What to do this summer?
I'm going to play FINAL FANTASY X!!!!!

Get my old PS2 from closet!!!

  • Keiryu ahh yes who could forget all those memoral moments in this classic rpg game like playing Blitzball or that awkward laughing scene or even Blitzball....yeah now i kind of want to play it again i still think they should have made a side game focusing only one BLITZBALL!!! instead all we got was X-2 DAMN YOU SQUARE!!! *Shakes his fist at the heavens with rage in his eyes...and then procced to play some BLITZBALL!) ^_^
    • Chriskris Blitzball is EPIC!!!
      And it also it's good to play while watching WC.,

      But nothing but Yuna & Rikku <3.

      Imagina this.
      Square Enix make a new FF with Rinoa, Tifa, Yuffie Yuna, Rikku, Serah, Lightning & Stella as the main characters. (playable characters).
      Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. gonna buy it then!!!!!
      • Keiryu i agree blitzball is probably the best thing ever in any final fantasy games for me even tough after you learn the Jecht shot on the ship you pretty much anihalate every team until you get to the higher leveld al bhed psyches those damn bastard are way to overpowered both in X and X-2.

        and i donĀ“t think such a crossover would be possible unless Disida Final Fantasy decides to get a version with all characters the closest thing we get to crossovers like that apart from disidia are the Tactics games(Vaan and Penelo in FF Tactics A2 and Balthier and i think Cloud in FF Tactics War of the Lion for psp) other then that its very unlikely to get so many characters together in one game would be interssting tough.
        • Chriskris Well yea, it's something u can only dream about it.
          But it would be very awesome if this shit rly happens.

          Tomorrow i'm gonna spam FF X.
          until I can play Blitzball. XD
          • Chriskris Hmm, what kind of 'Japanese Horror Games.'
            Something with weird tentacles? If you say yes.

            GIVE ME THAT NAME OF THE GAME!!!!!
          • Keiryu now i kind of want to play it too but sadly at the moment all my gaming time is currently being used to play weird japanese horror games. ^_^