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  • Miss Factual 05

    'Ello BlackSpearia ~. Heard ya kicking asses and taking names as usual. Sorry it took me awhile to make the 5th one. But I'm back ! Guess what time it is? It's been awhile but don't worry . We're back with another lesson of - Miss Factual~ . Today, we will be talking about one of the main characters from DNA! Karoi Aoi, breaking down her name. What it means and how sexy the Kanji is etc.
    - Aoi. 
    As far as I know and have researched, The Kanji Masakazu Katsura (Writer of DNA) Used the kanji to spell Miss Aoi's name . "葵 かりん" . Aoi, Means "Hollyhock" Or "Blue" . But the exact translation that Katsura-San used as far as the Kanji goes for Aoi . Means Hollyhock. For those of you who don't know what a hollyhock is, A hollyhock is a Eurasian plant of the Mallow family, widely cultivated for it's large showy flowers. 
    Here's an example a picture of a HollyHock > http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2aQxWX9iWoY/Ti3TfpoU7RI/AAAAAAAAB8Y/IOZ6_SEhAF8/s400/HOLLYHOCKS+3.JPG
    - Karin 
    Originally the name tracks back to Greek. Meaning "Pure Maiden". However, modernly in japan it means "Summer Forest." Considering howKatsura-San wrote Karin's name "葵 かりん" . Notice how , "Karin" was written in Hiragana. He didn't use the modern japanese version of Karin. Insteadhe used the greek origin. So there you have it. Another Mystery Solved Of Miss Factual. You all have a nice day. 
    • umadbro i just dont have a thing for the armor...
    • SimMan hey thanks for the info how lovely a pure maiden turns into a maid or vice versa.
    • Keiryu Glad to see you are still doing this.

      To start let me say FINALY KARIN!!! Now that i have done that, i am a bit suprised mostly because of the "Aoi" part, i always used "Blue" when transalitng her name.

      Mostly because i think it fits with her character when she is called a "Pure Blue Maiden", imagin my suprise when i find out that i was transalitng it wrong...well guess you learn something new everyday.

      Like always great job and keep it up. ^_^
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  • Miss Factual 04 - The Long Waited Return ~
    During my little short vacation from Miss Factual Series. I spent my time going deeper in research as far as Kanjigoes. Kanji is beautiful. But it takes time. It's like any other language really, vocabulary is expansive. Just likethe english language. We may run across a new word we've never heard of or learned. Considering how I've studied japanese for almost 2 and a half years. There's plenty of kanji I have yet to come across/Unaware of/Need to learn. Same goes for english. So I had to do alot of studying and stuff. My sensei informed me that I'd have to take the nextstep with kanji. Willing to go the extra mile then to be able to do great research for Kanji, And so I have. Due for my Love of japanese culture, the language, the food, the ladies..the history, the food. The food. Did I mention the food?Shout out to Keiryu, for introducing me into an awesome Eroge. Sly Bastard, Now I'm dad-gum near just as insane,as you. Lol x).Shout Out to SimMan, This Miss Factual is based on his two questons he had for me on Miss Factual 01. Let's get crackin' . 
    SimMan's First Question Was about (倫子) this Kanji.

    -(倫子) -(Commonly means Ethics/Great Companion)

    Keep in mind there are multiple different ways to prounounce a name. Sort of like there are multiple of waysto spell and pronounce certain english names. This is merely a theory, But I have a feeling that Masakazu Katsura.Did this name based on sound , and chose the most popular way to pronounce "Tomoko" . The Kanji can be used to pronounce many names such as; Satoko/Shinoko/Toshiko/Michiko/Motoko/Nobuko/Noriko etc etc. Notice how each name endsin Ko. Keep in mind this Kanji ( 子 ) First meaning means "Ko" And it also means "Child". So literally several Kanji canbe used to pronounce Tomoko. I gathered several ways to pronounce/spell Tomoko So you can understand.(委子 / 允子 /  遠萌子 /  皆子 / 寛子 /  義子 ) All literally, pronounced Tomoko.

    SimMan's Second Question Was About The Name "Tomoru" 

    When I first researched the internet and a local library my Sensei reccomended/sent me too. I went flat face into a dead end wall. Sensei told
    me that it was literally , "Just a name, to find origin of names like that takes an expert." I didn't want to come back home to BlackSpearia empty handed. So what I did was search and find different Kanji that pronounces "Tomoru" And Find IT'S meaning to give us some solid clues. =D

    -Tomoru (Different Kanji/Pronounciations/Meanings)
      -(智流) 1st Kanji Meaning ( Wisdom/Intellect/Reason) 
                  2nd Kanji Meaning (Current/Sink/Flow)
                  (Both Kanji Together Meaning "Tomoru")
      -(灯) - Meaning , (Lamp / A light/ Counter For Lights)
      -(点) - Meaning, (Spot/Speck/Mark)
    And Lastly, 
     - (共留) 1st Kanji Meaning, (Together/Both/Alike)
                  2nd Kanji Meaning, (Detain/Fasten/) 
    These are all the Kanji and meanings I found for Tomoru. But, just like
    I typed earlier in this post. My theory is, is that the common people. Chooses, names based on the way it sounds. Whether then finding out the
    origin or meaning of the name. So that really just makes us loop around and
    wonder. That's all for today's Miss Factual.
    • Odysseus93 "Must...get....Vibrator control....AWAY from him!"
    • SimMan Thanks Shinko for digging deep into this and providing us a lot of useful information. Obviously I pick Tomoru based on the pronunciation and the similarity with the name Tomoko. Now I like it even better because the fact that it doesn't carry a strong connotation. She will be more or less another controversial character in the new game.
    • Keiryu ok let me start by saying thanks for the shoutout and i am glad you liked the game and while you are well on the way to becoming INSANE you still need some time to reach the level of the MASTER OF INSANITY(closest person to my level of INSANITY is Rang by the way). ^_^

      ok now that i have that out of my system i am glad you brought Miss Factual back and i am even happier to see that you put so much work into it i can realy see how it evolved from when you first started and i am happy to see how you made it your own instead of just copying stuff you can find online it makes it so much better.

      and lastly i have to say you are right i have searched a bit and Tomoru is realy hard to find something about but honestly i think "Intellect Current/Flow" would be a nice meaning for her name but of course it realy ends up depending on the person. ^_^

      so yeah that is all i have to say about this for now but keep it up you have realy improved and i hope to see more in the future.

      KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(been a while since i last done this). ^_^
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  • Miss Factual 02
    How's everyone doing? Great?! Excellent ! Now for the next factoid ! Some insight on the meaning of my favorite D.N.A/Simgirl Character. 

    Ami Kurimoto (亜美 栗本)

    - Ami (亜美)

    Actually means " Second Asia/ Beautiful "
     What her name is basically stating from what I read and researched . "Not to be underestimated , smaller yet just as strong if not stronger. Dominant yet beautiful." Her name really suits her in my opinion due to her being on top with her studies, and of course being the School's Journalist. Come on . 

     - Kurimoto (栗本)

    The meaning of Kurimoto come may come from a craft, such as the name "Carpenter" which was given to woodworkers. Some of these trade-based family names might be a profession in another language. For this reason it is useful to understand the country of origin of a name, and the languages used by its family members. Many names like Kurimoto are inspired by religious texts like the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, the Bible, and so on. Commonly these family names relate to a religious phrase such as "Grace of God".

    That's it for Miss Factual 02.
    • Odysseus93 "Please tell me they are NOT fucking in the library again?"
    • Keiryu it is truly a fitting name for her especialy it is one of the best fitting names and the name Ami is pretty much the basis for every hardworking smart girl in Anime. ^_^
    • (deleted) So Ami would be the "small but strong simple hard worker"???
      It can't be just a coincidence. I withdraw what I said about the names, at the last Factual.
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  • Miss Factual 01
    I decided to make a mini series. Showcasing D.N.A girlsand giving information . Inspired by Ami being a journalist and hard on her studies. I decided to be some type of Factoid Poster for you guys. (Love you Ami <3)

    Here's some facts I researched and collected on . Something that may interest you. 

    Tomoko Saeki 
    - Her first name in Japanese means 
    "Knowing Child / Wise Child" 
    - Her last name in Japanese means 

    Japanese: written with characters denoting an assistant to an official such as a guard. The original pronunciation was Saheki or Sahegi. The word also denotes noisiness, and the Saeki were known for their loud ferocity in battle. They descended from the very ancient and warlike Ōtomo clan, which claimed descent from the hero Michi no Omi, a companion of the mythical Emperor Jinmu. Listed in the Shinsen shōjiroku, the name is found mostly in western Japan. Some families have taken the surname from their places of residence, which had been named after earlier residents of the original Saeki family. Owing to the similarity in pronunciation, it could be that the name is sometimes spelled "Saiki" in America, but the two names are different originally.

    Isn't that like the most AWESOME balance ever? 
    Wise/All Knowing yet loud and ferocious. When you mix them together what do you get? Apparently Miss Tomoko !

    That's all for Miss Factual 01 Folks !

    • Shinko Li [25669,Robin] sweep? Not my martial arts sensei . My NIHONGO TEACH SENSEI silly goose.
    • SimMan Very interesting yet I am not sure about Tomoko = wise child because the English translation Tomoko represents at least a few different japanese names for example 朋子 (friendly child), 智子 (wise child), 皆子 (beautiful child) and 倫子 (???). Unfortunately the japanese name of Tomoko in DNA2 is the last one 倫子and the meaning is hard to find on the web. I guess only someone with a strong background in Japanese can explain that.
    • Shinko Li Miss Factual 02 and 03 is both up and running guys ! Don't forget to check it out !
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