Simgirls Lovemore - Typos in Sao's Message
Are these typos intentional? I am confused...
  • Keiryu Pretty obvious they are intentional. Like when i say Shamalamadingdong. When referering to M. Night Shyamalan.

    You also notice how he makes the same typo over and over again with "Yoiu". Pretty sure they are just there to give him a more human feel. Since let's face. Most people don't care for proofreading their texts.
    • SimMan Exactly
      • Keiryu Funny thing. Just noticed i wrote "Let's Face." Instead of "Let's face it." ยด

        Guess my point was perfectly proven by myself...
        • Rasheed Yoiu dont understad howw it feelz 2 bee terryble wit grammar!
          • Keiryu Meh. I am more lazy then terrible really. I just don't see the point for punctuation and proofreading on the interwebs. Unless it's a very important and rare moment. Like you taking your online doctors license or something fancy like that.