Keiryu´s Females...Franky "SUPER! Beauty" (BF)
Hello everyone and welcome to my little corner of INSANITY the one place where i myself allow you to be as INSANE as you like BECAUSE IF YOU ARE NOT INSANE you are useless to me and useless stuff gets sacrificed to my better stay INSANE. ^_^


anyway today on Keiryu´s Beauty Corner Keiryu(Thats me) has brought you a new "lady" for all your pervy dreams a weird "lady" but a "lady" non the less and that "lady" is non other then the SUUUUPPPPEEEERRRR!!!! "beauty" Franky-chan "herself" this Cyborg "Chick" has some serious SUPER twins and since i know how much all you pervs like big Twins i know you will do the right thing that is sacrfice yourself for the greater good(My ever growing INSANITY). ^_^

ok thats pretty much all for now so throw me a comment and maybe a like and if you realy like you can always FOLLOW MY ORDERS!!!.......^_^

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(gonna do.....something)