Keiryu's Art Corner(Because I get bored fast, and drawing helps.)

    HOOOOOOOOOONEY!!! I am home.

    Yes yes. I know. Ya all missed my beautiful PSYCHOTIC mug. I missed ya all too. Ya know as much as a INSANE people murdering asshole can miss someone. Anyhow. Let's not focus on that now. I brought offerings of peace with me. By which i mean some porn... What? Ya know ya pervs like it... Don't deny it.

    Not much to add in this one really. I tried to draw everything. Inclduing a proper background. Then i remembered. I can't draw backgrounds for shit. So i just made it poo brown and said "F**k it." Sooooo... Yeah... Boobies and stuff... Enjoy. Oh and yeah i am back too i guess. But nevermind that look boobies.


    PS: My first post since the site change. Just saying.
    BOOBIES!!!.... That is all...
  • Keiryu Draws - Lily Ver. 3.666
    Yep told ya, another one i still have a couple more but i don't wanna push the "Only artful porn" rule to much...I am lying but pssssshhhh don't tell the Admins. It will be our little secret. 

    Anyway nothing to add to this one really. Just another version i decided to make. 

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently wondering what else he should post...)
    • kotomifan Awww. What a lovely scene. How...tender. Maybe they'll go out to brunch after this. See a Meryl Streep movie. Or just stay and cuddle.
      I dunno, big guy. Two free hands here, and you couldnt have found somebody else to stab while you're at it?
      Maybe you'll let her have the remote control, next.
    • Keiryu Thirds the charm as they say. So just let me know which one ya prefer. Big Boobs, Medium Boobs, Small Boobs. THE LONG HAIR STAYS CAUSE F**K YA!!!

      Also i just noticed after posting it. I forgot to color the dick in this one...Heck i did not even add details...Oh well who cares.
  • Keiryu Draws - Lily Ver. 2.666
    Yep i did say i was posting more. Then again anyone who reads this would be aware of that fact. 

    Like i said before too, i was experimenting a lot with how i wanted to draw her. This is just another version. After i upload all ya can give me ya own opinion. 

    Another thing i can't draw other then backgrounds are dicks...Ya imagine with me having one i would be a MASTER OF INSA...I mean Dick Drawing...But i just don't really draw them that much...Oh well who cares not like anyone is reading this anyway CHICKENFALAFELBUTT!!!!

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently uploading another one since i am already at it...)
  • Keiryu Draws - Lily Ver. 1.666

    Ya favorite, and only. MASTER OF GODDAMN INSANITY!!! Has returned with a post. I know, i know. It's been forever since my last post. I can already hear ya jizz ya panties in excitment. Don't lie now, ya know it's true, 

    Anyway not much to add really...It's a drawing i made some time ago, and it has boobies. WHAT MORE DO YA PERVS WANT!?!?!? 

    This is basically one of my MAAAAAAAAANY drafts for Lily (Formerly sometimes known as Lili, if i was to lazy.) my Daughter/Creation for the Lovemore Character Creation contest (Which i gave to Kentaro, since i was to lazy.) 

    As for the quality. Let's just say i am really lazy and my scanner is still lying in a corner with half it's innards around it and let's leave it at that. 

    Anyway i am abusing shit out of the rules with this pic. So yeah...Enjoy them totally legal boobies. ;D

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently posting some more random sketches.)
    • Red Haired Devil Wow bro you really didn't hold back here. I've never really been one who'd think to make a guy very visible in any sketch I'd make portraying sex. Still well done.
    • Darui i have so many pictures of topless girls can i post them now as long as nothing else is going on
    • Robin I'm really trying to get aroused by your drawing but then I see "Keiryu" in the top right and getting aroused while thinking of Keiryu just feels so wrong :p
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  • Wolf Girl "Color" Ver. 4.666
    Sup everyone. Been a while since i posted. Anyway long story short. I went trough my old posts again and this time i looked at the Wolf Girl i drew ages ago. 

    Then it suddenly hit me. Why don't i try to add color to it. Now be aware. I SUCK AT COLORING!!! I could never do it before and i still think i can't. Still i gave it a try and this is one of the results i got. 

    BE ALSO AWARE!!! I did not draw the background. Since much like coloring itself. I suck at drawing anything that lacks "Boobs" and/or "Long hair". So yeah not my background. Only the Wolf Girl was drawn by me.

    By the way here is a fun question. How many of you believe me. When i tell you i made this with the same image i posted before? Which means it was originally a crap photo i took with my crap phone. Which also means i had to cut away everything i made before i could actually start coloring.

    Just let me know what you think. This is still unfinished maybe you have some ideas for improvement "Only on the Wolf Girl not the background". 

    Till next time.

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently wondering how to improve this.)
    • kotomifan Better than I can do. I cant draw for shit.

      Besides, she's cute. And it's a given that she likes it "doggy style", so what's not to like?
    • ℟angßøømeՐ Anywayz, this is good artwork overall senpai. butt BUTT BUTTTT...her thighs were a bit out of proportion so I decided to help you. Didn't want to change her a lot just a small tweak. Hope you like it.
    • Kentaro She actually is quite cute. I think the ackground is from SGL right? Clever choice there! :D
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  • Keiryu Makes A Logo Ver. 3.666
    Salut meus freunde. Keiryu be speaking in tounges today not sure why...

    Anyway i recently had nothing to post. "Why?" You might ask but most likeley won't because you never read what i write here..No seriouslly you don't want me to prove it. 

    *Cough* *Cough* KEIRYU HAS A BIG PENIS!!!

    Wonder how long it will take for someone to notice that...BUTT!!! Anyway moving on.

    The reason i have not been posting lately is because. I honestly had nothing that interessted me...Yep that's pretty much it...

    Anyway i went back to check out some of my older posts and i noticed 2 things. 

    1. I posted a lot of random s**t...


    2. I have become really really predictable in recent years...

    The first one i actually don't mind but the second one is a big problem for me. I as the MASTER OF INSANITY am not allowed to be predictable. I have to create chaos and cause panic while sacrificing virgins to my misstress INSANITY while eating some bacon and launching some poop at the non virgins who i can't/don't want to sacrifice...Butt instead i have been slacking off becoming to nice to everyone.

    So i decided to meditate. Sadly that was a failure since i can't stay still for more than 5 seconds so instead i decided to do other stuff...*Fap Fap Fap*...And as i was doing...Stuff...A vision came to me and that was "Go back to my roots."

    But instead of sticking with my roots say "F**k You Roots" kick them in the balls and slice their throats while Mother Gaia watches and cries. 

    And after that i decided to make a new logo....Not sure why but it just seemed like a fun idea.

    On another note i am rambling again and since none/few will actually read this i can still get away with this. "KEIRYU HAS A BIG PENIS!!!" Ahhh always fun. ^_^

    Anyway here is a new logo just for gigs and shizzles.

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently busy initiating "KEIRMAGGEDON"...or the "KEIRPOCALYPSE" name is still in debate with the other Keiryu's in me.)

    PS: Anyone still here?

    PPS: I am guessing not...

    PPPS: So i guess nobody actually read anything i wrote.

    PPPPS: Don't worry you can tell me if you i not read it i won't be mad.

    PPPPPS: *Grabs his Pooplauncher MK. 6669 and his Rusty Trusty Knify*

    PPPPPPS: I am gonna stop now...

    PPPPPPPS: This might be my longest "PS" ever...


    PPPPPPPPPS: Well Keiryu Out bye bye adiou auf wiedersehen and adeus. ^_^

    • ℟angßøømeՐ Yeah, lots of blood. Not enough poop, no virgins, not one tissue box. BIG PENIS? I don't see it lol. 10. BURN THAT S**T!!! SENPAI! XD

      kidding aside, I like it. Tho imo, I think a close up on Cuddles (head) would match well in the a good drawn outline. BUTT of course nothing tooo predictable. ^.^
    • kotomifan Bitch, bitch, bitch. Some of us were busy this week!
    • Kentaro lots of blood... like this one better than previous versions
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  • Keiryu makes a Logo First Try(READ DESCRIPTION..PLEASE OKAY? ^_^)
    Hey how is it going everyone? Your favorit INSANE a**holes here.

    Soo i was bored recently, and browsing the World Wide Porn *Cough* Web...

    And what i found where a lot of people who have their own little "Logo´s", so i thought to myself "I Want one." Sadly i am a lazy bastard, so it takes me some time to make anything. BUTT long story short, here is my first try at making a Logo for myself.

    I might add more later, but for now this is all i have.

    I wanted to combine something that can represent me (The Raven/Cuddles), with something that fits with my personality (Evil Swordlike Celtic Cross since Eyeballs of INSANE doom where unavailable...). But i want to hear your opinion. How would you Rank it.

    1. INSANE

    2. Great

    3. Good

    4. OK

    5. Meh

    6. Needs More

    7. Bad

    8. Horrible

    9. MY EYES

    10. BURN THAT S**T!!!

    Soo yeah you decide, let me know what you think. ^_^

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently ehhh doing ehhh stuff...yeah stuff *Fap Fap Fap*.....).
    • ℟angßøømeՐ 10. BURN THAT S**T!!! SENPAI!

      Serious tho, Cuddles will look great flying out some firewall, rendering us some protection from the World Wide Por*..well you kno.. yeah some flames on.. around cuddles will be Awesome. This is old post so you must have updated it? ^.^
    • Kentaro it's great
    • Robin I'm going to rank it great since it misses one thing: A tribute to me!

      No, but it would be nice to put a "K" in there or something. The circle above the crow seems perfect for that in my opinion :)
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  • Neko-Chan(Because everyone likes Neko´s)
    Yep here is another drawing i made a while back when i was bored like i usualy am it is not as good as the Wolf Girl i posted before but i still like this one a lot but here you can see why i hate drawing hair it is soooo much work to get it good that i end up messing some part i like how the front came out but the back just looks bad if you ask me.

    but do let me know what you all think about it and until then.


    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(i probably have more next time not sure what tough....)

    • Kash cute one, but again, I don't think the hair is the problem. I really think you have got some hair issues.
    • Keiryu scanner is still broken and will be for quite some time since i am not using it at the moment but for a picture i took with my crappy phone it actualy came out quitle well. ^_^
  • Wolf Girl(Just for you all)
    Sooo i was bored and looking trough some old stuff and what i found where some of my drawings so i decided screw it imma post it here and see what everyone thinks.

    so yeah here you go and yes i had to take a photo because my damn scanner is broken. -_-

    anyway thats all and hey if you like it throw a comment and a like of course also FOLLOW!!!

    KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(got more somewhere just have to find them.)
    • ~ [ V ] i s h u ~ i wanna help too :P
    • Robin Wow, you've got some serious talent.
      Whenever I draw something it still looks like the tree with the smiling sun from kindergarten :D

      Hmm,... I've got a crazy idea. Why not make multiple drawings from girls that form a scene of some kind and then put them in a dating game. Call it Wolf Girls, make people addicted to it and then start your own social network that promotes a commercial sequel and finally become a millionaire.
      Wait... This reminds me of something :p
    • SimMan Nice wolf girl there Keiryu the only wish I have is a rotate 90 degree to the left feature.
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