Keiryu´s Game Corner: Desert Nightmare
Hello and welcome
back to another episode of KEIRYU´S
I am your Host Keiryu and well I recommend…yeah kind of
obvious I know…anyway moving on today I have another Horror style game with me and
some of you might know it since a quite well known Let´s Player p
it some time ago(in 2012 to be p
recise *Trollface*) you might know him
as “Cryaotic” or just “Cry” for short and that game is none other then *Voice
goes suddenly very very deep* “DESERT
” so without holding back LET THE INSANITY BEGIN!!!

“Desert Nightmare” is a Horror-Adventure RPG game
that was released back in 2006(2009 for the Translated version) by German game
maker known as “Kelven” that was made in RPG Maker 2000 the game itself was originaly
in German but there exists an English Translation made by “AznChipmunk” the game itself is almost completly
custom made(about 99%) that where created by Kelven who took the time to make
almost everything examinable from Drawers to Cabinets and various other things.

The story of Desert Nightmare follows a Girl named
Sandra Richmont who was traveling with her parents
to visit her uncle after a short argument and a bathroom break somewhere in
California she notices that her parents seem to have driven off without
her. Thinking that they might be waiting at the near by town called “Dusty
Creek” so she decides to head there. However after meeting two other people
who seem to be stranded there and discovering that her parents don´t
seem to be there either she plans on leaving but she soon realizes that
they seem to be trapped inside of the city and that there might
be a much darker secret to the quite town of Dusty Creek…

Horror, Adventure.



Sandra Richmont: Main Character of Desert Nightmare who has been abandoned by
her parents
near the town of Dusty


Adams: A quite/bad boy type
man Sandra meets soon after arriving in Dusty Creek who run away from home and
hitched a ride that brought him to Dusty Creek.


Alan: A Smart young man Sandra meet´s soon after arriving in Dusty Creek
who´s car broke down soon after arriving in Dusty Creek.


A Indian who Sandra meet´s on various occasions while wandering the town of
Dusty Creek.

Keiryu´s Tought:
Well let´s see what I could say about this game
other then that I recently finished it and actually enjoyed it a lot the game
itself reminds me of Parasite Eve´s Desert Level and the Texas Chainsaw
Massacre movie. One thing I hated where the crappy
ersonality traits of the various characters Sandra is a Brat, Jake is
quite the Bastard and Alan seems like the typical nice smart guy but
also turns out to be quite the Bastard sure that might be just me BUTT hold on
while I did not like how the characters behave that does not mean the game
itself is bad in any way the games story was very interesting and the gameplay
was very well done with various puzzles and gory stuff to keep
you around the difficulty level itself is not that hard so I am sure anyone
could finish it and while the game is not that long(it took me a few hours to
finish) you can still play long enough to distract you and occupy
your time and have some fun.


AAANNNDDD CUT! Good job everyone now let´s all
go get Drunk and Laid…….just kidding lets just get laid. ^_^

 No seriously
now that is all I have to say about the game maybe I might talk about it in
more detail(a Walktrough or something) BUTT until that time this will be enough.

However i do have one thing to say.

WHY IS NO ONE COMMENTING??? Seriously I want
to know what you all think but It makes me kind of sad that I get more comments
on my Rule 63/”Keiryu´s Beauty Corner” stuff then one this thing which actually
took me some time to make but sadly I can´t force you…well I could if I tied
you all up in my basement and tormented you until you finaly give in but I
am not that evil...wait something is wrong I AM THAT FU**ING EVIL so start
commenting before I decide to sacrifice you’re asses…and until then.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY…out(Currently not sure what I am doing…)
  • Keiryu damn i started ranting in the comments again i gotta stop doing stuff like that most people end up not reading it all...
    • SimMan haha I guess most people haven't played these games before so they can't really relate to it and the post is kind of long?
      • Keiryu well yeah but thats the point of it i want to show that there are many games out there that they can enjoy while waiting for Simgirls.
  • SimMan Rpg maker 2000! A few years ago I actually tried to use rpg maker xp to make an rpg based on simgirls characters and settings more or less the prototype of Simgirls 2.
    • Keiryu funny you would say that i actualy tried to make a game with rpg maker 2000 myself shortly after playing Simgirls but with more of a Final Fantasy style gameplay a bit like "Thousand Arms" where they combined those two genres only more adult like Simgirls...sadly i failed horibly my only talent was wrting so all i could provide where general ideas for the game(Characters, Story, Locations, Dialouge etc...) but i sucked at creating art that would fit to an erotic/dating sim game so the project got shut down quickly after that failure i kind of went away from the game creation and decided to focus on various other things(Mostly drawing and more writing) and never went back maybe one day who knows. ^_^
      • SimMan I guess you don't really like the default graphics and a lot of pre-made resources out there.
        • Keiryu it´s not that i don´t like them but i think if you want to create something truly great it should be as original as possible i mean look at some rpg maker games like Yume Nikki, After A.I.L.A Genesis or Cheery Tree High Comedy Club those games where all made using rpg maker but they are all so amazingly well done that you would never guess they where made like that the originality is just amazing.
          • Keiryu oh however that does not mean that a game is bad if it follows something that was already made look at pokemon the evil inside or Exit fate and Blood Haze all based on popular games(pokemon, Suikoden and Shin Megami Tensei in that order). they are all very well done even tough they are based one something so popular they are great games in their own right offering quite a lot of originality. i just like to see original ideas no matter where it is be it games,art,writing,music or whatever else someone might do/create if it is Original/Smart then it will be a success. thats why i like Simgirls too it is and Original idea even tought there existed various Sim Dating games before this was the first real English Sim dating game before that most of use had never heard about that genre.
      • Keiryu oh as for the reason why i wanted to make a game other then being inspired by Simgirls was i always wanted to put myself inside of a game yeah i am that selfish. ;D
        • SimMan I guess that's the same reason for many game makers to start creating their first game - to entertain oneself.
          • SimMan I agreed with you man. I also believe that most experiences, good or bad, are experiences that can help you to achieve something great at the end.
          • Keiryu someone(i think it was Kash) told me a while ago that as long as you have a target you can create something great but if you don´t have a target you can try to create various great things sure you might fail 98 time out of 99 but that 1 time you do it right you will be that much prouder of yourself(not exactly his words but this is how i took them) i started it because i enjoyed Simgirl and wanted to create something similiar sure i might have lost my target at the time but at least i could focus on other things that i discovered i actualy enjoyed and am better at then creating games so i don´t think i lost anything by giving it up.