Comic VS Anime
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  • Keiryu Ok Done the Last Fight would be the hardest for me to Discuss like i said i don´t know much about Allen Walker but from what i know he would not win. But hey feel free to argue. ;D
    • Chriskris I like your way of thinking.
      And I see that you srsly searched for some information. ^_^

      I have respect for that.
      And I can see why you think who is gonna win.
      And I have to agree with you too.

      Good Job
      • Keiryu Actualy only one i searched for Information was Allen like is aid know almost nothing about him all others are from memory i always liked making this little analization even planed to make a VS corner of my own but i had no time without losing the stuff i already have here.
        • Chriskris Whahha, nice nice. ^_^
          Then this post mus be a win win for both of us. :P
          • Chriskris That sounds good. I'll yake it.
            I'll put a new categorie after i'm done with work.
          • Keiryu If you don´t mind me recommending i would go with something amongst the lines of "Fiction Fight" as in Fanfiction Fights or something like that.
          • Chriskris Sure, i'll PM you what my next project is.
            I already have some ppl in my mind.

            Not everyone yet.
            I have to check my own list and imma choose some OP/Nice/Kakkoii/Kawaii/Populair Chars. ^_^

            Also I think imma make a new Categories for it. I have to think a name for that too.
          • Keiryu Commented on you troll team and if we decide to do that you just have to PM me with the canditates to give me time to prepare. ;D
          • Chriskris I didn't notice it untll u just told me. XD
            But it's fine with me.

            I'm actually searching for some Marvel Characters right now.
            But before i'm gonna do it.
            I want to finish my troll team first. XD

            (Also uploaded it on. Cuz I dunno what to pair with them.)

            But it's a good idea it inspire me to upload some good post on this site again.
          • Keiryu It actualy is i love this stuff if you want we can make a little collaboration you decide the fighter and i analize them a little of course in that case i would have to go into more detail (And check my Gramatical errors) but if you want i am all up for that. ^_^

            Also did you see the New Description and Titel i changed it for you(And Me) since you have Batman and Superman in there too.
  • Keiryu Fight 6: IronMan/Anthony "Tony" Stark VS Allen "Red" Walker

    This is by far the hardest for me to decide more because i don´t know that much about Allen but i will try to make a fair judgement.

    Everyone Knows Ironman he is a fighter that specialises in using his various Suits each one filled with various diffrent weapons ranging from flames to lasers to rockets so not much more to say about it he is near useless without his suit but with it he is a one man army or a hundred man army if we take his ability to control the suits remotely.

    Now Allen he is a Exorcist who specialises in using the Parasitic type Anit Akuma Weapon "Cross" but for sake of logic i will only use his "Crown Clown" Form and also using the "Sword of Exorcism" in combination with his "Cursed Eye" now the problem with that is that moset of his abilities are meant to be used against Akuma making the "Cursed Eye" an ability that is useless against any normal opponent and the "Cross Crown Clown" is weaker against other opponents the only weapon he can use against IronMan would be the "Sword of Exorcism" which is just a stronger version of his "Cross" and again weaker against non Akuma and even weaker against some Akuma (Mostly Level 4 Akuma´s).

    Soooo taking everything into account even if Allen somehow holds his own against IronMan in a one against one and in a random act of events gets Ironman into a corner he would still lose against the Onslaught of Iron Suits that can be remotely controlled by IronMan while he just sits back.

  • Keiryu Fight 5: Spiderman/Peter Parker VS Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada

    This one is a bit like the Cap. America VS Luffy one it is a bit hard to decide a winner.

    If we go by destructive power alone then Tsuna would win but Spiderman is someone who fights like Natsu using quick decision and unpredicabale moves in combination with his Webs.

    So let´s go a bit more into it most of Tsuna´s Attacks focus on using the "Sky Flame" in combination with several Equipments such as the "X-Gloves" or The "Vongola Box Weapon" and he also Has his "Dying Will Mode" which at the start might seem weak but can be enhanced to reach "Ultimate Dying Will" but let´s leave that out since he uses Reborns Help to activate them However he does also have his "Oath Flame" Which is by far his greatest Mode and can be used by simply combinig the Vongola Sky Ring and the Simon Earth Ring Something that is possible without any other help since it is a fusion of the rings and all he needs is the rings.

    This grants him the ability to not only use his Normal Sky Flame but also the Earth Flames Gravity Manipulation (Think Pain and Shinra Tensei only without the 5 second cooldown) giving him even larger variety in moves from repairing broken bones and enhancing them to stopping his enemies in their tracks.

    Now looking at Spiderman his main weapon is his Webs Combined with his Enhanced Strenght and Durability which makes him more limited in abilities copared to Tsuna and while his Quick thinking and Spider Sense can protect him from most of Tsuna´s Attacks he would still be the loser.

    The Reason is simple "Gravity Manipulation" only way to break it as shown by the Manga is using the Night Flames a thing Spiderman does not possess and his Spider Sense and Fast thinking and unpredicable movements would be useless the moment he can´t move.

    So Yeah.

  • Keiryu Gonna comment on the other 2 later hope to see someone who might have a diffrent opinion. I love me a good argument. ;D
    • Chriskris While I'm waiting for your other arguments.
      Imma just make another one. XD

      Becuz i'm kinda boring. XD
      • Keiryu Do it i like making this analizations i could also go into more detail but then nobody would read it happened with my Broly VS Hulk one if i remember and with my first Goku VS Superman one.
        • Chriskris I'm out of idea's...
          I only have 5 and i need 5 more chars. :P
          • Chriskris I posted it like this becuz I took it as a League Of Legend Game. ^_^
            It was supposed to be a team fight.

            But i like how you maked it out by 1v1. Since it might happen in a game too. :P
          • Keiryu You can also post them 1 at a time easier for me to Discuss instead of posting to many comments at once.
  • Keiryu 4 Fight: Captain America/Steve Rogers VS Monkey D. Luffy

    Ok This one is a bit more complicated both are capable fighters having proven that on muliple occassion by beating extremly dangerous opponents on their own. BUUUUTT when it comes down to it Luffy would win unless Cap. America gets him inside of water a thing i will leave out since i want a fair 1 vs 1.

    At the start they would be pretty even but diffrent from the Cap. Luffy has not only his Devil Fruit Power giving him more variety in his attacks compared to the Caps. Shield but he also has His Gear Second and Third and even if all that should fail he still has his Haki which he can combine with his Gear forms.

    And yes yes i know "But the Cap. held his own against Hulk." that means nothing since he held his own mostly thanks to luck and the Avengers helping same with most fights he fought in he relies on his Allies more then his own strenght in that regard he is like Natsu while both are strong they have very few fights they ever fought alone. So my decision stands Luffy Wins.

    Winnder: MONKEY D. LUFFY
  • Keiryu 3 Fight: Superman/Kal-El VS Son Goku/Kakarot

    ..........not gonna comment on this one since i already said a lot about it a while back.

    Winner: Undecided
  • Keiryu 2 Fight: Hulk/Bruce Banner VS Naruto Uzumaki

    Now i am taking everything even the full power of all 9 bijus he has at the end. and the winner is still Hulk...yes rage all you want fanboys Naruto would lose this fight. Hulk has proven he can hold his own against pretty much anything that is thrown at him and that all the damage he receives only leads to one thing him getting angry and in turn him getting stronger and while yes on could argue naruto could try and seal him or naruto could just us a Biju bomb and boom hulk is dead. Both are not attacks that would really work since Hulk has proven he could hold against attack with similiar power to a Biju bomb and Naruto is not a sealing specialist only sealing jutsu he ever used with success required the help of Sasuke so yeah one Rage Filled Punch against Rasengan is what it would come down to since Naruto uses that attack religiosly and the punch would win.

  • Keiryu Ok let me be the voice of logic here and make sense of this mess before people start killing each other. also it´s not Marvel VS Anime but Comics since neither Batman nor Superman are Marvel characters....

    1 Fight: Batman/Bruce Wayne VS Natsu Dragneel

    Simple Answer Natsu Wins. While Batman is a good fighter and one of the most intelligent people in the DC universe being able to hold his own against beings such as Bane, Joker and the Justice league members (Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Etc..) most of that comes from analyzing his opponents/Surroundings over time learning what they are weak to and so on. Now while that works against someone like Flash or Bane who rather attack with the same method. It is useless against someone like Joker who decides on the spur of the moment how to act. And Look at any of Natsu´s fights he is strong but he also uses random and near suicidal moves to win (Eating Etherion Crystal, Eating the Flame of a Dragon, Eating Lightning Magic) he is the worst anime opponent for Batman so hands down Natsu Wins.

  • (deleted) Pofig dym and i do not like it
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