Weight loss
For some time I've noticed my clothes seemed too loose on me. After a trip to the store, and a measurement, I discovered I have gone from a pant size 50 to a 46. 

For celebration I purchased my first Blazer which I was able to buy off the rack because I can fit now and didn't need one to be special made for larger people.
  • Rasheed Halloween idea I am smelling!
  • Mike You don't look overly overweight.

    You on a special diet? You workout?

    But Congrats, It Isn't easy to stay motivated to loose weight
    • Fear57 Someone at 6'2" should weigh between 180lbs-210lbs. I was 288lbs. Since I have a large build I should be closer to the 230-240 range. All I did was cut all soda, eating more vegetables and just core body exercises.
  • Robin Congratz!
    Were you trying to lose weight or did it just happen?
    • Fear57 Was trying to. Final straw for me was about 2 months ago when I sat down and couldn't breathe easy from my stomach pushing up into my chest.