SimGirls Flashback - Akira warns:Failing in exam will affect Relationship Exps!
In the early versions,getting Grade F in exams used to decrease relationship exps. with the girls!
I really liked it,since my actions had results.But in new versions,failing in exams wont affect exps. & they don't increase.I will this feature will be implemented again in future versions.
  • Keiryu I don´t think, this is actualy that important...Sure it makes sense, after all Cute ladies don´t like a retard. But the exp loss/gain is really minimal, compared to what you gain by talking a bit.
    • Soham Banerjee Actually in current versions,the relationship exp. gain is very high,so I think the loss will affect as well,specially when it really matters now
      • Keiryu My mistake let me rephrase that. I meant the loss/gain from the test is small, compared to what you can get from other stuff.
        • Soham Banerjee I modified my latest comment,so please reply again
        • Soham Banerjee I disagree because now the game is tougher.For instance,you need to max up the exps. withing Day 50.So,for me,when I get exps. for Grade A,it helps me a lot.,like upgrading Relationship to next level.
          Lastly,I just want to mention it helps me a lot,don't know if you guys need it as much.
          • Keiryu As i said before i personaly don't need it but like you said it helps some. I just still think the points earned/lost from the exam are nothing compared to the ones you can get by doing the rest.