Keiryu Draws - Lily Ver. 3.666
Yep told ya, another one i still have a couple more but i don't wanna push the "Only artful porn" rule to much...I am lying but pssssshhhh don't tell the Admins. It will be our little secret. 

Anyway nothing to add to this one really. Just another version i decided to make. 

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently wondering what else he should post...)
  • kotomifan Awww. What a lovely scene. How...tender. Maybe they'll go out to brunch after this. See a Meryl Streep movie. Or just stay and cuddle.
    I dunno, big guy. Two free hands here, and you couldnt have found somebody else to stab while you're at it?
    Maybe you'll let her have the remote control, next.
    • Keiryu Meh ya know i am a weird little puppy. Who better to make my Daughter/Creation have sex with a random guy then me. Which now after i said it seems much worse then it actually is...Huh..
  • Keiryu Thirds the charm as they say. So just let me know which one ya prefer. Big Boobs, Medium Boobs, Small Boobs. THE LONG HAIR STAYS CAUSE F**K YA!!!

    Also i just noticed after posting it. I forgot to color the dick in this one...Heck i did not even add details...Oh well who cares.