EVA-01 VS Galaxy Convoy
And here I came up with a new Battle!
Who do you think will win.

If you don't know those two characters I will tell you.
First one 'EVA-01' is from Neon genesis Evangelion.
The other one is Galaxy Convoy A.K.A Optimus Prime.

  • Ebony prime all the way. he's badass incarnate. he took on anyone if they try to hurt others (dont know the other guy) and prime has more heart then anyone that guy fought to the death against Mega Tron (the 1989 movie not the newer one) and still it was bad ass and u felt horrable when u saw prime die (when i first saw it when i was little i cryed) but he the speech he gave was epic and proves hes #1 in any way.and hey came back from the grave. btw 4 the record i saw it about 9 years later.
  • Keiryu As much as i love me some Eva. I have to go with Mr. Prime on this one. Of course that also depends on which version we use. I mean if we use the 3 years after Evangelion Unit - 01 Which by that point is simply called "Super Evagelion" then it would be more complicated.

    But yeah other than that it's Oprimus.