DNA^2 Fanart - The New BFFs : Junta & Karin
The new BFFs Junta & Karin,posing for a Selfie !!!
Will Karin talk about her Master with Junta!!??
  • kotomifan Whenever I see this picture, I think this is their "holiday card"!
  • dead_phone That ist a very nice picture. I think I will have to watch the anime during my next vacation...
  • Keiryu Weeeeell...It is the original DNA couple. Soo not realy BFF´s, and more like Junta and Karin BF and GF,

    After all Simgirls is based on DNA2, so the real outsider in all of this is Primero/Player/Testbug.

    I still think it would have been nice, to see more of Junta in the main story of Simgirls. Who knows maybe he also turns into the Mega Playboy(You know His Yami Yugi Super Sayian Form?) and end up fighting against Primero/Player/Testbug at one point...But that is just a guy dreaming. ;D

    Other then i like it especialy since it is colored and being someone whosucks at coloring i have to appreciate something that is well colored like this.