SimGirls 6.6 - The Sakura Tree : A new character
The Sakura Tree plays a vital role in one of the most romantic scenes of the game "Lantern Night" featuring Cute Kotomi.
The scene revolves around this Sakura Tree, so it is pretty much a character.
  • Darui it's so pretty
  • kotomifan My "first person" female character in my fanfic was named Sakura. I can see a human character with that name. It would take a lot of suspension of disbelief to pull off a tree as a character.
    • Soham Banerjee This has nothing to do with your character.Cherry Blossom trees are called Sakura Tree in Japaneses. [24830,SimMan] wanted to add Japanese ritual to the story, so he researched and put it.
      • kotomifan I know what Sakura means, and I also know that many Japanese girls (and animated characters) go by that name. I simply remarked on the coincidence. If SimMan can make a cucumber smile, he can make a tree talk. LOTR and Wizard of OZ both had them.
    • Keiryu Well it's not that hard to be honest.

      Think Legend of Zelda Occarina of Time and the Deku Tree. There is also a Manga called Verdant Lord that uses a lot of "Tree-like" beings. You can also use Dryad's or Kodama's. Both are Tree Spirits from Japan and Greek Mythology.

      Honestly any inanimate object an be given a personality using only Folklore/Mythology. Especialy Japanese one. Water has the Undine. Fire has the Onibi and so on and so on.

      Or we can also turn fu**ing closets into beings....Looking at you Belle and the Beast.... -_-

      So yeah...Not really hard turning a Sakura Tree into a person/giving it a personality.
      • kotomifan Depends on context. While both are set in France, a singing French teapot makes sense in the cartoon Beauty and the Beast, but would look out of place in Saving Private Ryan.
        Then again we already have to believe in time travel, molecular change by handgun, and other fantastic stuff to buy this story. Why NOT have a talking tree? How about an adorable avian familiar while we're at it? :)
        • Keiryu Well i got the reference...I am just saying Cuddles is a slave. Having a "Familiar" would require me to have trust and respect for something...Which i don't...
        • Keiryu Familiar...What's that? o.O You mean slave?

          I have to also disagree. A singing teapot would be quite normal in Saving Privat Ryan....I mean come on. It's a war movie. Between the bloodloss and mass killing. You can bet your ass a few of them saw at least some weird shit...

          But anyway. As you said. Inbetween Elemental bending Martial arts, DNA altering bullets, Time Travel, A Handsomely INSANE bastard ;D and of course whatever the f**k OnionHead SimMan/Cursed Artist Doll is. I would have no trouble seeing a talking tree or two...
          • kotomifan The "avian familiar" was a reference to "Cuddles" - I thought it was the technical term for the owl that was Harry Potter's feathered companion.

            So, yeah, if SimMan and Soham want a talking tree in SG 6.x or 7.x, eh. Next thing you know, the Professor will advocate talking dildos. Which may not be long off, as [174774,Kittycat] says there are already models with Bluetooth.
  • Keiryu Can you really consider it a character if it is not talking/acting? o.O

    At best it would be a very important prop like Karin's Medal or Bloody King's Belt.
    • Soham Banerjee Its actually more than a prop.You will understand this when you watch the whole scene.
      It surely has deeper connection than the above mentioned stuff.

      P.S. Why haven't you played 6.6. or at least 5.7???