Fanpic (Pencil) - Kotomi in skimpy dress
Kotomi just wanted to present herself as a Tease to player,so she ended up showing her midriff,legs & panties as a bonus ;)
  • Keiryu have to agree with [24830,SimMan] it´s very well drawn but that body is a bit to "Loli" for my taste just looks weird same with the others *Kotomi in a Towel*, *Kotomi in School Uniform* Etc... just way to Loli for my taste but they all have that charming facevery well drawn just needs improvement on the body.
    • Soham Banerjee What does Loli mean???
      I have asked you something here :-
      Still waiting for reply
      • Keiryu Sorry did not see it.

        Loli or Lolita is usualy used to refer to childlike characters that are depicted in an Erotic/Cute way in anime often being a big hit with Lolicons(a person usualy Male who likes those types of characters)

        Here is a full Wiki page explaining the whole thing from Lolicon to all the legal problems it brings.

        There is also a version for boys which is refered to a Shota which is a big hit with Shotacons(Same as Lolicons only usualy Females who like cute little boys instead of cute little girls).
  • SimMan the face is pretty good but the rest of the body needs serious improvements