Master of INSANITY...Wishes you a Merry Christmas Blackspears
Ho Ho Ho...How are you all doing Pervs and Pervetes...

Keiryu here and well i know i said i would not post Christmas related stuff but well since i am gonna be away for a bit i decided to work on this little image featuring some of our Blackspears Member/Their Characters in a bit of a christmas spirit.

From left to right we have Robin, Soham, Akira, SimMan, ℟angßøømeՐ, Keiryu, Cuddles The Crow....And well Lilith is just there because i like her....

So anyway that is all hope you like it.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(Currently wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.)
  • ℟angßøømeՐ Merry Christmas you son of INSANITY... to think I would experience 2x Christmas at once by the MASTER OF INSANITY. You truly are god like. ^.^
  • Robin Merry Christmas to you too!

    Absolutely loving the Christmas version of your profile pic by the way :)
    • Keiryu Thanks i am thinking about making some for a lot of holidays like Halloween and so this is just the first of many.

      and a Merry Christmas to youmy friend.
      • Robin You call me "your friend"?
        So I guess that means you're still drunk? Or did you just go completey insane now. :p
        • Keiryu Keep your enemies close stab your friends even closer that is my motto so yes you are a veeery dear friend. ^_^
  • SimMan Hey Merry Christmas (including the festive period)! Thanks Keiryu for putting the team together. I hope you will enjoy the new Christmas Eve scene :)
    • Keiryu Anytime it was fun making it and i hope so too once i finaly get to play it. Other than that keep up the great work and i wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year since i probably won´t be around to wish it later.
  • Kash You are wishing us CURRENTLY a merry Christmas? Sooo, aaehm, what are you wishing us like in a hour?
    • Keiryu In an hour you will all be sacrificed for the greater good so i won´t wish you anything. ^_^
      • Kash Oh dear, I thought so :-)
        • Keiryu Hey just because i am an INSANE son of a mother does not mean i can´t be lazy not my fault there are so many things that keep me deistracted from my sacrifices...well maybe a little bit..

          Also don´t worry i won´t start sacrificing accounts at random. *Hovers with his mouse over the delete button*..yeaaah you are safe with me.
        • Keiryu hey i can´t be nice all time of the year christmas ends New year starts and i have to at least sacrifice 12 people before the year ends (1 for each month).

          Just consider it all your present fr me...mine of course is sacrificing you all sooner or later. ^_^
          • Kash Man, that does not compute. You have got 6 days left to sacrifice 12 people. I call that really bad time management. You should take a course in self-organisation and start using a diary. Honestly, you cannot leave things until Christmas and then rush to finish the job. Your attitude is very similar to how people handle University assessments - leaving it as late as possible to achieve just the required pass. No Keiryu - we grown ups should take responsibility and plan the sacrifices proper and sound at the BEGINNING of the year - and then stick to the plan.
            So, I probably should now stop telling you off :-) Since you are a moderator, you might start with sacrificing my account....
  • Keiryu Oh yeah before anyone asks yes i first thought about putting a lot more characters there but then decided against it because it would be just way to much.
    • Robin You didn't forget me so it's all good :p
      • Keiryu Like i said i added everyone who has a character i at first thought about adding the Lovemore siblings, Primero, Krieg Family and even go farther back and add the original Simgirls but then decided against it and only go with those that are here in our community...and Litlih....but like i said that is because i like her. ^_^