Max is a fucking tough American but he doesnt know anything about Chi and Kung Fu.However his Chi level is extremely high for people who have never been trained
The inspiration behind this character was Tyler Durden from Fight Club series.

Not only that.SimMan used his hair for some character types & some Fighting moves of Fight Club series in SimGirls!!!
  • Keiryu soooo this would be something like primeros father......*Gasp* the original Testbug. ^_^
    • Soham Banerjee LOL I never thought about it
      • Keiryu how not you are the SimGirls expert i mean just look at him he even looks a bit like primero. ^_^

        and now just so out of curiosity [24830,SimMan] you ever tought of introducing Primero´s parent´s when you made SG....don´t know why is just something i always liked to know who made the MEGA PLAYBOY(yeah yeah it was Karin but you know what i mean). ^_^
        • Soham Banerjee Well,thats because SimGirls is Not related to Amcient Kung Fu and neither is Max the father of main character in SimGirls.

          There is resemblance between max and primero simply because both the characters are phusicallyinspired by Tyler Durden from Fight Club series.More prominently because they were drawn by the same artist SimMan
          • Keiryu well nice info but all i meant by that was realy just how you never tought to see im as a father figure to primero i mean especialy because they look similiar and he came before primero there should be at least that one tought maybe he would be a good father figure for him.

            i just realy tought you would be the first to think something like that since you are kind of our Simgirls Wikipedia that´s all. ^_^
        • SimMan He is the prototype for sure. According to my plan all explanations will be done in the 3rd game, the finale of the series.