Keiryu´s Game Corner: Yume Nikki

WARNING: PREPARE FOR MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TEXT/INSANITY/GRAMATICAL ERRORS KEIRYU IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS OR YOUR LIFEPARTNER NAMED RAMON...*looks at to do list...make gay joke...Check*.....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED(warning: warning does not apply when Keiryu plans to sacrifice you in that case he does take responsibily for any damage done to you).

Hello and welcome to a little thing i like to call Keiryu´s Recommendation´s some of you might have noticed that i have been showing you some animes i found interessting this summer BUTT!!! I actualy planed to recommend games for all of you to play while you wait for Simgirls Lovemore and the game i planed to start with was none other then one of the most original games ever created even to this day some of you might know it since i talked a little bit about it some time ago yep i am talking about none other then "Yume Nikki" sadly i got sidetracked/lazy and never got to do it but now i finaly got the time/will to actualy do it....Soooooooo without further ado LET´S START THIS BI*CH!!!

Yume Nikki "Dream Diary" is a 32-Bit game released in 2004 that was made in RPG Maker 2003 Created by the Japanese Solo Game Designer simply known as "KIKIYAMA". The game is considered even today as one of the most original applications of RPG Maker 2003 and the start of a whole new Game Genre the game is very well known for the fact that almost everything in the game is up to Fan speculations/theories and that it has spaned various fangames even going as far as getting a Manga and that fans decided to make a fighting game featuring many characters of the Original and the fanmade versions.

The Game´s plot follows a young girl named "Madotsuki" as she dreams and wanders around her dream world searching for the "24 Effects".

Other then that the game has no real plot and is left up to fan speculations/theories.

Arthouse, Psychological, Horror, Sui Generis(Latin phrase meaning "of its own kind").

PC(Windows 98 onwards)

I will not add every characte only some of the most important and only Human/Human like characters.

Madotsuki: Main Character of the game and one of the 3 officialy named characters.

Monoko: Young depressed looking girl and one of the 3 officialy named characters.

Monoe: Girls considered by fans to be Monoko´s Older Sister and one of the 3 Officialy named characters.

Poniko(Fanmade name): Young blond haired girl with a special secret who is very popular with fans.

Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-sensei or Masada: Male character found in Madotsuki´s Dream who is very popular with fans.

Keiryu´s Tought:
What can i say about this game that has not already been said a million times before by a million diffrent people i mean the game is amazing nothing else can be said about it if you like horror if you like mysteries and if you like a game that has no real plot then this is something you should try out...Heck who am i kidding even if you don´t like it you should try it out you might be in for a suprise there are no words that can explain how good this game is sure it might seem a bit old but it is probably one of the games that has aged the best and it is even better then many games produced by big companies full of people and it is also hand down on of the greatest Horror games period who i would put on the any list with the big names like Silent Hill, Project Zero and Resident Evil(you know the good ones 1,2,3 and 4 to a certain extent) just to name a few so yeah do me and yourself a favor and give this game a try i bet you won´t be dissapointed.

I pretty much said everything that can be said about this game without spoiling it i don´t think there is anything else i need/should add even tough i doubt i could actualy spoil much since i myself finished the game and i am still finding secrets.

All i realy want to say is please Comment and give me your opinion what could i improve/add/remove/change to make it better for you and if any of you already played the game maybe you like to give your opinion about it did you Like/Hate it and if why? anyway that is pretty much all so until next time.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(currently waiting for comments and checking out what i missed while writing all this).
  • SimMan it seems to me that it's inspired by persona
    • Keiryu Well it might look like that but it is much more original then that and you have no Demons that can join you this game is a real gem i am actualy suprised it had no oficial version like so many that came after this(Corpse party and cave Story are good examples)

      Like i said the game lacks any real story and most of the story that came out for it was made by the fans themselfs there are so many theories that it puts any other game i know to shame i mean take a look at some things they come up with to why Madotsuki is Alone in her room/house or to why she has that dream you will be realy amazed and it is not just Madotsuki but every character has one or more theories that the fanbase came up with that is what ,makes this game real special.
  • Keiryu wow i realy went wild on this one but to be fair i was planing to do this for a while now.