Want to play a "Little Game"?
  • Keiryu sooooo are we talking like 52 pickup or poker because i suck at most other games. ^_^
    • Chriskris I only play Poker if it's Strip Poker.
      And only if the 7 other players r girls.
      • Keiryu now that is my kind of game no matter if you win or lose you always feel like the victor. ^_^
        • Chriskris No, I only feel like a winner.
          When all the other girls r Naked.

          But sometimes, It's me who lost all my clothes and the girls didn't even lose a pair of socks.....

          Life is hard bro.....
          • Keiryu meh i only played 3 times where the group was only girls and 2 of the 3 times we all were drunk as hell and i lost horibly. ^_^

            and the other time i finaly managed to win but sadly it was with only three girls but i guess stil better then seeing a guy naked. ^_^

            all my other strip poker experience was with mixxed groups(guys adn girls) so yeah i always feel like a winner when i am playing only with girls. ^_^
    • Antoniosan I haven't played Candy Land in ages. That's one game I'll play. ;)