Lovemore College Covers - Just discovered them
I don't like the way the faces are drawn
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  • Soham Banerjee I don't like them because I feel they just don't match with the way the characters are drawn in the whole Comic series. Maybe because these are drawn afterwards.
  • Keiryu Well they Tomoko and Kotomi are Japanese while doucheface greeny and Sana look western enough considering the anime style drawing.

    As someone who draws a lot I can tell ya faces and eyes in particular are a pain to draw. Especially drawing western-ish faces in anime style. It's really annoying.

    I actually don't mind the way they look. More bothered by Kotomi having her legs spread like that...seems out of character...
    • SimMan Yes I think our artist did a good job here in capturing the subtle differences Western and Japanese characters.
    • kotomifan Kotomi looks more playful than sexual here. She actually seems happier here than she does anywhere in the series.
      As for Greenie? He's dead to me. Literally.
      • SimMan I think Korri is fine considering it is two years after studying aboard, still in teen years, she can't be exactly the same person throughout the whole series.
        • kotomifan I agree. That was neant as a compliment. I just meant to me, her overall look, especially in the face was more Hi, how ya doin' than come hither.
      • Keiryu Don't blame me for greeny. I tried to kill him but SOMEONE got in my way and had to take all the fun away....
    • Robin I know they're Japanese. It's just more obvious here. Japanese characters actually look pretty western most of the time (facial structure I mean).
      • Keiryu Well I was referring to anime and cartoon western.

        Ya actually notice quite a change if ya put a western anime character next to a cartoon character. Going just from face and eyes in particular. There is a large difference. Of how they are drawn. And cartoons actually tend to get it somewhat right in that regard. A lot better then anime's do. But that's personal opinion.
  • Robin Some faces look more Japanese instead of western.
  • Rasheed I thought they look great!