Comic VS Anime (Womans/Girls)
Few weeks ago.
I maked a Male version of this battle.

Now I maked a Female version of it.
Before people gonna hate me.
I just make this for fun. Not to make one of those charater(s) looks bad.
As a diehard fan of Anime's I will always root for Anime character(s).

Anyway, give me your opinion why u think who will wins.
If you can't think of a 1v1 match. Just think like League Of Legend.
And it's a team match.

It's your fantasy so I'll let you think about it.
Cuz I got my own already. :P

Also for the fight about Spider-Woman VS Chrome Dokuro.
I kinda preffer Kyoko Sasagawa or Haru Miura over Chrome Dokuro.Becuz I think one of those will ends up with Tsuna.But both of them can't fight so I had to change my mind to Chrome.
But in my fantasy WORLD. I think Mukuro will ends up with Chrome.But yea for this one I have to choose Chrome instead of Kyoko or Haru...

  • Keiryu i feel a bit ashamed but who are the last two i can´t remember them...

    Also dpn´t worry no one will hate you they know you just do it for fun it´s my job to ruin their fantasy of who would win with cold hard logic. MUHAHAHA!!! wow i just noticed i am INSANE person using logic. o.o

    i will start analyzing and then get back to you.
    • Chriskris U mean from the Anime side or the Comic side?
      Either way. I'll just say both. ^_^

      The 5th are Spider-Woman VS Chrome Dokuro (KHR)
      And the 6th is Iron-Woman VS Lenalee Lee (D.GM)

      How can you NOT KNOW Lenalee!!!! >_<
      She is my favo char at D.Gray Man. Shame on you!!! (Nah jk)
      • Keiryu ohh yeah i it was from D gray man should have known by the clothes but well like i said before i am no good with D Gray man i had a really hard time before too when it was Allen walker i just don´t know that much about that particular anime sorry.
        • Chriskris Well yea, If you looked back at the male version you should saw it coming.
          Cuz everyone got the sme place. But instead of male chars it's female chars. :P

          But yea who cares.