Keiryu´s Anime Summer(2014): Barakamon
Hello to everyone THE MASTER OF INSANITY here i know been a while since i last posted but i am back and i brought with me a new little idea(thanking Rang in advance for giving me the idea THANKS KOHAI) so we are in summer still and many of you might want to see some good animes so i decided  to show/recommend here the Animes i am currently watching/plan to watch and i decided to start with Barakamon because that is at the moment one of the funniest and most light hearted things i am watching. ^_^


Barakamon centers around centers around the Ikemen(handsome) 23-year-old calligrapher Seishū Handa, who As a punishment for punching a famous calligrapher, is exiled to the remote Gotō Islands off the western coast of Kyushu. As someone who has never lived outside of a city, Handa has to adapt to all the crazy things happening around him, unwanted visitors who never use the front door, annoying kids using his home as a playground and that all while being accompanied by the little Kotoishi Naru a 7 year old girl who always hangs out at his house. Can he handle all the crazy hardships? Find out for yourself on BARAKAMON!!!

Slice of Life, Comedy.

12 Episodes.

Keiryu´s Toughts:
I have to be Honest Barakamon is a fun show who i can recommend to anyone who prefers a good funny Slice of Life story over the usual Shounen type or  Violence/horror shows many like myself watch all in all from what i have seen Barakamon is great for anyone even if it is just while your wait for that one next Naruto Episode that i will end up making fun off someday MADARA GOT BOOBS!!(see)! so yeah give it a try i am sure you will like it.

yep that is all for now i will write more but as you all see this is quite a lot(eveb for my standards) so i will take a small break but let me know what you all think and make sure to check out the show. 

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KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(Already starting the next one i will reccomend)
  • yuki I like this anime .
  • Kash This may be stupid but I have to ask anyway. What do you mean exactly by "what do you think?".
    Were you participating in the Anime's graphic design (for your country release) or do you mean the critic style?
    I just don't want to underestimate what you are doing, respectively, are capable of. Thus my question, so that I wont base everything on assumptions.

    In terms of the critics, I can say that it is a nice overview for someone who has no idea about anime (like me), although, there are some nerd terms in there which I did not get at all. Anyhow, the feedback made me look for the anime on net and I will probably give it a try if the first one or two episodes make sense. Thanks.
    • Keiryu I wanted exactly what you did i want people to critic what i do in this case what i wrote because it gives me more motivation to do it better next time.

      Many people here know already that i am a person who tends to write a lot but sadly only few actualy read it so i have to find a way to make them want to read what i write in this case i recommend animes since A. i enjoy watching them and B. i know many here do too so i combine what i like and talk a little about it.

      as for the "Nerd" or "Otaku" term(Yeah there is a diffrence trust me on that) i try to avoid or translate as many of the Japanese words i use in this case i think you are refering to the Locations(Which i sadly can´t translate) and the one word i used Ikemen(which i did translate as handsome).

      But like i said you did exactly what i wanted you gave me a logical easy to understand critic(and that from someone who does not understand anime as you said it). ;)

      i just hope more people will follow. thanks again and let me know if you liked the anime like i said it is quite light hearted. ^_^
  • Keiryu Hmm yeah i like how it came out what do you all think? should i add something maybe change something?

    let me know. ^_^