Keiryu Draws - Lily Ver. 1.666

Ya favorite, and only. MASTER OF GODDAMN INSANITY!!! Has returned with a post. I know, i know. It's been forever since my last post. I can already hear ya jizz ya panties in excitment. Don't lie now, ya know it's true, 

Anyway not much to add really...It's a drawing i made some time ago, and it has boobies. WHAT MORE DO YA PERVS WANT!?!?!? 

This is basically one of my MAAAAAAAAANY drafts for Lily (Formerly sometimes known as Lili, if i was to lazy.) my Daughter/Creation for the Lovemore Character Creation contest (Which i gave to Kentaro, since i was to lazy.) 

As for the quality. Let's just say i am really lazy and my scanner is still lying in a corner with half it's innards around it and let's leave it at that. 

Anyway i am abusing shit out of the rules with this pic. So yeah...Enjoy them totally legal boobies. ;D

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently posting some more random sketches.)
  • Red Haired Devil Wow bro you really didn't hold back here. I've never really been one who'd think to make a guy very visible in any sketch I'd make portraying sex. Still well done.
    • Keiryu A bit of a late reply but better late then never.

      I actually dislike drawing dudes. But some pictures just seem off unless ya add that extra touch. I do tend to not draw their heads though. Ya know let all the pervs imagine their own mug up there and all that. ;D
  • Darui i have so many pictures of topless girls can i post them now as long as nothing else is going on
    • Robin Did you draw them or are they just pictures found online? If you drew them, I think we can be a bit more lenient (only as long as nobody complains though)
      • Darui some of them are online but some i drew
        • Keiryu Like [25669,Robin] said. Don't post simply for the sake of posting boobs. I posted this because it just happened to be something i had lying around and ya can see that it was self made.

          I said this before but i say it again. I like boobies as much as the next guy. But if all i wanted to see were boobies i would just go to Rule 34.

          So yeah if ya made it. Go ahead and post it. Depending on how it is received we might delete it though. In the end it depends on the community and how they react to it.
  • Robin I'm really trying to get aroused by your drawing but then I see "Keiryu" in the top right and getting aroused while thinking of Keiryu just feels so wrong :p
    • Keiryu Don't lie to yourself. Everyone wants a little bit of Keiryu in their life. They just don't like to admit it to anyone else. ;D
  • SimMan ARe you sure she is not Blubird?
    • Keiryu To be fair. I had the idea for Lily by mixing Bluebird and Lilith. So yeah some inspiration was taken. In fact her original name being Lili is just cause ya had already taken Lilith from me. haha
  • SimMan Hmm... I personally think this is considered as art. It is not too extreme, just normal sex. I would leave it for other members to judge.
    • Robin To be honest, I'm a bit on the fence about it. I don't really see this as art (well... everything can be seen as some form of art I guess), but I don't mind it either. So as long as nobody complains, it's all good.

      Besides, encouraging members to share their own homemade art and hobbies is a good thing.
      That's why I've just decided to post my own homemade sex tape on freedomwall :p
      • Keiryu Ya know the rules. PICS OR GTFO. Now where that sex tape at?

        Also like i said i am pushing the rules with this three. So yeah i let thecommunity decide.
    • Keiryu Yeah the more extrem stuff is for another day. ;D

      But i just let all of our beloved Pervs and Pervettes decide. If anyone does not want it here i just remove it. No sweat.
      • SimMan Every healthy person love sex and need sex, openly or secretly.
        • Keiryu True. I am just providing a healthy and very important service to everyone. As oppossed to my usual behaviour which usually ends with someone or something being unhealthy
  • Keiryu Man i really suck at coloring shit...Oh well it's boobies so who is gonna complain. ^_^