Keiryu makes a Logo First Try(READ DESCRIPTION..PLEASE OKAY? ^_^)
Hey how is it going everyone? Your favorit INSANE a**holes here.

Soo i was bored recently, and browsing the World Wide Porn *Cough* Web...

And what i found where a lot of people who have their own little "Logo´s", so i thought to myself "I Want one." Sadly i am a lazy bastard, so it takes me some time to make anything. BUTT long story short, here is my first try at making a Logo for myself.

I might add more later, but for now this is all i have.

I wanted to combine something that can represent me (The Raven/Cuddles), with something that fits with my personality (Evil Swordlike Celtic Cross since Eyeballs of INSANE doom where unavailable...). But i want to hear your opinion. How would you Rank it.


2. Great

3. Good

4. OK

5. Meh

6. Needs More

7. Bad

8. Horrible


10. BURN THAT S**T!!!

Soo yeah you decide, let me know what you think. ^_^

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently ehhh doing ehhh stuff...yeah stuff *Fap Fap Fap*.....).
  • ℟angßøømeՐ 10. BURN THAT S**T!!! SENPAI!

    Serious tho, Cuddles will look great flying out some firewall, rendering us some protection from the World Wide Por*..well you kno.. yeah some flames on.. around cuddles will be Awesome. This is old post so you must have updated it? ^.^
    • Keiryu I actually did. I have several even. But the one i decided to stick with for now is this one.

      I just liked it and it was simple. I mostly use it when i make some images and put it in a little corner. Unless i forget which happens sometimes.
  • Kentaro it's great
  • Robin I'm going to rank it great since it misses one thing: A tribute to me!

    No, but it would be nice to put a "K" in there or something. The circle above the crow seems perfect for that in my opinion :)
    • Keiryu I actualy plan on putting "KEIRYU" Right in the middle of the Cross/Circle but like i said it is still a first try.

      And you a tribute...hmm NEVER NEMESIS you shalt not get any tribute.
  • SimMan it's awesome I would say close to insane haha. Is there any meaning for the star at the bottom?
    • Keiryu Thanks also the Star/Pentagram/Pentacle at the bottom has no real meaning. I just liked it, because it is used to represent a lot of things. From Satanism to the Virtue of Christ, and who else to use something that is neither good nor evil than this INSANE bastard. ;D

      So yeah no special meaning, other then the factthat nothing is good or evil just INSANE... ;D

      *Starts rumbling on about how everyone who believes they are good just for doing good deeds are mistaken and that everyone harbors unstopable INSANITY inside of them while laughing madly and disapearing into darkness*.....^_^
  • Chriskris Your Logo is cool.
    I don't judge it.

    Cuz everyone have there own way of seeing it.
    But it's good that you took your time to make one.

    I was lazy too.
    But I like my own logo too.
    Not becuz I make it.

    Becuz I just searched around the internet and searched for things I liked.
    And used my own creation to make it.

    Anyway, good job bro
  • Natsu Dragneel Insanely good!
  • Aetrun I don't understand why you say the cross is evil (if you say the pentagram I'm going to laugh), but I think it looks awesome. Of course you implemented 4 of my favorite things in your logo. I kind of want to steal it for myself now.
    • Keiryu Like i said Eyeballs of INSANE doom where not available i also mean it that it fits my personality in the way that i make fun of Religion (amongst other stuff) and what better to represent that then a cross...

      Plus it´s about high time i upgrade my status from Master to GOD OF INSANITY If Kratos can be the God of War then i will be one too just find me one to slay. ;D

      Also like i said still working on it even if you take it for yourself i am still modifing it so it´s not a problem for me glad someone likes it. ^_^
  • (deleted) High level of insanity
    • Keiryu Thanks i am also open for suggestions if you have any idea on how to improve it let me know. ^_^