Neko-Chan(Because everyone likes Neko´s)
Yep here is another drawing i made a while back when i was bored like i usualy am it is not as good as the Wolf Girl i posted before but i still like this one a lot but here you can see why i hate drawing hair it is soooo much work to get it good that i end up messing some part i like how the front came out but the back just looks bad if you ask me.

but do let me know what you all think about it and until then.


KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(i probably have more next time not sure what tough....)

  • Kash cute one, but again, I don't think the hair is the problem. I really think you have got some hair issues.
    • Keiryu well i just don´t think i am good at drawing hair i like drawing boobs and facial expression but hair is just not my thing.

      and yes i am very picky about hair each their own fetish that one is mine. ^_^
  • Keiryu scanner is still broken and will be for quite some time since i am not using it at the moment but for a picture i took with my crappy phone it actualy came out quitle well. ^_^