Keiryu Wishes you a creepy Halloween - Game Recommendation (Description)

Hello, Boys and Ghouls…No wait, that sucked…Hello, Little ones are you ready for some fun…Not that makes me sound like a Pedophile...Welcome, What are you buying…Ok that one is just stupid…Screw it ENJOY IT OR BE SACRIFICED BI*CHES!!! 

Keiryu here and it is that one time of the year, that we (I) love. All Hallows Eve better known as Halloween. Now you might be saying. “Keiryu we already know that you bastard, what´s so special about it?” Let me tell you what is so special ohh ye of little faith, and even smaller balls. That means that I have spent my time in HELL! And like every time I go to hell I visited Satan. 

Who was just about ready to let the horror free on earth, and me being the MASTER OF MOTHERFU**ING INSANITY decided to help him out. My way of helping him out (Apart from sacrificing some of you) was giving you all a good scare. Only thing I was not sure on, was how I would do that. Then it hit me GAMES!!! Everybody and their grandmother love a good game, and I love me a good Horror game. So without wasting much more time, here you have Keiryu´s  Free Horror Games for This Halloween (Still working on a better name…).

Now this will be a free list, so you can play it without paying. (Because who really wants to pay to piss his pants?) So you will not see games like, Silent Hill or Parasite Eve on this list. That does not mean however that you can´t play those instead. Also I add them at random, this is not a Top 5 or Top 10 list or some Bullsh*t like that. This is just a list of Free Horror games I like. Ok now here we go for real...

….Down there not here....   




Ok here we go…




1: IB:
   IB some of you might know this simple named game, other might have never heard of it. It is a Horror Game created with RPG Maker 2000. That was made by a person. That simply goes by the name Kouri, back in 2012. 

The Game itself follows the nine-year-old “Ib” (Yeah Original right), as she visits the local Art Museum, with her Parents. Sadly the trip won´t go well (I mean this is a Horror Game, what do you expect flowers and rainbows?). As Ib decides to wander the museum on her own, and soon arrives at a painting called “Fabricated World” (??? World for Ib since she does not know the word Fabricated).  The light´s then start to flicker, and everyone disappears leaving Ib all on her own…

The game focuses on Puzzle Solving, like many RPG Maker Horror Games. But what makes it stand out, is the fact that it has several Endings Seven. (Eight in the fan made “Green Edition”.  Which has been taken down from most sites, but can still be found on some rare occasions.) Many with slight variations, depending on the choices made by the Ib (The Player).

2: Mad Father:

Mad Father. A game made with Wolf RPG Editor that was created by Sen (The Miscreant´s Room). It is a Horror-Puzzle game, which follows a young girl named Aya Drevis. 

Aya lives alone with her Father and his Assistant Maria, In a Mansion in Northern Germany, ever since her mother passed away from a sudden illness. Her Father locked himself in the basement “Working”, and Aya knows exactly what he is “Working” on but decided to ignore it. However their calm life takes a turn for the worse, when one night a Year after her mother´s passing. Aya wakes up to her father screaming, and decides to see what happened. Only to come face to face with two Things, approaching her in the hallway. She learns that her father´s “Work”, has come back to haunt him and decides to save her father. Only to find out more than she ever thought about her father´s true nature. While trying to survive against the Things that have invaded her home, and deciding if her father is really worth saving…

There are many things I could say about this game, but it would not do it justice. It is one of my all-time favorites, having a good amount of endings. Great gameplay, and an interesting art and story. What more can you wish for?   

3. Misao: 

Misao Is a Horror Adventure game made by Sen (The Miscreant´s Room). (Yes the same genius who is behind Mad Father).  That was made much like its indirect prequel (Mad Father), in Wolf RPG Editor. Originally coming out in 2011, with the newest version releasing in June 2014.

In Misao you play as Aki (Default name), who can either be Male or Female (Female is Canon). As she/he learns what happened to the young Misao, who has been missing for three months. With most of his/her Classmates thinking Misao to be dead, when suddenly a strange earthquake shakes the school. Transporting Aki, his/her Classmates and their Teacher Mr. Sohta. Are all transported to a different dimension, with Aki´s classmates blaming Misao´s Curse. Aki decides to search for a way to break the curse, while learning the whole truth about his/her Classmates and what really happened to Misao.

Much like Mad Father there is a lot I could say, but I just don´t think it is worth it this game is amazing in much the same way as Mad Father. If I really had to say anything it would be, PREPARE TO DIE… A lot don´t trust anything even a harmless looking telephone might be you doom.

4. Yume Nikki + Fan games:

Yume Nikki…nothing much to say about it that I have not said before, when I talked about Yume Nikki. In the Original Yume Nikki you play as Madotsuki, and in the Fan games such as Flow. Or Yume 2ikki you play as different characters. I really recommend trying at least one of them, either the Original or the fan games. They are almost all great, and most have a lot of interesting events. Plus it´s like the only Free Roam type Horror game series you will find. 

Soooooo yeah that is all give it a try I can say for sure, you will have a great time playing one or all.  

5. Lakeview Cabin:

This one is a bit shorter than the rest, and it is the only Flash game on the list (meaning you don´t need to download it to crap your pants). You take the role of a Red haired Red bearded guy, who decides to spend some time in his Lakeview Cabin. (Hey what you expect a Mansion?) There you can chop some wood, ride a lawnmower or just skip naked and free around your small island paradise happy and free…

What can I say this game is more fun than anything, it´s a fast game so if you have a few minutes you can play it. Now I know you might be asking yourself. “Where in the hell is the Horror?” well in the case of this game you just have to wait a bit while playing…And that is all I will say. Enjoy your time in your cozy Lakeview Cabin.


Ho Ho Ho *Srokes his non existent old man beard* Now this is a big one been a while since i posted anything but hey here you have some stuff to enjoy on this Halloween Weekend...all in all i hope you like it if not...I will be visiting you in your sleep...Soooo yeah let me know what you think about it. 

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently checking if his weapons are all ready for tonight...) 

  • kotomifan Thanks. It's always fun to find new stuff online, especially if it's not just a front for some hacking virus to play Satan Guide My Cock to my computer.
    • Keiryu Don´t worry i would not do that....*quickly looks left and right*...Yeah i would totaly not do something like that. *Cough*

      But kidding aside i was inactive for a while so i decided to make a bigger game list and with it being halloween it worked perfectly. ^_^
  • RJ Good game recommendations, they sound really interesting especially mad father and Misao.
    Have a happy fucking halloween and give my regards to Satan.
    • Keiryu yes Misao and Mad Father are simlpy amazing then again both are made by the same person but yeah i realy recommend you give it a try when you have some time.

      And don´t worry i will do just that after all Satan throws the "Hottest" Parties in all the 9 circles of hell. ;D

      and a great fu**ing halloween to you too...Check under your bed i might be there. ^_^
  • Keiryu My My what a biggie. But i can just see you are all gonna ignore the text i worked so much on...So yeah just look at the Picture and you will have the five recommendations i gave in the Description.

    Also Happy Halloween to you all...See you tonight. MUHAHAHA!!! *Disapears into the shadows*

    .....By Lilith how did i do that. o.O