Keiryu´s Anime Summer(2014): Akame Ga Kill!
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Anyway i also have another Anime for your long Summer day´s and honestly it is one of my favorit anime´s of all this summer if not the last year AKAME GA KILL! be warned this anime is not for the weak of heart....COMMENCE REVIEW/RECOMMENDATION!!!

Tatsumi a young fighter decides to travel with his two friends to the Capital, in order to earn Money for his poor Village. Sadly the moment he gets there he is imediatly robbed by a pretty girl(With Big Boobs), lucky for him he is picked up by another pretty girl and invited to her mansion. However shortly after he arrives the Strange group calling themself Night Raid attack the Mansion, in order to assassinate the girls family. Why is Night Raid doing that and a better question is are they realy the Enemy?

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

24 Episodes.

Keiryu´s Tought:
Well i already said before but this is probably my favorit anime for this Summer if not the whole year because honestly it is not the usual goody goody hero beats up everyone and gets harem kind of story in this story there is no one safe it becomes even harder when you become attached to a certain character only to see him/her die and i just LOVE IT!!!  i will warn you right now if you watch it some or many of you might not like this type of story but if you are like me and are getting tired of all this "Friendship can do anything" type of story i realy recommend this to you and if you are not that much into Anime do check out the manga it is great if not better.

I have almost nothing to say here today since i said most up thereat the start *points up* and if you read it you already know the good news i have for you all YOU WILL ALL BE MY wait not that one the other one YOU WILL ALL BE SACRIFICED......wait thats not it either.......hmmm....ohhh yeah it´s that I am now a Moderator ADN YOU WILL ALL BE MY SACRIFICIAL SLAVES!!!....yeah that´s it. 

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