Promotional strategies for Simgirls 2
Here are my suggestions:-

1) Creating a Teaser Trailer - Add a trailer of Simgirls 2 after the loading screen of the first game in 5.6.
It will make more people curious and excited.

2) Advertisement - Advertise simgirls 2 through newgrounds,ebaumsworld,simgirls 1 fan forum,simgirls 2 forum and facebook.

3) Change in Reward system - Some people have deleted their accounts after getting the passcode.
So,i suggest a change in the point system.For example,a member who remains a mamber for 1 year will receive the dvd.
Some people are not posting since they maybe unfamiliar with a forum like this.
For them,some posts regarding sg1 and sg2 can be posted by sim-man in which they can freely tell about their suggestions for both the games.

4) A small beta of sg 2 for all mobile - releasing a small beta for mobile can be a good option to promote the full game.

5) Beta testing by forum members - announce that all members of the forum will have a chance to beta test sg 2.

6) Wallpapers and screensavers - Release the wallpapers and screensavers in any website which contains wallpapers and screensavers of games.

7) Writing weekly blogs in the forums - Remember how you use to write all updates of simgirls in in news column?
Maintain a similar column here.

I tried my best.If you have any suggestion/s,post here.