The newest male character in SimGirls - Ruffus
Ruffus is the only character who appears in Kotomi's ending.
He is Kotomi's fitness coach & he secretly loves Kotomi.
Do you guys want to see more of him?
How about he appearing as a rival,after Gymnastics Trial?

  • Keiryu So a younger less hairy version of Ruffus Krieg? Not sure if i want to see him in KotomiĀ“s ending seems a bit random but as an optional fighter i would say go for it.
    • Soham Banerjee Well,you have no choice BUTT to see him in Kotomi's ending.
    • Robin He became way more awesome with age.
      Just imagine how cool I will be in 30 years :p
      • Keiryu well unless you are a personal trainer who loves fighting and has the body of an adonis i doubt you will be that cool But hey you never know with age comes wisdom and power.

        But actualy a goof question what people think they would be like in 30 years personaly i think i will be dead...yeah my future is not that bright i do to much dumb sh*t to live a long life.

        However would be interessting to see what other people think.
        • Robin Well, my brother asked me to create a start-up company with him once I graduate but I always saw myself as more of an academic person. Then again, I do love to challenge myself so you never know I might try it just to see if I can :p

          So I hope I'll either end up in research or business :)
          But who knows, anything can happen (as long as I don't hang out too much with Keiryu that is :p)
  • kotomifan He looks like a young Bloody King, with the "charm" girl's hair color. Hmmmmmmm....
  • (deleted) After Goodbye Kotomi sex-scene. The last fight. If Player won, Kotomi will be with him. If Ruffus won, Kotomi will be with Ruffus. Or if Player have all hentai points, Kotomi say that she want be with Player, Ruffus hit Kotomi and Player defeat Ruffus. Or if all h-points and time-mashine was did, Ami see sex-scene and stunned Ruffus. Or if machine was did, but we don't have all h-point, after sex-scene, Kotomi will be with Ruffu s, Player and Ami go to Ami home, and 2 small sex-scene we see. Kotomi and Ruffus, Ami and Player. If all h-points and machne did all, sex-scene will be this: Player f@cks Kotomi and Ami. Player f@ck Ami, Kotomi, because have all h-points, lick legs, nipples Ami. Or Player fuck Smi and lick Kotomi between legs. Kotomi and Ami was kissing. Sorry, if i say something bad.
    • kotomifan I like the idea of an ending determined by a battle. Also, you could have Kotomi "guide" Player thru Germany. Ruffus assumes the Ryuuji role, and some new ladies, like Inga, Heidi, and Greta take over for Sana, Tomoko, and Karin. We'll call it Die SimMadchens!