Fanpic - Karin : The DNA Operator by lightyole
I never expected new fanpics on my SimGirls collection in 2016 (I thought 2014 was the end)

But I got this surprise! Lightyole played the game after many years & decided to give a tribute to SimMan.

His voice :  "
it's hentai. mature content warning
i have been following the game's making progress for several years i think and it finally comes out as complete.

Karin is my fav character for some reason and i just keep wanting to draw her fan arts can't resist
the other girls are lovely too, i wanted to draw them also if i don't funk it for laziness
i rly like this game, i know it's hentai and all but i like the story and the gameplay 
and the gurls

i like sim date games 
i love em
judge me "

Its surely overwhelming for me to see how much fans love SimGirls even after 14 years.