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  • Keiryu's Game Corner: Kichikuou Rance

    Hey my lovely Blackspears community. Keiryu, here and I brought with me a very nice game today. The game in question, might be known to some who saw my older posts. Because I featured a few characters from it.

    The game. I am talking about, is none other than “Kichikuou Rance”. So anyone that knows, anything related to “H” Games/Mangas, or Rance in general. Can be sure that it will be an amazing game.

    So without wasting more time. LET’S ROLL!!!


    Kichikuou Rance (Sadistic King Rance). Is a game created by Alice Soft, a company best known for making several “H” themed games, many that are quite hard in terms of difficulty.  Including such titles as. Sengoku Rance, Daibanchou: Big Bang Age and Toushin Toshi.

    Kichikuou Rance itself, follows the enigmatic title character. Rance, in a “What If” like scenario. As he tries to exact revenge on the “Empire of Helman”.


    The game is a “What If” story. Following Rance, as he tries to take revenge.

    After having his band of bandits, crushed by “Helman” forces and having his Slave Sill captured. He barely flees to the borders, of the “Kingdom of Leazas”. Only to be brought to the Queen of Leazas Lia. Who convinces him. That the best course of action, would be marrying her and becoming King of Leazas. Rance agrees and soon starts a conflict that will either lead to World Domination, or Death… 


    Erotic, RPG, Novel, Strategy, Tactical, Fantasy, Turn-Based


    Published by: Alice Soft

    Translated by: Arunaru


    PC: 1992, December, 19


    Kichikuou Rance. Is a Turn-Based, Erotic RPG. That has two main game mechanics. Where the ultimate goal, is to conquer the “Continent”. While having lots and lots of “H”.

    1. Preparation Mode: This is the main part of the game. You can see the Map, decide which action to take and who to attack. With the enemy doing the same. You can take several actions in one turn ranging from. “Troop Management”, “Expeditions”, “Building” and even “Harem Actions”.

    2. Battle Mode: This is the secondary part of the game that activates after attacking someone, or being attacked by someone. At the start of every battle, the Player selects up to 4 Generals to battle. The first two troops, acting as Frontline fighters and the second two, acting as Backup fighters. Each battle lasts 5 rounds, if after 5 rounds neither side has won. Than the defending side will be considered the victor. During each round, the Player can decide what action the General should take. Ranging from “Normal Attack”, “Defend” and “Retreat” to even in some Generals cases “Special Attack”. 

    A general who loses a battle, will disappear forever. So it is better to have them retreat, before they die.


    Note: Considering this games large amount of characters, i decided to just add some of the ones i think are more important here. But there are many many more, all with their own personallity and charm.

    Rance: Main Protagonist. A Skill Level 2 Swordsman and the only being on The Continent without a Level Limit. He is a Kichiku Warrior and is usually motivated by sexual instincts, instead of love or justice. Wilds the “Demon Sword Chaos” and has a Slave named “Sill Plain”.

    Sill Plain: Rance’s Slave. A Skill Level 1 Mage, with a Level Limit of 80. She originally hailed from a Rich Magicians family in “The Kingdom of Zeth”. But was brought by Rance for 15000. Even though the Magic that bound her to Rance has long vanished, she still stays by his side. Skilled at Healing Magic.

    Lia Parapara Leazas: Queen of Leazas. She is obsessed with Rance. To be point of being willing to wage war with the entire Continent, just to please him. She used to Kidnap and punish girls, until Rance punished her (Took her Virginity). Has a Pet Lightning Dragon named Harumaki. Calls Rance “My Darling”. Has a Level Limit of 20.

    Kentou Kanami: Ninja of Leazas. Originally hailing from “JAPAN” and being a Ninja of the Fuuma Clan, serving the Houjou Family. She got lost on a trip to The Continent and was found by Lia Parapara Leazas, since then she has sworn loyalty to her. Usually gets teased and abused by Rance, which causes her to show dislike towards him. Has a Level Limit of 40.

    Keiryu´s Thought:

    Kichikuou Rance…It is an interesting game, to say the least. Honestly some people might be discouraged to play it, if they ever played a Rance game before. BECAUSE THEY BE HARD AS BALLS!!! Seriously don’t play this expecting it to be easy, or you will never finish it. Heck! Even with a set mind, you will probably need a guide just so you don’t die in the first few turn. Not to mention the later round…

    However even with all that said. The game itself is worth playing, especially if you like a challenge…Or simply “H” Games. I am a big fan of the Rance Series and I would not change the time I spend playing this game for anything…Well except maybe “Rance Quest”. But that is a story for another day…

    All said and done. Kichikuou Rance is a game, that while old is still one of the best “H” themed games. Not to mention Tactical/Strategic RPG games, that I have ever had the pleasure to play. So I really recommend you give it a try, if nothing else just so you can see the amazing story and learn a bit about the Rance universe.


    Dun Dun Dun and another one bites the dust…Dun Dun Dun Dun and another gone and another gone and another one BITES THE DUST!!....WAIT! I was supposed to say something here…Ehh…Ahh…Mhh...Yeaaah…I got nothing…I know weird right? Keiryu has nothing to say for once…But to be fair, I am currently a bit busy. (*FAP FAP FAP*) However that is no excuse to not say anything, then again you people never read it…So if anyone actually made it to the end, I have only one thing to say.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Let’s Get A Burger! Because You Saved The Princess! But It Was Just A Dream….Yeah bad game references aside, it is Dangerous To Go Alone Take This! Recommendation and I hope you like it.

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY…out (Currently trying to stop himself from making more bad game references. Now Would You Kindly Comment?) 

    PS: Yep Today i have no Extra corner. Simply because there is just WAY to much i could talk about. So i just leave that for another day. I mean with so many Rance games out there, i am sure we come back to this...
    • Sacross these series are more like SLG than GAL. I remember someone told me before that Rance10 would be the last one of the whole story.
    • Kentaro i'll check this out!
    • Keiryu FINALY!!! KEIRYU HAS FINISHED ANOTHER RECOMMENDATION!!! Been a while since i last made a The Rock Reference. Anyway this one is by far one of my favorites. Plus it is a bit diffrent, since i usualy post Horror Games.

      Anyway see you all later. Don't be lazy and COMMENT!!! ^_^
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  • Keiryu´s Game Corner: NGE: Ayanami Raising Project DS
    Hey Blackspearians, how are you all doing? Keiryu here, and today i have a bit of a diffrent game in store for you all. First it is not a Free Game, and second it is not a Horror game.

    Now i know it might seem weird, but hear me out, you Waifu wanting perverts. Cause the game i am talking about is "Shin Seiki Evangelion: Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku"...Or to be more precise it´s actualy called. "Shin Seiki Evangelion: Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku with Asuka Hokan Keikaku" (Try saying that three times out loud...) or for those of you who do not speak the language of the moon (Moonspeal/Japanese). It is called "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project with Asuka Supplementing Project".

    Oh Yeah i really pulled an unknown, out of the sh*tbag with this one. So let´s see where this will bring me.

    Ayanami Raising Project is an Evangelion-based simulation-style video game released in 2001. The game revolves around a "Second Lieutenant (San'i)" who's ordered to bring up "Rei Ayanami" (Or Asuka Langely Soryu).

    This is done by devising a schedule for her each Sunday: choosing between daily school life, duties at Nerv, and special training that takes place at home. Spanning the course of an entire year, the events of the TV series happen in the background, and Angel battles are heavily scripted with minimal input from the player.

    One of the many different endings you can receive depends on how you raise or lower the various stats Rei (Asuka) has.

    Simulation Game


    PC(2001), Dreamcast(2002), PS2(2003), Nintento DS(2008)

    The Lieutenant/San'i: is the player character. He appears as a normal-looking young man, possibly in his twenties. He has short, brown hair. Although the majority of his personality depends on decisions made throughout the game, he is presented as good-natured and responsible, if a bit naive. He is given the rank 'San'i (lieutenant) and is referred to by his rank rather than whatever name the player inputs throughout the game.

    Rei Ayanami: is the pilot of Evangelion Unit-00. She is said to be fourteen years old. Of very pale complexion and lacking in emotions toward people, she is extremely serious about her work, defining it as her sole purpose in life. During the game, Rei's personality and attitude is likely to change and be somewhat different from her portrayal in the anime. A number of outcomes concerning her future are possible, including romantic relations with, and possibly even marriage to, the player.

    Asuka Langely Soryu:  is the Second Child pilot of Evangelion Unit-02. Part German, she is very arrogant and somewhat of a bully. If the player goes through certain scenes the Asuka route is unlocked. In this route, the player is made Asuka's guardian instead of Rei's.

    Shinji Ikari: is the Third Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit-01, as well as the son of Gendo. He is a shy, introverted boy who harbors a deep resentment toward his father. On the other hand, he and the Lieutenant get along fairly well and sometimes exchange notes. He is the other romantic possibility for Rei (Or Asuka).

    Gendo Ikari: is the Commander of NERV, and the only person to whom Rei initially shows any emotion. Intimidating and ruthless, he is committed to destroying the Angels that periodically attack the city, at any cost. The Lieutenant receives his salary (20,000 yen per month, 40,000 yen With Asuka) directly from the commander. He is one romantic possibility for Rei.

    Ryoji Kaji: is a triple agent, working for Nerv, Seele, and the Japanese Government. He and Misato Katsuragi were lovers when they were in college. Some time after their breakup, Kaji began working for Nerv in Germany, where he met Asuka Langely Soryu. Although a triple agent, he has been said to have his own agenda, to "search for the truth." He is one romatic possibility for Asuka.

    Keiryu´s Thought:
    How should i say this...Hmm...Oh yeah got it. "I F*CKING LOVE THIS GAME!!!" Now i said this before, and i say it again. I am a huge Neon Genesis Evangelion fan. With it being my first Anime, and all.

    It would be a crime of me, not to play this game. So when i found this game, on my wandering trough the Interwebs. I said to myself "Play That S**t!", and play i did.

    The game itself plays like any simulator, being based on the "Princess Maker" Series (Which is also made by Gainax). You(The Player) Control Rei´s/Asuka´s Schedule, being able to decide what she does for the week. Going from School, Studying, Evangelion Training, to even joining Clubs (Sports, Arts, Dojo/Archery). All while defending Tokyo 3, against the Angels.

    The game´s speciality however, are the large amount of endings. ranging from Marriage to Rei becoming a Cosplayer or even a Dominatrix (PC Version only).

    All in all, i have to say. If you like Simulation Style games, or Neon Genesis Evangelion, or even if you would just like to see an alternate ending to this series. Then this is a game you should really try. 

    Bad News: this game was never translated into English, and will probably never get be.

    Good News: Someone named "Pearse Hillock" Decided to make a fan translation, for the Nintento DS Version of the game.

    Bad News: It´s a Machine Translation, so there are lot´s of errors.

    Good News Again: It´s not bad enough to the point where you can´t play.

    Sooo Yes if you either Speak Japanese, or are willing to play the Machine translated version then i say give it a try. 

    Ahh yes it is finaly done, sadly i can´t give you a Link for it here (Law forbids the distribution of Roms). BUTT!!! It is not hard t find, if you search for "Rei Ayanami Raising Project DS English". The first thing you will find is Pearse Hillocks blog, where you can get the rom, which can then be played on an Emulator (Not providing one, just google it).

    Other then that. All i have to say is give it a try, and hope you enjoyed this.

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(Currently playing some more Ayanami Raising Project).
  • Keiryu Wishes you a creepy Halloween - Game Recommendation (Description)

    Hello, Boys and Ghouls…No wait, that sucked…Hello, Little ones are you ready for some fun…Not that makes me sound like a Pedophile...Welcome, What are you buying…Ok that one is just stupid…Screw it ENJOY IT OR BE SACRIFICED BI*CHES!!! 

    Keiryu here and it is that one time of the year, that we (I) love. All Hallows Eve better known as Halloween. Now you might be saying. “Keiryu we already know that you bastard, what´s so special about it?” Let me tell you what is so special ohh ye of little faith, and even smaller balls. That means that I have spent my time in HELL! And like every time I go to hell I visited Satan. 

    Who was just about ready to let the horror free on earth, and me being the MASTER OF MOTHERFU**ING INSANITY decided to help him out. My way of helping him out (Apart from sacrificing some of you) was giving you all a good scare. Only thing I was not sure on, was how I would do that. Then it hit me GAMES!!! Everybody and their grandmother love a good game, and I love me a good Horror game. So without wasting much more time, here you have Keiryu´s  Free Horror Games for This Halloween (Still working on a better name…).

    Now this will be a free list, so you can play it without paying. (Because who really wants to pay to piss his pants?) So you will not see games like, Silent Hill or Parasite Eve on this list. That does not mean however that you can´t play those instead. Also I add them at random, this is not a Top 5 or Top 10 list or some Bullsh*t like that. This is just a list of Free Horror games I like. Ok now here we go for real...

    ….Down there not here....   




    Ok here we go…




    1: IB:
       IB some of you might know this simple named game, other might have never heard of it. It is a Horror Game created with RPG Maker 2000. That was made by a person. That simply goes by the name Kouri, back in 2012. 

    The Game itself follows the nine-year-old “Ib” (Yeah Original right), as she visits the local Art Museum, with her Parents. Sadly the trip won´t go well (I mean this is a Horror Game, what do you expect flowers and rainbows?). As Ib decides to wander the museum on her own, and soon arrives at a painting called “Fabricated World” (??? World for Ib since she does not know the word Fabricated).  The light´s then start to flicker, and everyone disappears leaving Ib all on her own…

    The game focuses on Puzzle Solving, like many RPG Maker Horror Games. But what makes it stand out, is the fact that it has several Endings Seven. (Eight in the fan made “Green Edition”.  Which has been taken down from most sites, but can still be found on some rare occasions.) Many with slight variations, depending on the choices made by the Ib (The Player).

    2: Mad Father:

    Mad Father. A game made with Wolf RPG Editor that was created by Sen (The Miscreant´s Room). It is a Horror-Puzzle game, which follows a young girl named Aya Drevis. 

    Aya lives alone with her Father and his Assistant Maria, In a Mansion in Northern Germany, ever since her mother passed away from a sudden illness. Her Father locked himself in the basement “Working”, and Aya knows exactly what he is “Working” on but decided to ignore it. However their calm life takes a turn for the worse, when one night a Year after her mother´s passing. Aya wakes up to her father screaming, and decides to see what happened. Only to come face to face with two Things, approaching her in the hallway. She learns that her father´s “Work”, has come back to haunt him and decides to save her father. Only to find out more than she ever thought about her father´s true nature. While trying to survive against the Things that have invaded her home, and deciding if her father is really worth saving…

    There are many things I could say about this game, but it would not do it justice. It is one of my all-time favorites, having a good amount of endings. Great gameplay, and an interesting art and story. What more can you wish for?   

    3. Misao: 

    Misao Is a Horror Adventure game made by Sen (The Miscreant´s Room). (Yes the same genius who is behind Mad Father).  That was made much like its indirect prequel (Mad Father), in Wolf RPG Editor. Originally coming out in 2011, with the newest version releasing in June 2014.

    In Misao you play as Aki (Default name), who can either be Male or Female (Female is Canon). As she/he learns what happened to the young Misao, who has been missing for three months. With most of his/her Classmates thinking Misao to be dead, when suddenly a strange earthquake shakes the school. Transporting Aki, his/her Classmates and their Teacher Mr. Sohta. Are all transported to a different dimension, with Aki´s classmates blaming Misao´s Curse. Aki decides to search for a way to break the curse, while learning the whole truth about his/her Classmates and what really happened to Misao.

    Much like Mad Father there is a lot I could say, but I just don´t think it is worth it this game is amazing in much the same way as Mad Father. If I really had to say anything it would be, PREPARE TO DIE… A lot don´t trust anything even a harmless looking telephone might be you doom.

    4. Yume Nikki + Fan games:

    Yume Nikki…nothing much to say about it that I have not said before, when I talked about Yume Nikki. In the Original Yume Nikki you play as Madotsuki, and in the Fan games such as Flow. Or Yume 2ikki you play as different characters. I really recommend trying at least one of them, either the Original or the fan games. They are almost all great, and most have a lot of interesting events. Plus it´s like the only Free Roam type Horror game series you will find. 

    Soooooo yeah that is all give it a try I can say for sure, you will have a great time playing one or all.  

    5. Lakeview Cabin:

    This one is a bit shorter than the rest, and it is the only Flash game on the list (meaning you don´t need to download it to crap your pants). You take the role of a Red haired Red bearded guy, who decides to spend some time in his Lakeview Cabin. (Hey what you expect a Mansion?) There you can chop some wood, ride a lawnmower or just skip naked and free around your small island paradise happy and free…

    What can I say this game is more fun than anything, it´s a fast game so if you have a few minutes you can play it. Now I know you might be asking yourself. “Where in the hell is the Horror?” well in the case of this game you just have to wait a bit while playing…And that is all I will say. Enjoy your time in your cozy Lakeview Cabin.


    Ho Ho Ho *Srokes his non existent old man beard* Now this is a big one been a while since i posted anything but hey here you have some stuff to enjoy on this Halloween Weekend...all in all i hope you like it if not...I will be visiting you in your sleep...Soooo yeah let me know what you think about it. 

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently checking if his weapons are all ready for tonight...) 

    • kotomifan Thanks. It's always fun to find new stuff online, especially if it's not just a front for some hacking virus to play Satan Guide My Cock to my computer.
    • RJ Good game recommendations, they sound really interesting especially mad father and Misao.
      Have a happy fucking halloween and give my regards to Satan.
    • Keiryu My My what a biggie. But i can just see you are all gonna ignore the text i worked so much on...So yeah just look at the Picture and you will have the five recommendations i gave in the Description.

      Also Happy Halloween to you all...See you tonight. MUHAHAHA!!! *Disapears into the shadows*

      .....By Lilith how did i do that. o.O
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  • Keiryu´s Game Corner: Akemi Tan
    HELLO EVERYONE!!! How is it going today? Hope you all are ready for another day of KEIRYU´S RECOMMENDATIONS!!! now today i will have a little game that i have to admit i have not been able to fully complete it. "Why?" you might ask...well the answer to that is actualy quite simple but i am not gonna give it here, sooo if you want to know just scroll down. ;D

    Oh yeah the name of the game is "Akemi Tan" by the way some might know it, but most probably won´t since i myself found it by accident. Now i won´t hold you any longer so enjoy "AKEMI TAN".....

    "Akemi Tan" is a Horror RPG type game that was created by "Kona5" in Wolf RPG Editor(Same as RPG Maker BUTT It´s JAPANESE!!! So you know it must be better). It was released in 2012 so it is quite recent, the game itself is originaly in Japanes(like pretty much every good Horror RPG). But there exists an english version that was translated by Tosiaki7.

    "Akemi Tan" revoles around a small japanese village that has a long lasting tradition of giving offerings to the local God, but that all changes shortly after the young girl Shimoda Shimoko angers the god because she took some of the offerings for herself(Don´t F**K with a God´s offerings)...The God decides that the only way to deal with that is to CURSE THE VILLAGE!!! 

    Horror, RPG, Puzzle



    Shimoda Shimoko: The main Heroin of Akemi Tan who has an incredible Body odor level of 999.

    Keiryu´s Tought:
    Now let´s see where should i start....oh yeah...THIS S**T IS SCARY!!! I mean  i consider myself as much of a man as the next woman and there is little that actualy scares me(being a big fan of Horror stuff in general) i am the type of guy who even if he is about to be stabbed in the dick with a knife decides that he will not cry and beg and instead decides to break the knife with his balls...but for some reason that this game scared me i saw horrible stuff in there and that was after playing for 5 minutes after playing for another hour or so i just had to stop now the game itself is nothing special and while it lacks the calm horror of other games the jump scares alone will make you go "FUUUUUUCK!!!!" which will soon be followed by you wanting to shut down you computer grab a blanket and proceed to cower in fear under the kitchen table with your back turned to the wall....not that i did that... All in all i think it is worth to give a try if you like Horror games Kona5 did an amazign job considering this is a RPG Maker type game so do give it a try and try not to crap your pants.  

    Du Du Du Another one bites annnnnd another gone and another and another bites the dust....sorry i got distraced anyway this is it for today i know it´s shorter then my other Recommendations but cut me some slack i got scared...that i would bore you *whispers*yeah nice safe*whispers* so without anything else to add i am just gonna say goodbye...yeah no asking for likes or comments today.

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(currently in the process of playin Akemi Tan while craping his pants). ^_^
  • Keiryu´s Game Corner: Desert Nightmare
    Hello and welcome
    back to another episode of KEIRYU´S
    I am your Host Keiryu and well I recommend…yeah kind of
    obvious I know…anyway moving on today I have another Horror style game with me and
    some of you might know it since a quite well known Let´s Player p
    it some time ago(in 2012 to be p
    recise *Trollface*) you might know him
    as “Cryaotic” or just “Cry” for short and that game is none other then *Voice
    goes suddenly very very deep* “DESERT
    ” so without holding back LET THE INSANITY BEGIN!!!

    “Desert Nightmare” is a Horror-Adventure RPG game
    that was released back in 2006(2009 for the Translated version) by German game
    maker known as “Kelven” that was made in RPG Maker 2000 the game itself was originaly
    in German but there exists an English Translation made by “AznChipmunk” the game itself is almost completly
    custom made(about 99%) that where created by Kelven who took the time to make
    almost everything examinable from Drawers to Cabinets and various other things.

    The story of Desert Nightmare follows a Girl named
    Sandra Richmont who was traveling with her parents
    to visit her uncle after a short argument and a bathroom break somewhere in
    California she notices that her parents seem to have driven off without
    her. Thinking that they might be waiting at the near by town called “Dusty
    Creek” so she decides to head there. However after meeting two other people
    who seem to be stranded there and discovering that her parents don´t
    seem to be there either she plans on leaving but she soon realizes that
    they seem to be trapped inside of the city and that there might
    be a much darker secret to the quite town of Dusty Creek…

    Horror, Adventure.



    Sandra Richmont: Main Character of Desert Nightmare who has been abandoned by
    her parents
    near the town of Dusty


    Adams: A quite/bad boy type
    man Sandra meets soon after arriving in Dusty Creek who run away from home and
    hitched a ride that brought him to Dusty Creek.


    Alan: A Smart young man Sandra meet´s soon after arriving in Dusty Creek
    who´s car broke down soon after arriving in Dusty Creek.


    A Indian who Sandra meet´s on various occasions while wandering the town of
    Dusty Creek.

    Keiryu´s Tought:
    Well let´s see what I could say about this game
    other then that I recently finished it and actually enjoyed it a lot the game
    itself reminds me of Parasite Eve´s Desert Level and the Texas Chainsaw
    Massacre movie. One thing I hated where the crappy
    ersonality traits of the various characters Sandra is a Brat, Jake is
    quite the Bastard and Alan seems like the typical nice smart guy but
    also turns out to be quite the Bastard sure that might be just me BUTT hold on
    while I did not like how the characters behave that does not mean the game
    itself is bad in any way the games story was very interesting and the gameplay
    was very well done with various puzzles and gory stuff to keep
    you around the difficulty level itself is not that hard so I am sure anyone
    could finish it and while the game is not that long(it took me a few hours to
    finish) you can still play long enough to distract you and occupy
    your time and have some fun.


    AAANNNDDD CUT! Good job everyone now let´s all
    go get Drunk and Laid…….just kidding lets just get laid. ^_^

     No seriously
    now that is all I have to say about the game maybe I might talk about it in
    more detail(a Walktrough or something) BUTT until that time this will be enough.

    However i do have one thing to say.

    WHY IS NO ONE COMMENTING??? Seriously I want
    to know what you all think but It makes me kind of sad that I get more comments
    on my Rule 63/”Keiryu´s Beauty Corner” stuff then one this thing which actually
    took me some time to make but sadly I can´t force you…well I could if I tied
    you all up in my basement and tormented you until you finaly give in but I
    am not that evil...wait something is wrong I AM THAT FU**ING EVIL so start
    commenting before I decide to sacrifice you’re asses…and until then.

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY…out(Currently not sure what I am doing…)
    • Keiryu damn i started ranting in the comments again i gotta stop doing stuff like that most people end up not reading it all...
    • SimMan Rpg maker 2000! A few years ago I actually tried to use rpg maker xp to make an rpg based on simgirls characters and settings more or less the prototype of Simgirls 2.
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  • Keiryu´s Game Corner: Yume Nikki

    WARNING: PREPARE FOR MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TEXT/INSANITY/GRAMATICAL ERRORS KEIRYU IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS OR YOUR LIFEPARTNER NAMED RAMON...*looks at to do list...make gay joke...Check*.....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED(warning: warning does not apply when Keiryu plans to sacrifice you in that case he does take responsibily for any damage done to you).

    Hello and welcome to a little thing i like to call Keiryu´s Recommendation´s some of you might have noticed that i have been showing you some animes i found interessting this summer BUTT!!! I actualy planed to recommend games for all of you to play while you wait for Simgirls Lovemore and the game i planed to start with was none other then one of the most original games ever created even to this day some of you might know it since i talked a little bit about it some time ago yep i am talking about none other then "Yume Nikki" sadly i got sidetracked/lazy and never got to do it but now i finaly got the time/will to actualy do it....Soooooooo without further ado LET´S START THIS BI*CH!!!

    Yume Nikki "Dream Diary" is a 32-Bit game released in 2004 that was made in RPG Maker 2003 Created by the Japanese Solo Game Designer simply known as "KIKIYAMA". The game is considered even today as one of the most original applications of RPG Maker 2003 and the start of a whole new Game Genre the game is very well known for the fact that almost everything in the game is up to Fan speculations/theories and that it has spaned various fangames even going as far as getting a Manga and that fans decided to make a fighting game featuring many characters of the Original and the fanmade versions.

    The Game´s plot follows a young girl named "Madotsuki" as she dreams and wanders around her dream world searching for the "24 Effects".

    Other then that the game has no real plot and is left up to fan speculations/theories.

    Arthouse, Psychological, Horror, Sui Generis(Latin phrase meaning "of its own kind").

    PC(Windows 98 onwards)

    I will not add every characte only some of the most important and only Human/Human like characters.

    Madotsuki: Main Character of the game and one of the 3 officialy named characters.

    Monoko: Young depressed looking girl and one of the 3 officialy named characters.

    Monoe: Girls considered by fans to be Monoko´s Older Sister and one of the 3 Officialy named characters.

    Poniko(Fanmade name): Young blond haired girl with a special secret who is very popular with fans.

    Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-sensei or Masada: Male character found in Madotsuki´s Dream who is very popular with fans.

    Keiryu´s Tought:
    What can i say about this game that has not already been said a million times before by a million diffrent people i mean the game is amazing nothing else can be said about it if you like horror if you like mysteries and if you like a game that has no real plot then this is something you should try out...Heck who am i kidding even if you don´t like it you should try it out you might be in for a suprise there are no words that can explain how good this game is sure it might seem a bit old but it is probably one of the games that has aged the best and it is even better then many games produced by big companies full of people and it is also hand down on of the greatest Horror games period who i would put on the any list with the big names like Silent Hill, Project Zero and Resident Evil(you know the good ones 1,2,3 and 4 to a certain extent) just to name a few so yeah do me and yourself a favor and give this game a try i bet you won´t be dissapointed.

    I pretty much said everything that can be said about this game without spoiling it i don´t think there is anything else i need/should add even tough i doubt i could actualy spoil much since i myself finished the game and i am still finding secrets.

    All i realy want to say is please Comment and give me your opinion what could i improve/add/remove/change to make it better for you and if any of you already played the game maybe you like to give your opinion about it did you Like/Hate it and if why? anyway that is pretty much all so until next time.

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(currently waiting for comments and checking out what i missed while writing all this).
  • Yume Nikki(weird a** it)
    Keiryu: Yo Yo Yo the big "K.M.I" here with some bad a** stuff for all you INSANITY loving playas out there so are you ready to listen to my crazy rhymes? *Silence* Ok LET´S DO THIS!!!

    *Rang,Robin and Natsu all jump towards Keiryu and start punching kicking and slapping him*

    Keiryu: *lies bloody and beaten on the ground and quickly opens his eyes* GAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *looks around* what the hell did i just do?

    Rang: *helps Keiryu stand up* Senpai you made a total idiot out of yourself.

    Natsu: *looks at Keiryu suprised and shrugs his shoulders* yeah you where about to start rapping and everything.

    Keiryu: *looks wide eyed at everyone* Me rapping.....i can´t rap for S**t i am an INSANE mansacrificing bastard i don´t rap!

    Robin: *Shakes his head in anoyance* well you where about to rap we stopped you before you could start. *gets into a thinking pose* still makes you wonder why you did that you don´t seem to remember it yourself.

    Keiryu: *finaly stands up with rang´s help and screams out* THAT´S BECAUSE I DON´T RAP!!!

    Rang: *Looks at Keiryu and Robin with crossed arms*  well why don´t we try to find out what you did before you started this?

    Keiryu: *looks at Rang and gets into a thinker pose* hmmm what did i do *starts having flashbacks of a crazy dream world and a little girl*  i think i saw something.....but i can´t quite remember what it was...

    Natsu: Yume Nikki? 

    Keiryu: what? 

    Natsu: well maybe you played Yume Nikki.

    Keiryu: why did you get that idea?

    Robin: well it is in the Title.

    Rang: And on the picture too.

    Keiryu: Titel....picture *looks confused* what are you talking about and they call me INSANE...but you might have a point i do remember playing a game that was alost as INSANE as me..I KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO!!!

    Natsu,Robin and Rang: *all at the same time* You are gonna talk about it?

    Keiryu: Noooo....wait yes I AM GONNA TALK ABOUT IT better then my first idea i was just going to shoot the creator for creating something like that but that idea is much better.

    SOOOOO yeah like it said above *looks up* i will talk a little about Yume Nikki or to be more precise since some of you might already know Yume nikki i am going to talk about Indie/RPG Maker/Fanmade games mostly because i am bored but also because i recently started to enjoy them once again.

    now i am not gonna talk about it right now first i would like to ask you for your opinion do you guys and gals think i should do it(WARNING: IMMA STILL DO IT NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY).

    sooo yeah thats all for now it will take some time before i decide to realy talk about it and i am not even sure i will start with Yume Nikki but hope you will like it once i do begin. ^_^

    oh yeah don´t forget LIKE, COMMENT and GIVE ME A HUG/FOLLOW THE INSANITY ORDERS YOU!!!....oh and do tell me what you tought about the little story i added just for sh*t and giggles. ^_^

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY....out(wrote to much once again so now i am gonna rest).