say" ^_^

    • SimMan I always wonder what the stars below the element represent.
    • Robin Wow, 528 followers. I got his message and him as a follower but didn't know so many other people got it as well :p

      Great job as usual Keiryu and I'm sorry to hear about your headache. I hope I didn't give you a concussion from all the slapping the other day.
    • Keiryu yep i posted another one i at first did not think i would be able to make a post today since i have a gigantic Headache but i am glad i was able to make it ^_^
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  • Black-Spears-Oh...Natsu Dragneel
    another day another Blackspears Card this time around we have Natsu Dragneel the great Number 2 of Blackspears

    Natsu i hope you like what i did now don´t get me wrong you are one of the few people i can consider a friend and i love all your stuff(that sounds sooo wrong) but you are to focused on beating Anna for the Number 1 Position you just need to relax and enjoy the little things more....especialy since if you get number 1 i have to change Anna´s Card Title ^_^

    .....well that is pretty much all i have to say this time around so except maybe let the great KEIRYU(what you guys tought i would not do it)  know how you liked it or if it sucked....which it did not obviously ^_^

    and like always like and follow for more people...and maybe give a comment or two......

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(yeah this is my new catch frase) ^_^
  • Black-Spears-Oh...Anna
    FINALY THE KERIYU HAS COME BACK TO BLACKSEARS.....The Rock references are funny ^_^

    anyway like i said KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY is back and he has brought the next part of his Black-Spears-Oh series with him

    i realy loved making this card since i made a little challenge to see who could guess which person i was gonna pick and one person had it right and that was Robin(Good job brother) but seriously who else could i have chosen Anna was the only one that actualy asked me to make a card for her and she is number one on Blackspears...and well she gave me free reign to use all of my twisted yeah i just had to do it ^_^

    i admit i think i could have done a better job but all in all it seems to have worked out ok Anna let me know if you liked it or if i could have done a better job ^_^

    and like always LIKE and FOLLOW me for more(Long live self advertisment)

  • Black-Spears-Oh...℟angßøømeՐ
    here we go number three of the Blackspears Monster card  edition and who else to pick then my most loyal servan*cough* Aprentice ℟angßøømeՐ  ^_^

    tell me what you think ℟angß after all my favorit Kohai should also get a card and it is only fair that you be number three right after the great KEIRYU himself and my Partner in crime Robin ^_^

    and like always like and follow me for more and leave you infos if you want me to make on for you..or that special someone


  • Black-Spears-Oh...Robin
    Here it is folks the second Blackspears Card i was thinking who i should Post Next and the only one that deserved to be my choice was Robin my oldest friend here on Blackspears

    Robin tell me what you think did i get everything right or did this suck let me know what you think ^_^

    so like always Like and Follow me for more stuff(Self advertisment) ^_^

    and if you want someone Special or yourself as a card just say so and i will make it happen
  • Black-Spears-Oh....Keiryu
    i got this idea from a post made by @℟angßøømeՐ  and @Antoniosan what would the Blackspears Community look like if we had Yu-Gi-Oh Cards ^_^

    be warned that some stuff actualy might fit with some of us and some stuff is just complete Bulls**t made up by me on the spot

    this is the first of many Cards i will make i probably Post 1 card each day or every 2 days

    PS: if you don´t want your card to appear feel free to tell me and i will not Post it or if i already Posted it i will remove it ^_^