Fanpic (Pencil) - We are little Slutties : Kotomi & Ami
That's the Title of this pic,given by the artist who drew this...
Kotomi & Ami are busy practicing poses for Miss Fukoma Pageant & both of them look sexy

  • Keiryu I feel like the artist wanted to say "We are a little Sluttie" or "We are felling a little Slutty" but just decided to leave out the "A".

    Other then that it´s actualy very well drawn the bodies more so then the faces but still very well drawn.
    • Soham Banerjee Nope.I just copy pasted the whole title.Thanks,I like their faces too
      • Keiryu I know you copy pasted what i said was i feel like that was what the Artist actualy wanted to call it but he ended up making a mistake and just left it like that.
        • Soham Banerjee Well,Kotomi is supposed to more slutty than Karin.Karin is the least slutty girl (Ami being a zero)
          • Soham Banerjee Its Not only you...Of course,we are little stutties is a Wrong English & its the fault of artist.

            He/She actually meant "We are little Sluts/Slutty Girls
          • Keiryu well i used Karin as an example with Ami and Tomoko is more Slutty then Kotomi so maybe if it was Tomoko and Kotomi i could see them saying that. But like i said before it´s not them calling themselfs Slutty it´s they way it´s said that i find strange i mean how many times do you hear someone say "We are little Slutties"? usualy they would say "We are a little Sluttie" or "We are feeling a little Sluttie" or is that just me?
        • Soham Banerjee Might be,I but done think so.He just wrote "Sluttys" instead of "Slut" just to express his love for them
          • Keiryu But it´s much more offensive they call themselfs "Little Slutties" instead of "(A) Little Sluttie" it´s not the Sluttie part that i think is important the important part is that there is the "A" missing between "Are" and "Little" Like i said as in "We Are (a) Little Sluttie" it just sounds less offensive considering those two are the least sluttie of the 4 (Tomoko and Karin are way more Sluttie.)