One morning after Karin became my maid(3) 加琳成为我女仆后的某天早晨(三)
Karin now is fully nude.Her cute nipples like two little cherries.Her small mouth is pink both up and down.I will insert the mouth soon.Suddenly,might because she sit to long.Karin kept twisting her waist.It is so exciting for me.Although I have wear my pants.but she rubbed me too intense.damn it!My pants is wet now!I am cum!what the fuck!?It is so disgrace for a man cum so quickly.And,I even haven't inset her pussy.Karin look at me and still smile like a kid.Karin:”Spirit,now?If master like this,I will do it for master everyday."Player:”Cat.”Karin:”mew?”Player:”I like you.”Karin:”I like master too!(>^ω^<)"It is must very comfortable in her pussy.But she is indeed an good girl.I must treat her better.

Dear SimMan:Do you like my story"One morning after Karin becomes my maid"?If so,I think it is a very good idea to Karin (maid).