Miss Factual 02
How's everyone doing? Great?! Excellent ! Now for the next factoid ! Some insight on the meaning of my favorite D.N.A/Simgirl Character. 

Ami Kurimoto (亜美 栗本)

- Ami (亜美)

Actually means " Second Asia/ Beautiful "
 What her name is basically stating from what I read and researched . "Not to be underestimated , smaller yet just as strong if not stronger. Dominant yet beautiful." Her name really suits her in my opinion due to her being on top with her studies, and of course being the School's Journalist. Come on . 

 - Kurimoto (栗本)

The meaning of Kurimoto come may come from a craft, such as the name "Carpenter" which was given to woodworkers. Some of these trade-based family names might be a profession in another language. For this reason it is useful to understand the country of origin of a name, and the languages used by its family members. Many names like Kurimoto are inspired by religious texts like the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, the Bible, and so on. Commonly these family names relate to a religious phrase such as "Grace of God".

That's it for Miss Factual 02.
  • Odysseus93 "Please tell me they are NOT fucking in the library again?"
  • Keiryu it is truly a fitting name for her especialy it is one of the best fitting names and the name Ami is pretty much the basis for every hardworking smart girl in Anime. ^_^
  • (deleted) So Ami would be the "small but strong simple hard worker"???
    It can't be just a coincidence. I withdraw what I said about the names, at the last Factual.
    • Shinko Li Names are never a coincidence ..It defines who you are. Just like Tomoko would be foreshadowed to be Miss Akira's Apprentince. (Imagination running wild ignore me)
      • Robin In that case I think it's about time I look up who I'm supposed to be :)
        • Robin My first name means: famous/bright/shining :)
          My last name means: fast and cowardly :p
          • Keiryu don´t feel bad about that Nemesis you are still my partner in crime and probably one of the very few people who can shut me up when needed. ^_^

            and hey i just realised you are my Anti-thesis damn "Famously Shining Coward" HOW DARE YOU BE FAMOUS!!!! Damn you....
          • Robin You're so lucky I'm a coward or I'd kick your ass for having such awesome names :p
          • Keiryu now this is interesting i always know you were a Coward NEMESIS!!. ^_^....still makes me wonder what my name means let me check.

            *More or less 25 minutes later no kidding it realy took me this long*

            so i checked it out and discovered what all of my names mean(i have 4 all are in portuguese but can be found in diffrent languages)

            1 Name:Warring/Hammer/Mars(Roman god of war

            2 Name:priceless/of inestimable worth

            3 Name:Son of Nuno(funny since my father is called Antonio which by the way is my second name)

            4 Name: Love or passion in portuguese(which by the way is paixão

            quite interesting if i am honest i never realy cared about knowing what all of my names meant i know what the 1 and the 4 meant but i think i realy like the meaning of my 2 name too. ^_^
          • Shinko Li Awesome xD lol at the fast and cowardly.
        • Shinko Li YES !!! go for it !
  • dead_phone I am already looking forward for your next factual. I wonder what you will "digg out" :-)